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Do messages go through if you’re blocked iPhone?

No, messages will not go through if someone has blocked you on their iPhone. If someone has blocked you, any calls you try to make or text messages you try to send to them will not go through. In addition, you will not be able to see any updates to their status, profile picture, or other information associated with their contact profile.

If you’ve blocked someone, they won’t be able to see your status updates, profile picture changes, or other information associated with your contact profile either.

Will iMessage still deliver if blocked?

No, if you have been blocked by someone on iMessage then iMessage will no longer deliver any messages from that person to you. Once you are blocked by someone on iMessage, any attempt to send them an iMessage will be sent to you as a regular text message, but instead of being delivered to the recipient’s phone, it will be marked as “not delivered”.

Your blocked contact will also not be able to view any of your active conversations on iMessage, nor will they be able to FaceTime call you.

How do you tell if you’re blocked on iMessage?

The most obvious way is if you attempt to message the person and the message never displays a “Delivered” status. Another way to tell if you’ve been blocked is if you no longer see a contact’s name in iMessage conversations.

When you search for their name in Messages, nothing will appear. Additionally, you can check to see if the person’s “Last Seen” status has disappeared or been replaced by “No Recent Activity. ” Finally, you can call the person and if the calls go directly to voicemail, it’s possible you’ve been blocked.

What happens if you send a text to a number that has blocked you?

If you send a text to a number that you have been blocked by, the message will not be delivered. The recipient of the text will not receive a notification that you have sent them something and the message will not show up in their inbox or outbox.

Instead, the text will automatically be marked as ‘blocked’ and your number will be added to their blocked contacts list indefinitely. Depending on the device they are using, they may also be able to see a ‘blocked’ message come through as a brief notification notification that fades away quickly and does not leave a trace or record in their inbox.

Why does my text message not say delivered?

Text messages sometimes don’t say “Delivered” under them because of a few different reasons. First, the message may not have been sent, so you should try to resend the message. Second, the message may have been sent but was not received due to a technical issue with the recipient’s phone or network.

If they have poor signal or if their phone is off, the message won’t be delivered. Finally, the message may have been sent and received, but the recipient may not have data enabled on their phone, so they can’t see it.

You should check with the recipient and make sure they have network coverage and an active data plan.