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Diy Whelping Box For Your Pregnant Dog

Required Materials

To create your puppy-proofed furniture, you’ll need a few essential materials. Start with four sheets of 2-foot by 4-foot plywood, which will serve as the foundation for your project. You’ll also require some wooden accents in the form of wood discs and letters to secure any necessary fasteners or hinges. For the puppy rail itself, gather PVC pipes (18 inches long) along with four tees and four corner pieces. A circular object, such as a plate or bowl, will come in handy for tracing out precise curves. Don’t forget your power tools – a saw for cutting wood and PVC to size, and sandpaper or a sanding machine to smooth out any rough edges.

Step by Step Instructions

Prepare the Plywood

To initiate the project, start by meticulously measuring and accurately cutting out two symmetrical slots on each piece of plywood. The ideal dimensions for these slots are approximately 12 inches deep and 1 inch wide, with their centers aligned about 2 inches inward from each edge.

Build the Entrance

To create the entrance for your mother dog’s shelter, start by selecting one piece of plywood that will serve as the foundation. Identify the center of the board and use a large circular object, such as a plate or bowl, to trace a semi-circular shape. From this midpoint, extend two lines upward to reach the top edge of the plywood, effectively creating the framework for your doorway. Once you’ve marked out the design, cut along these lines to create an opening that will provide easy access for your mother dog.

Assemble the Box

To secure your newly cut doorway, you’ll need to create a simple yet effective locking mechanism. Achieve this by combining wooden discs and letters to craft a latch that provides a balance between securing the door when needed and being easily accessible. This thoughtful touch can be personalized with meaningful inscriptions, such as the puppies’ names, family name, or any other significant word that holds sentimental value.

Construct the Puppy Rail

When assembling the puppy rail for your PVC pipe enclosure, begin by cutting the pipes to the specified length – 18 inches is a recommended starting point. Utilize tees and corners to construct a frame that fits snugly inside the box. This crucial component prevents puppies from being unintentionally crushed by their mother by maintaining a safe distance between her and the sides of the enclosure.


To build a sturdy and functional puppy enclosure, it’s essential to connect the plywood pieces by slotting them together at the corners. The precision is crucial, as any gaps or misalignments can compromise the structure’s stability. Once the corner joints are secure, you can proceed with attaching the door mechanism, which will enable easy access for the mother. A critical step in the assembly process is to install the PVC puppy rail at the bottom of the enclosure, effectively creating a barrier that keeps the puppies safe and contained.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

When it comes to bedding for your furry friend’s box, steer clear of newspapers due to the potential toxicity posed by ink. Instead, consider using blankets, towels or specially designed puppy pee mats that are easy to clean. The ability to quickly wash these materials is crucial in maintaining a sanitary environment. To further minimize mess and simplify cleanup, place a tarp underneath the box to protect your floor.


A DIY approach to building a cozy den for your puppies not only slashes costs but also prioritizes their safety and comfort. By opting for Ken’s design, you can create a haven for your furry friends at a fraction of the cost, with an estimated price tag of $40 compared to the standard commercial option costing around $400. This significant cost savings allows you to provide your puppies with a nurturing environment without putting a strain on your budget.

Additional Tips

When creating a cozy retreat for your furry friends, it’s crucial to tailor the dimensions of the enclosure to the specific breed and size of your dog. A one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it when providing optimal comfort. Additionally, ensure the box or door is situated in a warm, quiet, and comfortable area of your home where your dogs can feel at ease. To maintain a sanitary environment, make it a habit to regularly clean and replace bedding, guaranteeing a healthy and happy haven for your puppies.

Video Tutorial

To enhance your DIY whelping box-making experience, we recommend supplementing the written instructions with a step-by-step video tutorial featuring Ken Wignard’s design on the Hallmark Channel. This visual guide provides a clear and concise alternative to the written directions, allowing you to successfully complete the project through its easy-to-follow visuals.

