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Does Baltimore have lottery?

Yes, Baltimore has a state-run lottery system like most other states. The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency oversees lottery operations throughout the state of Maryland, including in the city of Baltimore. Some key facts about the Maryland lottery in Baltimore:

  • Lottery games available – Maryland offers a wide variety of lottery games that are available for purchase in Baltimore. These include multi-state games like Mega Millions and Powerball, Maryland-only games like Bonus Match 5 and Pick 3/Pick 4, instant scratch-off tickets, and monitor games.
  • Where to purchase tickets – Lottery tickets can be purchased at hundreds of licensed retailers throughout Baltimore. This includes grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, liquor stores, and more. Tickets can also be purchased online or through the Maryland Lottery mobile app.
  • Prizes and payouts – The Maryland Lottery paid out over $1.1 billion in prizes to winners across the state in fiscal year 2022. There were over 5.1 million winning tickets sold in Baltimore City alone during that time.
  • Lottery proceeds – By law, all Maryland Lottery profits go into the state’s General Fund. In FY2022, the lottery contributed $663 million to the state from Baltimore City sales.

So in summary, yes the Maryland Lottery does operate in Baltimore, providing various lottery games and ticket sales throughout the city. Residents and visitors in Baltimore have full access to participate in the games and win prizes. Lottery sales in Baltimore also generate significant funding for state programs and services.

History of the Maryland Lottery in Baltimore

The Maryland Lottery has been available to Baltimore residents ever since it began operations in 1973:

  • November 1973 – Maryland voters approve a constitutional amendment to allow a state-run lottery.
  • May 1974 – Maryland Lottery ticket sales begin, including in Baltimore. The first game was a weekly drawing called Maryland Weekly.
  • July 1975 – Maryland becomes one of the original 7 states to join the multi-state Lotto America game, now known as Powerball.
  • December 1975 – Maryland joins the Multi-State Lottery Association and begins offering Mega Millions.
  • September 1996 – The Maryland Lottery opens its Baltimore City office at Montgomery Park Business Center.
  • October 1996 – Video lottery terminals (slot machines) begin operating in Baltimore City at locations like bars, restaurants, and bowling alleys.
  • 2008 – Maryland voters approve expanding commercial gaming, allowing casinos like Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore.

For nearly 50 years, Baltimore residents have been able to enjoy playing Maryland Lottery games at local retailers. The Maryland Lottery has continued enhancing its product offerings over time to give players more variety and chances to win. While casinos have been added more recently, the lottery remains popular throughout Baltimore.

Current Maryland Lottery Games Played in Baltimore

There is a wide assortment of lottery games currently available to play in Baltimore:

Multi-State Jackpot Games

  • Powerball – National game drawn 2 times a week. Jackpots start at $20 million.
  • Mega Millions – National game drawn 2 times a week. Jackpots start at $20 million.
  • Cash4Life – Available in select states across the country. Drawn daily. $1,000/day for life is top prize.

Maryland-Only Jackpot Games

  • Bonus Match 5 – Nightly jackpot game only played in Maryland. Jackpot starts at $50,000.
  • Multi-Match – Play on Monday and Thursday for jackpots starting at $500,000.

Daily Draw Games

  • Pick 3/Pick 4 – Players choose 3 or 4 digit numbers. Drawings twice daily.
  • Pick 5 – Twice daily drawing. Select 5 numbers between 1-39.

Instant Scratch-Offs

  • Over 50 different scratch-off tickets available with various prices and prize levels.
  • New tickets launched every few weeks offering different themes and play styles.

Monitor Games

  • Keno – Drawings every 4 minutes. Select up to 10 numbers from 1-80.
  • Racetrax – Virtual animated horse races run every 5 minutes.

With frequent drawings, high jackpots, and instant play options, the Maryland Lottery offers Baltimore players a diverse selection of lottery games to choose from.

