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25 Diy School Supplies To Do For Back To School Kids

5 Minutes Pen Holder for Notebooks

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By crafting a simple yet functional 5-minute pen holder for your notebook, you’re bridging the gap between accessibility and creativity. This humble accessory elevates your writing experience by keeping your tools within easy reach, while its subtle design ensures a seamless integration into your notebook’s aesthetic, ultimately resulting in a sleek and organized appearance.

DIY Back to School Classroom Wreath

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Transforming your classroom into a warm and inviting space is a great way to kick off the new school year. A DIY back-to-school wreath is an easy and creative way to add some personality to your room. With just a few simple materials, you can turn ordinary objects into a colorful display that celebrates the start of something new.

DIY Paper Book Cover

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Transforming plain textbooks into unique and protected masterpieces has never been easier or more enjoyable! By utilizing basic supplies, you can unleash your creativity while safeguarding your educational materials with a DIY paper book cover. This eco-friendly endeavor not only personalizes each volume but also safeguards them from wear and tear, making for a fun and practical approach to book customization.

Sew a Zippered Pencil Case

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Crafting a zipper-encased pencil case offers a unique opportunity to personalize the storage of your writing tools while showcasing your creativity. By choosing from an array of fabrics, you can create a functional piece that also reflects your individuality.

Rainbow Resin Flamingo Paper Clips

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Transforming your paperwork into a vibrant and playful space, rainbow resin flamingo paper clips are a delightful addition. With their one-of-a-kind design and sturdy construction, these charming clips turn the mundane task of document organization into an enjoyable experience.

Easy DIY Unicorn Notebook

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Transforming a plain notebook into an enchanted unicorn notebook is the perfect way to infuse your note-taking with magic. This DIY project requires minimal effort but yields maximum results, making it ideal for sparking creativity and wonder in your studies. The process of decorating a notebook with mythical flair can transport you to a world of imagination and possibility. It’s a simple yet effective way to make learning more engaging and fun.

Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

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Elevate the mundane world of school supplies with glittery graphic pencil cases, where form meets function. By combining practicality with panache, these enchanting cases transform the humble pencils and pens into a delightful display of whimsy.

Back to School Polymer Clay Pens

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Embracing the nostalgia of back-to-school season, one can rediscover the joys of crafting their own polymer clay pens. This hands-on approach not only yields a personalized writing experience but also fosters creativity through the customization of pen grips. As you shape each grip to fit your unique writing style, the result is a set of tools that reflect your individuality, much like the handwritten notes they help bring to life.

Make a School Supply Cake for Teacher

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Transforming a thoughtful gesture into a tangible masterpiece, creating a school supply cake for a teacher is an innovative way to show appreciation. By integrating essential supplies into a striking composition, this project embodies the perfect blend of creativity and practicality, conveying gratitude in a novel and useful manner.

School Supplies Tote with Cork

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Sustainability meets style in a unique school supplies tote made from durable cork. This eco-friendly material offers a natural aesthetic, complemented by a practical design that allows for effortless carrying of essential items, perfect for the environmentally-conscious student.

Sew a School Supplies Organizer

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Transforming your study space into a haven of organization and functionality is just a stitch away! By sewing a bespoke school supplies organizer, you can tailor the design to meet your unique academic requirements, keeping your workspace clutter-free and your essentials within easy reach.

How to Make Erasers

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Transforming everyday tasks into creative expressions, making erasers at home offers an innovative approach to correcting mistakes. By crafting customised shapes and colours, individuals can infuse their personal style into their schoolwork and artistic pursuits, adding a unique flair to the traditional task of correction.

No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll Up

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For art enthusiasts who are always on-the-move, a no-sew colored pencil roll-up is an ingenious solution to keep their creative supplies organized and within reach. This DIY marvel wraps individual pencils in a protective covering, allowing for seamless portability and accessibility, ensuring that inspiration can be captured at a moment’s notice, regardless of the location.

Make Your Own Reusable Snack Bags

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Reducing waste and adding a personalized touch to mealtime is effortless with reusable snack bags. The ability to customize fabrics makes them not only functional for preserving snacks’ freshness but also a fashion statement. Furthermore, these eco-friendly alternatives offer a significant step towards minimizing single-use plastics.

