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Diy Medicine Cabinet (25 Ideas)

Hidden Compartment Medicine Cabinet

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The innovative design of this medicine cabinet features a hidden compartment that expertly tucks away your essential items, providing an unparalleled blend of functionality and discretion. By cleverly maximizing available space, it successfully keeps your personal belongings out of sight, making it the ideal solution for those seeking to maintain a tidy and organized bathroom environment.

Modern Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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Transforming your medicine cabinet into a sleek, modern space can have a profound impact on the overall ambiance of your bathroom. By introducing fresh elements such as a vibrant coat of paint, stylish handles, or innovative shelving solutions, you can not only elevate the aesthetic appeal but also optimize its functionality in storing your daily essentials with ease.

How to Build a Medicine Cabinet

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Creating a personalized medicine cabinet is an achievable DIY endeavor that allows you to optimize storage according to your specific requirements. By leveraging the right arsenal of tools and materials, you can craft a bespoke cabinet that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet with Oversized Mirror

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Elegance meets functionality in a unique design that seamlessly integrates storage and reflection. By incorporating a recessed medicine cabinet with an oversized mirror, the space appears more expansive while offering a generous amount of storage behind a large, reflective surface, cleverly combining form and function.

Build a Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

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Transforming a bathroom with the addition of a medicine cabinet is a thoughtful approach to decluttering the space. By carefully selecting materials and a design that harmonizes with the surrounding aesthetic, homeowners can infuse their bathroom with a unique character while elevating its usability.

DIY Wood Farmhouse Medicine Cabinet

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Rustic design elements can add undeniable warmth and character to any space, and a DIY wood farmhouse medicine cabinet is the perfect way to incorporate this aesthetic into your home. By combining weathered wood with vintage hardware, you can create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere that’s sure to delight. The rough-hewn texture of the wood and the distressed finish of the hardware evoke a sense of history and tradition, making it the perfect addition to any room.

Chalkboard Freestanding Medicine Cabinet

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A modern take on traditional storage, freestanding medicine cabinets with chalkboard fronts provide a functional and creative solution. Not only do they offer ample space to store medications and personal care items, but the included chalkboard surface also invites users to jot down notes, reminders, or to-do lists, keeping essential information at their fingertips.

Vanity Mirror Medicine Cabinet with Lights

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Transforming your bathroom into a luxurious retreat, a vanity mirror medicine cabinet with lights serves as more than just a reflective surface. This innovative fixture not only illuminates your preparation area but also provides a convenient storage solution for toiletries, making it a practical and stylish addition to any bathroom.

DIY Large Medicine Cabinet

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Crafting a bespoke medicine cabinet offers the unique opportunity to tailor storage solutions to perfectly suit your needs, thereby maintaining a clutter-free environment. By creating a customized space, you can confidently assign a designated area for each essential item, promoting efficiency and organization in your daily routine.

Reclaimed Wood and Plastic Medicine Cabinets

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Incorporating reclaimed wood and plastic into medicine cabinets offers a harmonious union of sustainability and style. This environmentally conscious option boasts durability, effortless maintenance, and an undeniable flair that elevates the overall ambiance of your bathroom.

DIY Small Medicine Cabinet

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Optimizing the space in your compact bathroom just got a whole lot easier with the help of a DIY medicine cabinet. By constructing a small yet functional storage solution, you can maintain an organized and aesthetically pleasing bathroom without sacrificing precious square footage.

Best Bathroom Storage Cabinet

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In the pursuit of a harmonious and functional bathroom, it’s essential to find a storage cabinet that strikes a delicate balance between aesthetic appeal and practicality. This ideal solution should seamlessly integrate with your existing decor, while also providing clever storage solutions to keep your space tidy and organized.

Hidden Medicine Cabinet No Mirror

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Innovative solutions for discreet storage have found their way into modern bathrooms, and one such example is the hidden medicine cabinet without a mirror. This clever design allows homeowners to stash away items they’d rather not display, while preserving the sleek, minimalist look of their bathroom. By concealing these essentials from view, this type of cabinet provides a thoughtful solution for those seeking a clutter-free, low-key aesthetic.