How to Play the Maryland Lottery in Baltimore

Playing the lottery in Baltimore is easy:

Purchase Tickets at Retailers

Find any of Baltimore’s over 550 licensed lottery retailers including grocery stores, gas stations, liquor stores, tobacco shops, restaurants, bars and more. Players can scan playslips or ask for quick pick tickets. Retailers have display monitors showing the latest jackpot amounts and winning numbers.

Order Online

For certain draw games and scratch-offs, players can order tickets online at or through the Maryland Lottery app. Tickets will be mailed out or made available for pickup. Powerball, Mega Millions and other jackpot games may have cutoff times for online sales.

Use Play Terminals

Many retailers have lottery play terminals with touch screen interfaces. Players can use these to look up games, print tickets, check past numbers, and more. This is the easiest way to play monitor games like Keno that run continuously.

Join Lottery Subscriptions

For frequent players, subscribing to lottery games ensures tickets are automatically purchased before each drawing. This is done either through the website, app or play terminals. Subscriptions can be set up for draw games like Powerball as well as daily games like Pick 3 and Pick 4.

Download the MD Lottery App

The free Maryland Lottery app is available for both iPhone and Android. Players can use the app to find retailers, scan tickets for winners, get notified of jackpots and results, and more. The app makes playing lottery games in Baltimore even more convenient.

Buying Lottery Tickets Underage in Baltimore

In Baltimore and throughout Maryland, lottery players must be at least 18 years old to purchase tickets. Some key rules regarding underage lottery play:

  • Retailers are required to check ID of any player who appears under 27. Valid forms of ID include driver’s license, state ID card, passport, or military ID.
  • Players must be 18 or older to redeem winning tickets for prizes, even if received as a gift.
  • It is illegal for minors to misrepresent their age to purchase tickets or redeem prizes.
  • Retailers can face fines or loss of license for knowingly selling to those under 18.
  • Penalties for underage lottery play include fines up to $500 and community service hours.

While lotteries are meant to be fun entertainment for adults, it is strictly forbidden for those under 18 to participate. Retailers in Baltimore have signage near registers stating age restrictions and the Maryland Lottery routinely conducts compliance checks. Parents and guardians should also ensure they do not purchase tickets on behalf of those underage.

Top Prize Wins in Baltimore

Over the years, many Baltimore residents have won huge lottery jackpots:

August 2021 – Ocean City $2 million

A Baltimore County man won a $2 million prize playing a $20 scratch-off ticket purchased in Ocean City while on vacation.

June 2021 – Baltimore County $731,825

A Baltimore County maintenance worker won a $731,825 Multi-Match jackpot prize from a ticket purchased at Giant Food in Overlea.

November 2016 – Canton $1 million

A Baltimore City woman won a $1 million Powerball prize from a quick pick ticket bought at Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits in Canton.

August 2013 – Baltimore $3 million

A group of 6 educators from Baltimore County split a $3 million Racetrax jackpot prize, each taking home $500,000.

May 1996 – Ellicott City $8.6 million

The first Maryland Lotto winner was a Baltimore County orthodontist who won an $8.6 million jackpot with a ticket from an Ellicott City liquor store.

These examples show big lottery winners can come from anywhere in the Baltimore area. Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots can climb into the hundreds of millions for the very luckiest players.

Places to Buy Lottery Tickets in Baltimore

With over 550 lottery retailers in Baltimore, tickets can be purchased across the city. Some popular lottery outlets include:

Retailer Neighborhood
Royal Farms #099 Inner Harbor
Broadway Liquors Fells Point
Canton Crossing Wine & Spirits Canton
Jerry’s Belvedere Tavern Northern Parkway
Stop Shop Save Harford Road
Poppleton Mini Mart Poppleton
Medicine Shoppe Locust Point

This table shows just a sample of the convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores, markets, restaurants, and other locations selling lottery games across Baltimore. Players can easily find retailers close to home or work to purchase their lottery tickets.

Baltimore Lottery Retailer Commissions and Incentives

The Maryland Lottery provides commissions and incentive programs to reward and encourage lottery sales at retail locations in Baltimore.