DIY Color Block Gratitude Journals

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Crafting your own DIY color block gratitude journals can be a powerful way to cultivate mindfulness and creativity. By dedicating time each day to record your gratitudes in these visually appealing journals, you can have a profound impact on your mental well-being. The unique color block design not only adds a modern touch but also serves as a constant reminder of the importance of self-reflection and gratitude practice.

DIY Kawaii Mini Notebooks

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Combine functionality with whimsy by creating DIY kawaii mini notebooks that bring a touch of delight to your daily note-taking routine. Measuring just the right size to fit neatly in a pocket or purse, these tiny tomes offer a perfect blend of portability and charm. Whether you’re sketching out ideas or jotting down ephemeral thoughts, their compact design makes them an ideal companion for capturing fleeting inspiration. With their adorable aesthetics, they’re sure to spark joy and add a dash of whimsy to your day.

Back to School Supplies for Girl

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When it comes to back-to-school supplies for girls, functionality and style often go hand-in-hand. A thoughtful selection of supplies can not only help with organization but also serve as a reflection of their personality. Consider items that showcase individuality, such as notebooks adorned with glitter or folders featuring vibrant floral patterns. These unique touches enable self-expression while keeping the academic year ahead in check.

Cute DIY Pen and Pencil Pouches

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Crafting your own DIY pen and pencil pouches is not only about storing your writing utensils, but also an opportunity to showcase your unique style. By making your own, you’re afforded endless possibilities for customization, allowing pens and pencils to be both accessible and aesthetically aligned with your personal flair.

Back to School Pencil Toppers Craft

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Transforming everyday pencils into personalized treasures, the back-to-school pencil toppers craft is an innovative way to infuse excitement into writing experiences. Not only do these creative additions make it easier for kids to identify their writing tools, but they also foster a sense of ownership and pride in their school supplies. This engaging activity encourages children to think outside the box and take pleasure in making their own mark on their learning journey.

Harry Potter School Supplies with Cricut

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With a Cricut, you can turn ordinary school supplies into extraordinary tools for learning that bring a touch of magic to your child’s educational journey. By crafting custom-made items such as spell-book covers, Hogwarts house-themed notebooks, and other creative projects, you can inspire their imagination and make schoolwork feel like an exciting adventure in the Wizarding World.

Mason Jar Holder for School Supplies

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Transforming your study space into a haven of organization and creativity is as simple as incorporating a Mason jar holder for school supplies. This charming and practical solution allows you to customize the container to suit your needs, whether that’s storing pens, pencils, or even adding a touch of nature by placing flowers within. The rustic charm of the Mason jar holder brings a unique and artistic flair to any desk, making it an ideal addition to your daily learning environment.

Custom Management Binder Storage

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A custom-made management binder offers a streamlined approach to organizing vital documents and notes, catering to unique requirements. By tailoring the layout to suit individual needs, students can effortlessly access study materials, leading to improved study habits and increased productivity through a tailored organizational framework.

High School Supplies Organizer

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Staying organized as a high school student requires having the right tools in place. A reliable supplies organizer should be able to accommodate multiple subjects, provide sufficient room for notebooks and technology, and grant easy access to all necessary materials, ensuring that everything you need is within reach.

DIY Boho Study Kids Desk Décor

Transform your kids’ study space into a tranquil haven by crafting a bohemian-inspired desk décor that sparks imagination and fuels curiosity. By combining tactile elements like tassels, rich wood textures, and soothing hues, you’ll create an atmosphere that nurtures both learning and creativity. The end result is a serene retreat that invites exploration and discovery.

DIY Edible School Supplies

Transforming a typical school day into an unforgettable experience is as easy as baking cookies! By incorporating DIY edible school supplies, you can add a pinch of excitement and whimsy to your students’ learning journey. Imagine a classroom where crayons are savored like sweet treats, glue sticks dissolve with a satisfying crunch, and creativity knows no bounds.


As the new academic year approaches, these DIY school supplies projects offer more than just a head start on the semester – they’re an opportunity to create lasting memories with friends and family. Grab your glue, scissors, and let’s dive into some creative endeavors that will make this back-to-school season truly unforgettable.