Install a Medicine Cabinet Organizer

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Installing a medicine cabinet organizer can have a substantial impact on the efficiency of your storage space. The ability to adjust shelves and compartments allows for a tailored approach, effortlessly accommodating items of varying sizes, such as small vials alongside larger bottles, creating a meticulously organized environment.

Thin Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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Incorporating a thoughtful approach to your medicine cabinet’s design can be particularly impactful when working with limited space, such as a small bathroom. By optimizing the cabinet’s layout and functionality, you can create a more efficient storage solution that keeps essentials within easy reach while minimizing visual clutter.

DIY Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

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Transforming your bathroom’s medicine cabinet into a bespoke creation tailored to your unique space and storage requirements is an excellent DIY endeavor. By crafting a custom cabinet, you can elevate the functionality and aesthetic of your bathroom, making it a truly personalized oasis.

Decorate Medicine Cabinet

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Transforming your medicine cabinet is an effortless way to revitalize your bathroom’s aesthetic. By incorporating subtle yet striking design elements, such as wrapping shelves in vibrant patterns or installing ornate hardware, you can dramatically enhance the space without significant renovations.

Make a Narrow Medicine Cabinet

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Creating a compact medicine cabinet is a clever approach to addressing cramped bathroom spaces. By designing it with a slender silhouette, you can easily integrate the extra storage into even the most limited areas, ensuring that your bathroom remains functional and organized while still maintaining a sense of openness.

Recessed Medicine Storage Cabinet

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By incorporating a recessed medicine storage cabinet into your bathroom design, you can achieve a streamlined appearance that not only conserves valuable floor and counter space but also creates a seamless visual integration with surrounding surfaces. This type of cabinet is designed to be flush-mounted against the wall, allowing it to blend harmoniously with its surroundings while maintaining easy access to essential medications and personal care items.

Create a Medicine Cabinet from a Mirror

Transforming an existing mirror into a medicine cabinet is a creative solution to declutter your bathroom, preserving the mirror’s original purpose and visual charm. This ingenious hack cleverly combines functional storage with the reflective surface, resulting in a harmonious blend of form and function.

Round Sliding Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

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Incorporating a sleek, round sliding medicine cabinet into your bathroom design can elevate the space’s aesthetic appeal while also providing practical storage for your essentials. The cabinet’s curved silhouette and smooth-sliding door create a striking visual presence that harmonizes effortlessly with modern bathroom styles.

Old Medicine Cabinet for Under $30

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Revamping an outdated medicine cabinet on a shoestring budget is a clever hack that can significantly elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom without denting your wallet. With a dash of creativity and some readily available materials, you can transform this fixture from a dated eyesore to a stylish focal point, all for under $30.

Easy DIY Medicine Cabinet Makeover

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Transforming a lackluster medicine cabinet into a chic storage solution is a straightforward DIY task that can breathe new life into any bathroom. With just a few simple tweaks, such as freshening up the paint or upgrading the hardware, you can effortlessly turn an old cabinet into a stylish and functional focal point.

DIY Pallet Medicine Cabinet

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By transforming a pallet into a medicine cabinet, you can infuse your bathroom with the warmth of rustic charm and showcase your DIY skills. This budget-friendly project not only breathes new life into an old pallet but also creates a unique storage solution with plenty of character.

DIY Portable Medicine Cabinet

Creating a DIY portable medicine cabinet offers a convenient solution for individuals who require easy access to their essential medications and supplies while on-the-go. This compact and adaptable storage solution can be tailored to fit snugly into small spaces, providing the perfect remedy for those seeking flexibility and portability.


Transforming your bathroom with a DIY medicine cabinet project is an excellent way to infuse your space with a touch of personal flair and functional elegance. As you embark on this creative journey, the ideas that follow will serve as a trusted guidepost, empowering you to craft a unique piece that reflects your style and serves your needs.