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Does ALADDIN Broadway have rush tickets?

ALADDIN on Broadway does offer rush tickets, which allow theatergoers to purchase tickets at a discounted price on the day of the performance. Rush tickets for ALADDIN provide an opportunity to see the hit Disney musical for less, making Broadway more accessible for budget-conscious visitors and locals alike.

What are rush tickets for ALADDIN on Broadway?

Rush tickets for ALADDIN on Broadway allow people to purchase tickets at a steep discount compared to the regular full price. The rush tickets are for seats that have not yet been sold for a particular performance. They go on sale on the day of the show, either online or at the box office.

ALADDIN rush tickets are usually around $40 per ticket, compared to over $100+ for regular price tickets. The exact rush ticket price may vary, but it’s typically around 50-60% off the full price. Rush seats are located throughout the theater, either in the rear mezzanine or side orchestra sections. You don’t get to choose the exact seat location, but you still get to see the full show up close.

When and where can you get ALADDIN rush tickets?

Rush tickets for ALADDIN on Broadway are sold on the day of the performance:

  • Online rush tickets go on sale at 9 AM Eastern
  • In-person rush tickets go on sale when the box office opens, usually around 10 AM

To get rush tickets online, go to the ALADDIN rush tickets page on the Broadway Rush site. Make sure to create an account ahead of time if it’s your first visit.

To get in-person rush tickets, go to the box office at the New Amsterdam Theatre (214 W 42nd St). Be prepared to stand in line for a while and get tickets on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are the rules and tips for getting ALADDIN rush tickets?

Here are some key rules and tips for getting ALADDIN Broadway rush tickets:

  • You can only buy 2 rush tickets per person
  • Tickets must be purchased in-person, with cash or credit card
  • A valid photo ID is required
  • Only single seats are available, you can’t sit in pairs together
  • Arrive at least 1-2 hours before curtain to get in line
  • Being first in line doesn’t guarantee you’ll get tickets
  • Being flexible on date/time helps increase your chances
  • Students and seniors may be eligible for additional discounts with ID
  • Rush tickets are non-refundable once purchased

Following these policies and best practices will give you the best shot at securing coveted ALADDIN musical rush tickets.

What is the ALADDIN lottery as another option?

In addition to rush tickets, ALADDIN also offers a daily digital lottery for a limited number of $30 orchestra seats. Here is how the ALADDIN lottery works:

  • Lottery entries are submitted via the ALADDIN Lottery site starting at 12 AM Eastern each day
  • The lottery closes at 3 PM Eastern and winners are notified around 4 PM
  • You can enter every performance, but can only win once per production week
  • Valid photo ID is required for pickup at the box office
  • Lottery tickets are limited view orchestra seats for $30 each

Entering the ALADDIN lottery gives you another chance at scoring cheap tickets if you miss out on rush. However, your odds of winning the lottery are lower than getting rush.

What is the schedule and runtime of ALADDIN on Broadway?

ALADDIN currently runs on the following weekly schedule at the New Amsterdam Theatre:

Day Time
Tuesday 7 PM
Wednesday 2 PM & 7 PM
Thursday 7 PM
Friday 8 PM
Saturday 2 PM & 8 PM
Sunday 3 PM

ALADDIN on Broadway has a total runtime of 2 hours and 30 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission. Knowing the schedule ahead of time allows you to plan your rush strategy accordingly.

What COVID safety policies are in place for ALADDIN?

ALADDIN on Broadway has implemented the following COVID-19 safety policies as of October 2023:

  • Masks are optional inside the theater
  • Proof of vaccination or negative test is no longer required
  • Enhanced cleaning and ventilation protocols are in effect
  • Hand sanitizing stations are available
  • Digital playbills are used instead of paper
  • Cashless transactions are encouraged at the box office and concessions

These measures allow ALADDIN to operate safely for audiences. Policies may be adjusted over time in accordance with the latest public health guidelines.

What is the accessibility and seating map at the theater?

The New Amsterdam Theatre has the following accessibility features and seating layout:

  • Wheelchair and transfer seating available in the orchestra
  • Assistive listening devices provided upon request
  • Accessible restrooms located on every level
  • Orchestra has 905 seats in rows AA-PP plus 24 wheelchair positions
  • Front Mezzanine has 556 seats in rows A-L
  • Rear Mezzanine has 333 seats in rows A-G

Rush tickets may be located anywhere from the front mezzanine to the far sides of the orchestra. Check the detailed seating chart when purchasing to understand the view.

What is the history of ALADDIN on Broadway?

ALADDIN first premiered on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theatre in February 2014 after beginning previews in Toronto. Here is a timeline of key dates in the production history of ALADDIN on Broadway:

  • 2011: First read-through and early workshops held
  • November 2012: Toronto tryout performances begin
  • January 2014: Broadway previews begin
  • March 2014: Official Broadway opening night
  • August 2015: First US national tour launches
  • 2017: New Amsterdam Theatre undergoes renovations
  • September 2017: Broadway performances resume after renovations
  • January 2020: 9,000th Broadway performance

For nearly a decade, ALADDIN has entertained millions of audience members of all ages. Today it continues its successful open-ended Broadway run.

What is the plot and musical numbers in ALADDIN?

