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Diy Storage Bench (25 Ways To Build)

Build An Outdoor Storage Bench

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When designing an outdoor storage bench, two key benefits come together: creating a cozy spot to unwind and providing a practical solution for storing essential items. This thoughtful addition can effortlessly organize gardening equipment, outdoor toys, or other miscellaneous goods, harmoniously blending functionality with visual appeal. The result is a clean, inviting outdoor space that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Shelby Storage Bench Seat

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With the Shelby storage bench seat, you can enjoy a perfect blend of style and functionality. This versatile piece provides both comfortable seating and discreet storage, making it an excellent choice for hallways or bedrooms. Its sophisticated design serves as a stylish focal point while cleverly concealing clutter from view, ensuring your living space remains tidy and inviting.

Make A Bench With Built In Storage

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By incorporating built-in storage into your bench design, you can effectively optimize available space. This clever solution not only offers a comfortable seating area but also provides ample under-seat storage for various items. As a result, the bench becomes a multifaceted piece that effortlessly blends functionality with style, making it an ideal addition to any room, whether it’s a cozy living space or a busy home office.

How To Build An Outdoor Bench With Storage

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When it comes to enhancing the functionality of your outdoor space, incorporating an outdoor bench with storage is a fantastic way to achieve both form and function. This clever design allows you to stash away essentials like pillows, gardening equipment, or even pool supplies, effortlessly maintaining a tidy and organized atmosphere in your garden. Whether you’re seeking a cozy spot to relax or a convenient place to stash your gear, an outdoor bench with storage is the perfect solution.

Seating and Storage Bench IKEA Kallax Hack

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By repurposing an IKEA Kallax as a seating and storage bench, you can create a clever and practical solution that fits seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic. The affordability and customizability of this hack make it an attractive option for any room, allowing you to transform simple shelving into a functional and inviting space that doubles as a storage unit.

Backpack Storage Bench Plan

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For families on-the-go, the backpack storage bench plan provides a practical solution to maintaining a tidy and functional living space. By designating a specific area for storing backpacks and bags, this plan helps keep chaos at bay and encourages a sense of organization and structure. Imagine having a dedicated spot in your mudroom or entryway where everyone can deposit their gear as they come and go, without worrying about clutter building up.

DIY Shoe Storage Bench

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A clever do-it-yourself project, a shoe storage bench offers a harmonious blend of functionality and comfort. By providing a cozy seating area for slipping on shoes, it efficiently keeps footwear contained and out of sight. This ingenious solution is particularly well-suited for entryways, where its benefits are most pronounced, allowing for a clutter-free and organized space that’s easy to maintain.

Flip Top Storage Bench with Cubbies

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With its innovative design, this flip-top storage bench with cubbies seamlessly combines functionality with style. By incorporating both hidden compartments and open cubbies, it allows users to store a variety of items while maintaining a clutter-free appearance. The cleverly designed storage solution keeps essential items within easy reach but out of sight, making it an ideal piece for any room.

L-Shaped Storage Bench With Cushion

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Combine functionality with comfort by incorporating an L-shaped storage bench featuring a plush cushion. This versatile piece can seamlessly fit into corners, offering both ample seating and cleverly concealed storage solutions. As you sink into the soft cushion, you’ll be greeted by a welcoming addition to any room, perfect for lounging or storing your favorite items.

Entryway Bench With Shoe Storage

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The entryway bench, specifically one with shoe storage, holds significant value as it sets the tone for the rest of the home’s interior. By providing a designated spot for shoes and encouraging tidiness at the entrance, this functional piece fosters an organized atmosphere that extends beyond mere aesthetics. As a place to sit and catch one’s breath, it also serves as a thoughtful gesture to visitors, making them feel welcome from the moment they step inside.

End Of Bed Storage Bench

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Combining form and function, the end-of-bed storage bench is an ingenious solution for maintaining tidiness in your bedroom. Not only does it provide a clever hiding place for bed linens, pillows, or seasonal clothing, but it also offers a cozy spot to sit while getting dressed, effortlessly merging practicality with stylish design.

Storage Bench For Small Entryway Space

In compact entryways, a storage bench is a game-changer, offering ample storage without overwhelming the space. Not only does it provide a practical spot to stash essentials, but it also doubles as a comfortable perch for removing shoes or placing bags upon arrival or departure.