  • Retailers earn a 5% commission on winning tickets cashed at their location, and a 5% commission on subscriptions sold at their store.
  • Top performing retailers can qualify for placement in the Lottery’s Retailer Rewards tier program, bringing bonuses like larger commissions and prize giveaways.
  • Retailers who achieve certain daily sales goals qualify for the Weekly Sales Bonus program with bonuses from $10 to $50 per week.
  • The Lottery’s Retailer Revenue Sharing program shares a percentage of profits with retailers based on sales levels and other criteria.
  • Drawings and second chance contests are held periodically for retailers to win promotional prizes, VIP trips and more.

These programs reward retailers for driving lottery sales in Baltimore. The Lottery depends on its network of over 550 retailers in the city to market games to players, process ticket transactions and payments, and promote responsible play.

Non-Profit Fundraising with Baltimore Raffles

In Baltimore, non-profit organizations can conduct raffles after obtaining the proper licensing from the city. Raffle prizes often include cash, cars, vacations, electronics, gift baskets and other items to help raise funds.

Some key raffle guidelines for Baltimore non-profits include:

  • Must register each raffle event with Baltimore City Board of Licenses.
  • Tickets only sold within state of Maryland.
  • Max tickets that can be sold based on raffle prize value.
  • Winners are responsible for taxes on prizes.
  • Restrictions on raffle advertising and solicitation methods.
  • Detailed records and winner information must be maintained.

Popular uses of raffles for Baltimore non-profits include church fundraisers, school parent groups, youth sports teams, hospital foundations, scholarship funds, and many other causes. When run properly, raffles enable tax-exempt groups to generate proceeds supporting their programs and services.

Lottery Scams Involving Baltimore

Unfortunately lottery scams do sometimes target Baltimore residents, such as:

Fake Prize Claims

Scammers contact victims claiming they won a lottery or sweepstakes prize. In order to collect it, the victim must first pay taxes, fees or other charges. Of course, no prize exists at all.

Lottery Protection

Scammers falsely promise services to improve a person’s chances of winning the lottery. This may involve special software, auto-entry services, or rigged number selection. There are no legitimate ways to increase odds.

Numerology and Psychic Scams

Questionable services offer to use numerology, astrology or psychic powers to provide “winning numbers” for lottery games. This is an impossible claim that only aims to extract money from victims.

Discount Tickets

Scammers may create fake websites or classified listings offering to sell lottery tickets at discount prices. The victim sends payment but never receives any tickets.

Baltimore residents should remember that legitimate lotteries never require upfront payment to receive winnings. Lottery odds and probabilities cannot be influenced. Purchasing lottery tickets should only be done through authorized lottery retailers or directly via state lottery websites/apps.

Responsible Gambling Resources for Baltimore Players

While lotteries are meant as entertainment, some players can develop unhealthy gambling habits. Responsible gambling resources are available in Baltimore:

  • Maryland Center of Excellence on Problem Gambling – 24/7 helpline offering counseling and treatment referrals. Also educate youth on risks.
  • Maryland Lottery Voluntary Exclusion Program – Players can ban themselves from playing lotteries at retailers and casinos.
  • Gamblers Anonymous Baltimore – Support groups and 12 step program for compulsive gamblers and their families.
  • BeMore Responsible campaign – Maryland Lottery’s responsible play initiatives on age limits, play budgets, addiction awareness, and more.
  • GambetDC – Washington D.C. support groups and services that are accessible to nearby Maryland residents.

If gambling becomes problematic, there are resources in and near Baltimore offering confidential help. Playing lottery games should ultimately be an entertaining hobby, not a destructive habit.


In summary, the Maryland Lottery has an established presence in Baltimore that provides games, prizes, retailer commissions, and state funding. Baltimore players have ample options for playing lottery games throughout the city, whether through retailers, online play, subscriptions, or the app. This regulated gaming entertainment is meant for adults only, and institutions exist to promote responsible play. While fantasizing about jackpot winnings is fun, Baltimoreans should ultimately play within their means and avoid problematic gambling behavior. The Maryland Lottery strives to operate lotteries both responsibly and successfully in Baltimore for the benefit of the city and state.