Discover 25 DIY Whelping Box Ideas for Your Furry Friend’s Comfort and Safety During Birth

How to Build Whelping Box

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Carefully crafting a whelping box demands deliberate consideration to create a secure haven for mothers and their precious puppies. By selecting sturdy, easy-to-clean materials, you can establish a snug sanctuary that supports the crucial stages of puppy birth and early development.

DIY Whelping Box for Puppies

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When it comes to creating a safe haven for new mothers and their pups, a DIY whelping box provides unparalleled flexibility. By tailoring the size and material of your structure to meet the unique demands of your canine companion, you can ensure a secure environment that fosters both maternal comfort and puppy well-being during this pivotal period.

Cheap DIY Whelping Box

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When it comes to creating a budget-friendly whelping box, it’s all about getting creative with materials. By leveraging cost-effective options like plywood or reusing items you might otherwise throw away, you can craft a cozy and secure space for a dog to deliver her pups – all without breaking the bank.

Homemade Whelping Box

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Crafting a DIY whelping box is a fulfilling endeavor that requires minimal expertise and resources. By gathering fundamental tools and supplies, you can create a cozy sanctuary for a dog’s family unit, prioritizing the health and safety of the puppies.

Building a Whelping Box

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When constructing a whelping box, it’s essential to consider the size of both your dog and the anticipated litter size. By incorporating customizable elements such as elevated walls and a detachable entrance, you can create a bespoke birthing space that meets the specific needs of your canine companion.

Do It Yourself Whelping Box Plan

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When crafting a DIY whelping box plan, it’s essential to prioritize three key factors: ease of cleaning, durability, and comfort for both the mother and her newborn puppies. A well-thought-out design will enable you to create a practical and cozy space that meets these crucial needs.

Easy DIY Cardboard Whelping Box

When in need of a quick and budget-friendly solution, a DIY cardboard whelping box proves to be a clever and practical option. This temporary setup can provide a comfortable environment for smaller breeds, making it an ideal choice for those requiring a short-term or immediate whelping box solution.

How to Make a Whelping Box

Crafting an optimal whelping box requires consideration for the unique needs of expectant canine mothers and their newborn litters. By creating a secure and comfortable environment, you can help ensure a stress-free birthing experience for the mother while keeping the puppies safe.

Make a Puppy Whelping Box

Proactively creating a puppy whelping box not only ensures the well-being but also sets the tone for a successful start in life for newborn puppies. By leveraging the right materials, this DIY project allows you to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your furry friends, ultimately leading to healthy and happy pups.

DIY Dog Whelping Box for Under $100

With a little creativity, you can create a reliable and affordable DIY dog whelping box using cost-effective materials that still meet high standards of quality. By doing so, you’ll provide a secure and comfortable space for your furry friend to give birth without incurring a hefty expense.

Outdoor Whelping Box Using Plywood

When it comes to creating an outdoor whelping box, a durable option like plywood is an excellent choice. Not only does it provide a sturdy foundation, but its versatility also allows it to withstand various weather conditions. This makes it particularly well-suited for breeders who prefer to locate the birthing area outside, where it can remain undisturbed and protected from the elements.

Dog Whelping Box Out of Reclaimed Wood

Creating a dog whelping box from reclaimed wood serves a dual purpose: it promotes sustainability while infusing the birthing space with a distinctive, natural allure. This innovative approach not only helps the environment but also provides a unique and rustic setting for supporting dogs throughout their pregnancy. The use of reclaimed wood brings an authentic touch to the whelping process, making it an attractive option for dog owners seeking eco-friendly solutions.

Whelping Boxes for Small Dogs

When designing whelping boxes for small dogs, it’s crucial to consider miniature proportions that prioritize coziness and security. By creating a compact yet comfortable environment, you can ensure the puppies stay warm and make it simpler for the mother to attend to her litter. The perfect balance of size and features is vital in fostering a healthy and harmonious whelping experience.

