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Do Lucky Rewards points expire?

The Short Answer

Lucky Rewards points do expire, but the expiration timeframe depends on how you earned the points. Points earned from credit card spending or from shopping with Lucky Rewards partners typically expire after 3 years of inactivity. However, points earned through promotions may expire sooner, so it’s important to check the terms of each promotion. The fastest way to keep your points active is to earn or redeem points within the past 12 months.

How Long Do Lucky Rewards Points Last?

The standard Lucky Rewards points expiration policy is that points expire after 3 years of account inactivity. That means if you don’t earn or redeem any points for 3 consecutive years, your points will expire.

However, there are some exceptions and caveats:

– Points earned through promotions may expire sooner than 3 years. Promotions often have specific expiration dates, some as short as 3-6 months. Always check the terms.

– Points earned from cobranded credit cards typically have a longer expiration period, such as 5 years. Check your credit card terms.

– Points set to expire soon may get an expiration extension if you earn more points. For example, if you have points expiring in 1 month but then earn new points, the upcoming expiration may get pushed back.

So in summary, the standard expiration is 3 years of inactivity, but promotions, credit cards, and new point earnings can affect the timeframe.

How to Keep Points from Expiring

To prevent Lucky Rewards points from expiring, you need to have some type of qualifying account activity at least once every 3 years (or 1 year to be super safe). Here are some ways to keep your points active:

Earn Points

– Use your Lucky Rewards credit card for purchases
– Shop with Lucky Rewards retail partners and online stores
– Participate in special promotions and earn bonus points
– Link your account to dining reward networks like Dine Rewards
– Take surveys, shop through web portal, or complete other bonus activities

Redeem Points

– Use points for gift cards or merchandise through the rewards catalog
– Redeem points for statement credits on your credit card
– Transfer points to airline miles or other loyalty programs
– Donate points to charity
– Use Pay with Points for purchases with retail partners

Buy Points

– Purchase additional points to top up your account

Points Transfers

– Transfer points to or from another Lucky Rewards member

Targeted Offers

– Take advantage of special promotions to extend point expiration

As long as you have some type of account activity once per year, your points should not expire. Points transactions in the past 12 months are the safest way to keep your points active.

How to Tell When Your Points Will Expire

To check your Lucky Rewards points expiration date, log into your online account or mobile app. The expiration date for each batch of points will be listed on your account statement, under the points summary.

Here’s how to find it:

Online Account

1. Log into your account

2. Go to the Points Summary page

3. The expiration date will be listed next to each bundle of points

Mobile App

1. Open the Lucky Rewards app and log in

2. Tap on the Points icon from the main menu

3. Tap on Points Summary

4. The expiration date will display next to each points bundle

You can see different expiration dates depending on how and when the points were earned. Any points without an expiration date listed do not currently have an expiration set.

If you have points expiring soon, the expiration date will be marked urgent. You can also sort your points to see those expiring soonest.

What Happens When Points Expire?

If you allow your Lucky Rewards points to expire, they are permanently forfeited and removed from your account. There is no way to reinstate or recover expired points.

Once points expire, your account point balance immediately decreases by the amount of expired points. Any rewards, gift cards, or transfers associated with the expired points are also voided.

For example, if you had a $10 gift card queued up but the points expired before you could use the gift card, that gift card reward would be canceled and the value lost.

To avoid losing points and rewards, make sure to redeem or earn new points at least every 3 years. Set calendar reminders if you have points expiring soon.

Can You Get an Extension on Expiring Points?

Unfortunately, Lucky Rewards does not provide extensions on expiring points just because points are about to expire. The expiration policy applies equally to all members.

However, there are a few potential ways to get more time before your points expire:

Earn More Points

If you earn additional points before your current points expire, the upcoming expiration date often gets pushed back. Even earning a small amount of points can sometimes extend the expiration.

Targeted Promotion

Lucky Rewards may offer certain members who have expiring points a targeted promotion to earn more points or get an expiration extension. But there is no guarantee of being offered this type of promotion.

Credit Card Points

If you have expiring retail points but also have Lucky Rewards credit card points, you may be able to convert the credit card points and combine them into retail points, extending the expiration.

Expired Points Reinstatement Offer

In very rare cases, Lucky Rewards may make an exception and allow reinstatement of recently expired points if you contact customer service and make a case for why the points should not have expired. But there is no guarantee of the points being reinstated.