Padded Storage Bench

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By integrating comfort and functionality, a padded storage bench provides an inviting seating arrangement paired with a generous storage space. This versatile piece is ideal for both living spaces and bedrooms, offering a welcoming retreat from the world and a discreet means of concealing clutter.

Blanket Storage Chest Bench

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A thoughtful addition to any abode, the combination blanket storage chest bench offers both form and function. By keeping blankets conveniently stowed away yet easily accessible, it maintains a tidy appearance while also serving as a sturdy seat. This charming piece brings warmth and coziness to your living area, making it an inviting spot to sit and relax.

Long Storage Bench

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When it comes to creating a harmonious and organized living space, the humble long storage bench deserves consideration. Its understated elegance belies its true value as a decluttering powerhouse. By providing an expansive area beneath its surface, this versatile piece of furniture transforms your living room into a serene oasis. With ample storage capacity, you can stash away items that would otherwise clutter the space, resulting in a tidy and inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxation or entertaining.

Mudroom Corner Bench With Storage

In the pursuit of optimal space utilization, consider incorporating a mudroom corner bench with storage into your design plan. This innovative furniture piece capitalizes on often-overlooked nooks in the mudroom, converting them into functional seating areas while cleverly concealing shoes and seasonal essentials. By doing so, it not only provides a welcoming spot to rest and take off one’s footwear but also plays a crucial role in maintaining the tidiness of your entryway.

Homemade Entryway Storage Bench

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Crafting an entryway bench that reflects your unique style not only enhances the functionality of your home, but also fosters a warm and inviting atmosphere for visitors. By designing a bespoke seating area, you can create a thoughtful gesture that encourages guests to take off their shoes and relax, while also providing a practical space to store essential items like keys, bags, and accessories.

DIY Kitchen Bench With Storage

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Incorporating built-in storage into a kitchen bench provides a clever response to space constraints. This design feature allows homeowners to conveniently stash away cumbersome kitchen appliances or tableware, ensuring they remain accessible while remaining discreetly hidden from view.

Built In Dining Bench with Storage

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With its sleek design, this smart seating solution effortlessly merges with your dining space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for family meals or casual gatherings. Meanwhile, the cleverly designed storage compartment beneath the seat offers ample room for extra dishes, cutlery, or other essentials, making it easy to host impromptu dinner parties or tackle everyday tasks with ease.

How To Make A Rustic Storage Bench

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A rustic bench can bring a unique charm to your home, offering both functional seating and a cleverly concealed storage solution. The sturdy design of this bench not only provides a comfortable place to sit, but also serves as a practical repository for storing items like gardening tools, outdoor accessories, or even household essentials.

Window Storage Bench Seat

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Tucked neatly beneath a window, this charming bench serves as a tranquil retreat for readers, boasting a unique feature that sets it apart from other seating options: built-in storage. The thoughtful design allows for the convenient stashing of items like blankets or books, streamlining the reading experience while promoting harmony between relaxation and organization.

DIY Rolling Storage Bench

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Combining mobility and practicality, a rolling storage bench seamlessly integrates into versatile living spaces. Its versatility allows you to effortlessly relocate it to different areas of your home, such as from the living room to the bedroom, providing instant extra seating or storage wherever needed.

Building A Storage Bench

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By building a storage bench, you can tailor the design to seamlessly integrate with your surroundings and cater to your specific requirements. This versatile piece of furniture not only provides comfortable seating but also serves as a clever repository for items such as footwear, athletic gear, or other miscellaneous belongings, effectively concealing clutter from view.

Workout Bench With Storage

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Combine a commitment to staying fit with the need for organizational savvy by incorporating a workout bench that doubles as a storage solution for your gym equipment. This space-efficient innovation is particularly well-suited for smaller homes where every square inch counts, allowing you to maintain easy access to your fitness gear while keeping it neatly out of view.

Coat Rack and Bench

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A thoughtful addition to any room, a blanket storage chest bench combines functionality with charm. Its clever design keeps blankets tidy and accessible, while also serving as a comfortable seating option. As a result, it brings a cozy touch to your living area, making it an ideal solution for those who value both aesthetics and practicality.


As the final thought, crafting a DIY storage bench can be a delightful and functional endeavor that brings together both creativity and organization in your living space. By offering a diverse array of 25 distinctive construction methods, you’re empowered to express yourself through design while streamlining your surroundings.