ALADDIN follows the familiar story of the movie about a street rat named Aladdin who finds a magic lamp and genie. Here is a quick rundown of the plot and songs:

  • Act 1 introduces the characters and setting in Agrabah
  • Aladdin meets Princess Jasmine in the marketplace
  • The Genie grants Aladdin’s wishes to become a prince
  • Jafar schemes to take over as sultan
  • Songs include “Arabian Nights,” “One Jump Ahead,” and “Friend Like Me”
  • Act 2 has Aladdin trying to win Jasmine’s heart while deceiving her
  • Genie feels trapped granting everyone’s wishes
  • Jafar steals the lamp and becomes powerful
  • Aladdin defeats Jafar and marries Jasmine
  • Songs include “Prince Ali,” “A Whole New World,” and “Somebody’s Got Your Back”

The magic carpet ride and cave of wonders are brought to life with innovative staging and effects. The music by Alan Menken blends classic songs from the movie and new material written for the stage.

Who are the current Broadway cast members in ALADDIN?

As of October 2023, the lead cast members of ALADDIN on Broadway include:

  • Michael James Scott as Genie
  • Shubshri Kandiah as Jasmine
  • Derek Klena as Aladdin
  • Reggie De Leon as Iago
  • Don Darryl Rivera as Jafar

The rest of the ensemble includes dozens of talented singers, dancers, and actors bringing Agrabah to life. Casting is subject to change, so check the official ALADDIN site for the most up-to-date list of performers.

What are audience reviews and reactions to ALADDIN?

ALADDIN consistently earns very positive reviews from audiences. Here is an overview of common reactions:

  • Visuals and staging are vibrant, colorful, and exciting for kids
  • Performances and vocals are fantastic, especially Genie’s big numbers
  • The music remains catchy and classic from the movie
  • Some parts are expanded or changed from the animated film
  • The show sticks close to the Disney spirit overall

While nothing matches the magic of beloved animated films, most agree that ALADDIN succeeds in creating an entertaining experience. The music, dancing, costumes, effects, and acting leave audiences satisfied.

What age is ALADDIN on Broadway appropriate for?

ALADDIN is very family-friendly and appropriate for all ages. Some key details for families to know are:

  • No age minimum, but best for ages 5 and up
  • Engaging for kids thanks to story, songs, colors, and action
  • Rated G with no adult themes or content
  • A few moderately scary villain scenes may startle very young viewers
  • Runtime may test patience for young kids, best for ages 7+
  • Discount kids tickets available for those under 12 years old

The vibrant costumes, familiar characters, and upbeat songs appeal to children. Teens and adults also find enjoyment in the Broadway rendition of the classic tale.

Is ALADDIN good for a date night or special occasion?

While known as a family musical, ALADDIN can also make for a fun date night or special celebration outing. Reasons it works well include:

  • Nostalgic story and music for millennials who grew up with the movie
  • Spectacular staging provides a wow factor
  • The romance between Aladdin and Jasmine
  • Timeless tale about following dreams and being yourself
  • Uplifting song and dance numbers
  • Rush/lottery tickets make it budget-friendly

The magical carpet ride scene, in particular, is perfect for couples seeking an enchanting escape. The music also includes popular date night songs like “A Whole New World.”

How long is ALADDIN running on Broadway?

ALADDIN debuted on Broadway in 2014 and remains open-ended with no scheduled closing date. Some key facts about its ongoing run include:

  • Performed over 9,000 shows on Broadway as of January 2020
  • Typically grosses over $1 million per week at the box office
  • Originally contracted to play the New Amsterdam Theatre through at least August 2024
  • Consistently maintains high demand and decent attendance
  • Part of Disney’s long-running suite of Broadway hits

Given its continued popularity and Disney pedigree, ALADDIN likely has a bright future ahead on Broadway for years to come.

Where can I buy ALADDIN merchandise?

Official ALADDIN merchandise is sold at the following locations:

  • In-theater: Lobby souvenir stands have t-shirts, mugs, toys, ornaments, magnets, keychains, etc.
  • Online: The official shop has apparel, gifts, accessories, and more.
  • Disney Stores: NYC locations often carry select ALADDIN Broadway items.
  • Hotels: Gift shops near theaters like the New Amsterdam may have some ALADDIN souvenirs.

Prices range from $15 for small trinkets to over $50 for higher-end collectibles. Browse ahead of time to plan your ALADDIN-themed shopping in NYC!

How can I get discount tickets to ALADDIN besides rush?

In addition to rush tickets, here are some other ways to get discount ALADDIN tickets for Broadway:

  • Enter the daily digital lottery for $30 tickets
  • Look for special promotions like Broadway Week 2-for-1 deals
  • Check BroadwayBox for discount codes
  • Try third party sellers like StubHub for seats below face value
  • See if your company or travel groups have access to discounted tickets
  • Buy standing room only tickets for around $50 at the box office
  • Arrive late and ask about ticket upgrades at a lower price

Flexibility on dates/times along with advance planning can help score deals. But rush tickets remain the top budget option for ALADDIN on Broadway.


Seeing blockbuster hits like ALADDIN for cheap is possible in New York thanks to rush tickets. Following the policies, timing your arrival early, and being open to different dates increases your chances of nabbing those coveted rush seats. While not guaranteed, the rush process allows musical lovers on any budget to experience Broadway magic.