So while extensions are not guaranteed, it’s possible earning new points or targeted promotions could effectively give you more time to use expiring points. The sooner you act before expiration, the better your chances.

Tips to Use Points Before They Expire

To make sure you don’t lose rewards to expiring Lucky Rewards points, here are some tips:

Track expiration dates

– Monitor your points expiration dates in your online account
– Set calendar reminders for 3, 6, and 12 months before expiration
– Add the expiration to your phone’s calendar with alerts

Use points first

– When redeeming points, always use the points closest to expiring first
– Redeem your expiring points before using newer points

Convert or transfer points

– Move expiring retail points to a credit card point balance
– Transfer points to airline miles or other partners
– Pool points with a household member’s account

Shop early for gifts

– Don’t save gift cards for the holidays or birthdays – use them as soon as possible
– If you plan gifts in advance, redeem points early to lock in rewards

Manage point bundles

– Consolidate point expiration dates when possible
– Don’t let points sit inactive for extended periods
– Try to always have some type of account activity yearly

Moving points out of your account through redemptions or transfers is the best way to avoid losing points to expiration. Having a plan and tracking dates are key to using them in time.

Does Activity Reset the Expiration Clock?

Yes, any qualifying account activity will reset the 3-year expiration clock and start a new period before your points expire.

Here are the main types of activity that will reset the expiration:

– Earning new points (from purchases, bonuses, etc)
– Redeeming points for rewards
– Transferring points to airline/hotel partners
– Using points for payments or gift cards

Even small amounts of activity, like earning 50 points from an online survey, can push back the expiration another 3 years.

As long as you have some activity at least once every 3 years, your points will not expire. The most conservative approach is to have activity at least every 12 months.

Do Business Rewards Points Work the Same?

Lucky Rewards has a separate program for business members that uses many of the same point expiration policies:

– Business points generally expire after 3 years of no activity
– Credit card points may last 5 years
– Promo points often expire quicker

However, there are some key differences for business accounts:

No automatic point pooling

Employees’ points stay in separate accounts and do not combine or extend expiration.

More qualifying activity options

Business points can be reset by:

– Adding new employees
– Changing business info or contacts
– Linking new business credit cards

Potential fee to extend

Businesses may have to pay $100 annually to extend expiring points if no other activity.

So the expiration rules are similar for business and personal accounts, but businesses have some unique considerations. Check with your company’s account administrator for specifics.

Can You Still Use Brand Rewards?

Lucky Rewards points and Brand Rewards points are separate loyalty programs with different rules.

Brand Rewards points typically expire after 2 years of inactivity. Qualifying activity includes:

– Earning Brand Rewards points
– Redeeming Brand Rewards points
– Upgrading to a premium Brand Rewards level

Brand Rewards membership levels and benefits also expire after 2 years if you don’t re-qualify.

You can have both Lucky Rewards and Brand Rewards accounts and earn points through each program. Points from one program can’t be combined or transferred to the other program.

So if you participate in both loyalty programs, be sure to track the different expiration rules for Brand Rewards points and status.

The Impact of Account Closure on Points

If you decide to close your Lucky Rewards membership account entirely, be aware that any points remaining in the account will be immediately forfeited.

Unlike expiration after 3 years of inactivity, when you specifically close or cancel the account, the points are lost right away regardless of activity or expiration date.

Some options if you are closing your account:

– Redeem all remaining points first
– Transfer points to an airline/hotel partner
– Pool points to another member to use

Also be aware that if you close a Lucky Rewards credit card, any associated points may expire faster in line with credit card terms instead of retail program rules.

To avoid losing your hard-earned points, use them up or transfer them before formally closing your Lucky Rewards membership account.

The Bottom Line

While the details may be a bit complex, the bottom line on Lucky Rewards points expiration is:

– Standard retail points expire after 3 years of no activity
– Credit card points may last longer, like 5 years
– Promo and bonus points often expire faster, like 6-12 months
– Activity resets the clock, so earn/redeem/transfer at least once every 3 years
– Closing your account forfeits points immediately

The easiest way to keep points from expiring is to have some type of account activity at least once per year. Redeem your oldest points first whenever possible, and transfer points to airline partners as a last resort before expiration.

Staying on top of expiration dates, point balances, and account activity takes diligence. But it’s worth the effort so you don’t lose your hard-earned rewards!


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