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21 Beautiful DIY Headboard Ideas You Can Make in 2021

Headboards are more often a point of focus in any bedroom. Therefore, their design and color will determine if your bed is worth a glance or not.

Below is a list of appealing DIY headboards. Some are easy, while some need professional woodworking skills. But even if you do not know where to start, nothing should worry you. There is a way out for you.

DIY Window Headboard

DIY Window Headboard

The moment you see this headboard, you will overlook thrown windows. These pieces are matching. And they can create a great headboard.

You will need to make sure the windows are consistent. Use screws, a tape measure, and a level. Hanging them on the wall and securing them gives a unique vintage look. We want you safe and beautiful. Let not the windows fall on you while sleeping.

Mounting this DIY antique window on your wall is effortless. has more details.

DIY Old Signpost Headboard

DIY Old Signpost Headboard

Having an old sign? And could it be collecting dust out there or inside your room? Here is an idea about it that you can treasure-a headboard!

The photo above shows a convenience store sign. It acts as the headboard. You will love this rustic and straightforward idea.

I hope you will not think that your bedroom has turned to be an advertising venture! It is just creativity of a kind.

It is a retro and fantastic headboard. To check how you can make one, click here.

DIY Funky Ropes

DIY Funky Ropes Headboard

Does your house include a kids’ bedroom? Making them a kiddish headboard can be fabulous.

You will use very few tools. Timber, rope, and some other little stuff, and you will be good to go.

The timber has holes. Different colored ropes thread through them. The random patterns are also beautiful to gaze upon.

Different ways of doing this hack need creativity. Learn more here.

DIY Pegboard Headboard

DIY Pegboard Headboard

Have you have seen this item holding stuff in retail stores. You can also use it as your headboard.

Creativity in this idea is due to bringing together several pegboards.

Different items assemble this headboard. These are drywall, a pegboard, and pegboard hangers. Screws and some other mounting tools mount the hack.

You will have several places to hang your different stuff and display them. The headboard’s versatility is fabulous.

DIY Fabric Headboard

DIY Fabric Headboard

Mounting your headboard on a wall is not an outdated idea. You can move out of the norm. Avoid attaching the headboard to the bed frame. Your wall, too, can serve.

With some pieces of wood and beautiful fabric, you are there. The headboard will give your bed an interesting splash outlook.

Besides, the décor makes your room appear bigger. Hence, an excellent fit for a smaller space.

What if you add pillows of the same color as the board? What an increase of magic! The appearance will wow anyone.

Get more details of how to set it up here.

DIY Rustic Ladder Headboard

Rustic Ladder Headboard

A versatile headboard will save you space and add ambiance to your bedroom.

A rustic ladder is not only unique but also versatile. While serving as your headboard, you can store different small items on it.

Depending on how much space you wish to have, you can decide on the size of your ladder. You can easily hang this ladder headboard o your wall. Using nails or mounting tools of your choice will do.

DIY Vintage Neutral Tones Headboard

DIY Vintage Neutral Tones Headboard

A storage headboard can be a fabulous idea. A place where you can keep books, pictures, or decorations will add quality.

Your old door can bring an exquisite country beauty to your room, basking in beautiful tones.

Most doors fit either king or queen-size beds. If you consider using that old door for your headboard, place the door’s handle side facing up. Hiding the handle’s side will hide the decoration. We want to extract all beauty! Complete the project here.

DIY Chalkboard Headboard

DIY Chalkboard Headboard

Wanting to create an appealing and inspiring piece may require you to spend some good time.

Have you ever thought of a chalkboard headboard? It is possible to use art to come up with such a kind of creativity. With chalk and chalkboard paint, you can have a unique and outstanding headboard.

This idea needs a wall that already has chalkboard paint. You can then design and draw any headboard you wish to have. And if that is not what you want, you can rub it and redraw it. Pretty cool!

DIY Modern Headboard

DIY Modern Headboard

If you consider buying such a headboard, it may cost you at least 4000 dollars. But what if you thought of making one? Can you imagine you will only incur 400 dollars?

It is a comfortable headboard to create. The cuts on each board are repetitive. They are also straight, and even if you are a novice, you will not struggle to bring it out.

But what secret is behind this handsome headboard’s beauty? The paint. The stain goes up to the grains on the wood and recreates an appearance like a tree.

The outlook coming out is a subtle, artistic, and natural wood that enhances the frame’s beauty

and adding some little décor above the bed. The décor you add will seal the whole bedroom’s outlook. Watch this video and see how you can build one.

DIY Pink Headboard

DIY Pink Headboard

You will fall in love with this young, chic, and fun pink-colored headboard. The embattling secret teen in us can be the secret behind this idea. It is upholstered hence cost-friendly.

Are you tired of traditional rectangular or square headboards attached to your bedroom? Trying this innovative shape can be the real deal.

If you have the wood, you can draw your perfect design at the border or corner, then notch it off. Using beaded tacks will help you secure the fabric while adding decorative linings.

Choosing the spring-colored pillow is a plus. They go hand in hand with the upholsters’ color. And whether it is summer or spring, your bedroom will still look fabulous. Get the complete project here.