Whelping Box for German Shepherd Puppies

For German Shepherd breeders and enthusiasts, a well-designed whelping box is essential for ensuring the health and well-being of new mothers and their puppies. By providing a safe and enclosed space for birthing and early development, these specialized enclosures help to contain the pups in one area, allowing them to gain strength and coordination without the risk of injury or distraction.

Easy to Make Whelping Box

Crafting a simple yet functional whelping box for a mother dog to nurse her puppies is a manageable task that doesn’t necessitate elaborate materials or advanced carpentry expertise. With readily available supplies such as plywood and screws, you can create a comfortable environment for the new mother and her litter, allowing them to thrive in their early days together.

Best Tekplas Plastic Whelping Box

Tekplas’ plastic whelping boxes are renowned for their exceptional quality, boasting a durable, hygienic, and effortless-to-clean design that creates an optimal environment for newborn puppies to thrive. The smooth surface of this top-of-the-line product ensures a sanitary space where young canines can grow, play, and develop in a healthy and stimulating manner.

DIY Detachable Whelping Box

Envision constructing a versatile DIY detachable whelping box, one that effortlessly disassembles for easy storage or sanitizing. This innovative design is ideal for breeders and pet enthusiasts seeking a adaptable solution for their breeding requirements.

Whelping Box for Large Dogs

For larger dog breeds, whelping boxes need to be designed with ample space to meet the comfort needs of both the mother and her puppies. These spacious enclosures cater to the bigger breeds’ requirements, providing a roomy environment where they can move freely and tend to their young without feeling restricted or confined.

DIY Dog Whelping Box

Crafting a custom DIY dog whelping box not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also allows pet owners to create a tailored environment that meets their furry friend’s unique requirements, thereby ensuring a safe and comfortable haven for the impending arrival of new puppies.

Simple Birthing and Whelping Box

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A straightforward birthing and whelping box can be equally efficacious compared to more intricate designs. Its primary function is to offer a nurturing environment that provides warmth, comfort, and reassurance to new mothers and their pups as they navigate the critical post-natal period.

Whelping Box from Pallets

By upcycling old pallets, you can create a whelping box that not only provides a functional space for your dog but also promotes sustainability and reduces waste. With some imagination and creative problem-solving, these wooden crates can be transformed into a sturdy and eco-friendly enclosure that allows your furry friend to safely give birth and care for her puppies.

Kiddie Pool Whelping Box

For those on a budget or seeking a practical solution, the kiddie pool whelping box stands out as a reliable choice. Its unique combination of being waterproof, lightweight, and featuring soft edges ensures a secure environment for young puppies to thrive in during their initial weeks.

DIY Pupez Whelping Box

For pet enthusiasts and crafty individuals, building a DIY Pupez whelping box is an excellent way to provide a snug and secure environment for newborn puppies to thrive in. This project combines creativity with practicality, ensuring the little ones have a comfortable space to grow during their formative weeks.

Easy Whelping Box Design

When designing an easy-to-use whelping box, simplicity and practicality are the top priorities. This approach ensures that anyone can construct one, regardless of their DIY expertise. The goal is to create a cozy and safe space for newborn puppies. By focusing on these fundamental aspects, you’ll be able to build a whelping box that’s both functional and easy to assemble.

Proper Dog Whelping Box

A well-designed dog whelping box serves multiple purposes, providing a safe and adaptable space for mothers to give birth and nurture their pups. This specialized enclosure typically features adjustable components, like movable walls or removable doors, which enable it to grow with the puppies as they develop, accommodating their changing needs throughout the whelping process.


A DIY whelping box project offers a unique combination of practicality and personal fulfillment for pet owners. By carefully following the detailed instructions outlined in this article, you can create a safe and comfortable haven for your dog during the birthing process. While customizing the dimensions to fit your specific needs is crucial, the sense of accomplishment that comes from providing a warm and welcoming space for your furry companion more than makes up for the effort invested.