DIY Mounted Simple Headboard

DIY Mounted Simple Headboard

Upholstery and ruffles are not the only materials you can use to set your headboard. Besides, the headboard is not the focus point of your bedroom. But if you wish to make it so, it is also possible.

The main focus of this idea is the headboard’s design. The spectacular cedar plants are evenly spaced, stained, and beautifully polished. Is it not giving a beautiful accent to the bed’s décor?

You can keep the design you see above. But you are not limited. You can hold the boards tight or space them out-just as you wish. See how you can complete the project.

DIY Patchwork Headboard

DIY Patchwork Headboard

We use wood on most furniture. Choosing a different material for your headboard can be a great idea. And a quilting approach will add value to your comfy design.

Putting together a beautiful idea is what matters. You do not need it perfect.

The right cloth color is essential; it should suit your palette. Do not forget the underneath fabric. Going random can also work. But are you the kind that loves order? No need to worry.

Use as many pieces as you wish. You can ignore uniformity.

Patchwork patterns can never fail you. They are ever bright. Any shape, texture, and color always come out well.

Check details.

DIY Shelfy Headboard

DIY Shelfy Headboard

We use pallets to make many items. Your creativity is what will bring out any best idea. A fun functionality can be a pleasant and creative hack.

With this pallet idea, you can be sure of many shelving spaces. Every little space is a shelf. And you can store your frequently used items.

Creating this headboard creates a focal point in your bedroom. You can add decorations that add up to color and vigor.

And even while seated on your bed, you can still grab anything from the headboard’s shelves.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

Reclaimed Wood Headboard

You can never drain the potential of pallets. They are flexible and always lovable. They are also cost-friendly. And any time you need them, you will find them.

If you want those wooden pallets to look more adorable, paint them. This art is always the trick behind beautiful headboards or any other woodwork.

In this project, the woods are stained then colored. It resembles a simple beach-like fence.

The lightings add a fiery appearance. They then cast a lovely glow on the pallet woods resulting in an on-off color dash.

DIY Floral Headboard

DIY Floral Headboard

Turn your bedroom into a garden with a floral headboard. If you love nature, you will find this idea very pleasing.

The main material is paper with lovely floral printings. The cuts are exemplary, and the clean lace-like design will grab anyone’s attention. It mimics a lattice of growing flowers.

Each floral paper hangs over the top and into every hole. Hence, it adds decor. While wrapping the flowers, any method that you like can fit best.

A thin wire keeps these papers secure in place. Hence, you can remove the pieces anytime and redecorate your headboard. Find more details here.

DIY Comfy Picturesque Headboard

DIY Comfy Picturesque Headboard

Recycled furniture pieces can give an elegant headboard. Pairing the headboard with frames leads to a great repurposed headboard. Adding black paint adds luster.

What if you tuft that space? It can be brilliant. Fill that gap that anyone would note is bland with comfort and design.

The color is striking. And, it blends so well with the wall. Complete this project here.

DIY Shutter Headboard

DIY Shutter Headboard

Birthing a new piece of furniture from any old selection is not far from possible. Window shutters are ideal. You can never limit their potential.

Shutters are not only suitable with vintage or costly aesthetics. You can blend them with any of your décors.

With paint and a unique design, you can clone it. It would be best if you started thinking of tossing those old shutters in your house.

Freely mix and match the shutters. Paint them and make them suit your design preference. Even with pictured letters, you can make simple but elegant decorations.

Have a look at the tutorials.

DIY Walldecor Headboard

DIY Walldecor Headboard

The centerpiece of your bedroom is most often your headboard. The color and the design are what will set the form of this room. Combining these ingredients with an accent wall brings life to your room.

The simple recipe is to decorate your room then pair it with an upholstered headboard. You do not need it perfect. Just do it.

In the picture, the colors look beachy. But you can combine the hues as you prefer.

Combining up this wall with a simple photo, darker and lower headboard will create dimension and depth. Do not worry about the procedure. Here it is.

DIY Tiled Headboard

DIY Tiled Headboard

If you are a DIYer, you will agree that creative ideas are always what inspires you. Faux ceiling tiles are a genius way to spice up your headboard. Who will not glance at it?

Having a look at this headboard, you may think that your eyes are concentrating on the ceiling. But that is not. The headboard mounted on the wall is what you are glancing at. It is a smashing idea.

Are you living in a dorm house or a dorm? This should not deny you an opportunity to try this idea out. You can plop your headboard off and vacate with it to your new place.

Would you wish to know how you can work this idea out? See details.

DIY Pallet Headboard

DIY Pallet Headboard

Wanting a pocket-friendly and most straightforward headboard should never be an issue. Pallets are always the way out.

The advantage of this pallet headboard is that you do not need science to create it. Picking a good wood and starting off your project is what you need.

Trick it yourself with the right color. And if you are not an artist, you do not need to fret. Stencils can work best too. They add an artistic touch to the headboard. If stencils are unavailable, wall stickers can also work best.

Remember, no one will focus on a particular part of your room unless you help them. Hence, adding these beauty tricks and decorations to your pallet headboard is what will make someone envious.

Check how you can create one here.


In conclusion, creating your headboard will not only save you money. It is an accomplishment too. Give your bed a personal touch by choosing any of these ideas we have listed and work on them.

Always feel free to be creative. Explore and try more headboard hacks.