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Does Issei become a full dragon?

Yes, with some help from his close friends and comrades, Issei eventually becomes a full dragon. After studying under Ophis, the Dragon God, and mastering the powers of Dragon Slayer magic, Issei was able to unlock the hidden potential within him and transform into a full dragon.

His transformation was accelerated by Energy Boost, a skill received from the Sacred Gear bestowed upon him by Ddraig. With this new power, Issei is the only one of his kind to have a Balance Breaker – Dragon Deification.

While in this form, Issei is able to utilize a wide range of dragon-like abilities and can even go berserk in the process. Additionally, Issei has shown the ability to wield a variety of weapons and armor made of pure dragon energy.

After mastering his new strength and form, Issei has become an important member of the Dragoza forces, often called upon to fight against powerful enemies – including the gods.

What episode does Issei go full dragon?

In the anime series High School DxD, Issei goes full dragon in episode 11 of season 2, titled “Outrageous Rent-A-Bike Challenge! The Free Being and the Dignity of the King!”. In this episode, Issei and his fellow Occult Research Club members Ddraig and Koneko are sent on a mission to find an old bike that is capable of travelling between realms.

During the mission, Issei is faced with a powerful being named Rizevim Livan Lucifer, who has plans to take over Heaven and Hell. In order to defeat Rizevim, Issei taps into the power of his Sacred Gear, Dragrovvor, and transforms into a full dragon.

With the help of his allies and newfound power, Issei is able to defeat Rizevim and save the Occult Research Club.

What is Issei’s final form?

Issei’s final form is the combination of his two powerful beings: Dragon God and Heavenly Emperor. He achieved it by combining the two forms which he was born with, the human form and the sacred gear form.

With his Dragon God and Heavenly Emperor forms combined, Issei is powerful enough to easily defeat powerful devils, fallen angels, and even gods. In this form, Issei can fly, has increased strength, speed, durability, and can control gravitational energy.

He also gains access to a wide range of powers including the ability to use divine and devil energy, create dragons, control fire and light, and use a divine destroyer spiritual spear. His powers are much greater than those of a regular human and make him one of the strongest beings in the universe.

How many Dragons does Issei have?

Issei currently has four Cosmic Dragons that he possesses. These four are Yamata no Orochi, Midgardsormr, Fafnir, and Epimetheus. Yamata no Orochi was the first dragon Issei received by binding a contract with the Dragon King and Ruler of all Dragons, Great Red.

Midgardsormr was given to him by Rias as a gift and he also gained Fafnir’s loyalty by becoming his friend. Lastly, he received Epimetheus after defeating Qlippoth during the final battle of the war.

All of these Dragon companions aid Issei during his various adventures.

Can Issei use white dragon?

No, Issei cannot use White Dragon. While his main form of power comes from Boosted Gear and the Mana of Ophis, Issei cannot use White Dragon. He has some control of the Longinus Dragrean, which he can use like a White Dragon by infusing it with his own boosts, but he is not able to use White Dragon in the same way.

Additionally, Issei does not possess any of the White Dragon powers that many of the other characters have, such as regeneration or the ability to shoot dragon blasts. Instead, Issei relies on his own physical and magical strength to battle effectively.

Who is the most powerful Red dragon Emperor?

The most powerful Red dragon Emperor is, without a doubt, the legendary Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons. She is the progenitor of all evil dragons and also the patron deity of dragonkind. Her immense power and influence have earned her a godlike status among dragonkind and even in the divine realms.

As the embodiment of chaos and evil, she is the most powerful Red dragon Emperor. Tiamat is described as having five distinctive heads, each one representing a different chromatic dragon—blue, green, red, white, and black.

She is feared across the multiverse for her immense power and actively works to overthrow the gods in order to bring chaos and destruction upon the world. In most editions of Dungeons & Dragons, she is described as being invincible.

Legends say she will only be defeated if the gods join forces to contain her and prevent her from wreaking further havoc.

How powerful does Issei become?

Issei from High School DxD is an incredibly powerful character, who continues to grow in power as the series progresses. Starting off as a mere human, Issei is reborn as a Devil of the Gremory Clan. Initially, he is only a third-class devil, but within the span of the series Issei grows from a low level devil to the most powerful being on Earth, rising to the level of a Super Devil (or even possibly higher).

As a third-class devil, Issei’s strength is considered average, allowing him to overpower most Low-Mid Class Devils. As he matures and his skills improve, Issei becomes capable of easily defeating Low-Ranking Devils and achieving the status of a High-Class Devil.

However, the real power increase comes after his reincarnation into a Satanic Dragon, due to his newfound Dragon Power. At this point, Issei is able to fight mid-level angels and devils with little effort and is even capable of overpowering the four great satans.

He proves his immense power by defending Earth from the attacks of various gods and extremely powerful mythological creatures.

At his peak, Issei is proclaimed by Rias Gremory as the most powerful being on Earth and is even capable of easily breaking a Transcendental Barrier that was created by God himself. He is also considered to be one of the greatest users of Boosted Gear in the world, able to manipulate its power with ease and use it to obliterate nearly anything in his path.

In short, Issei has grown from an average human to an exceptionally powerful Super Devil, who stands alongside some of the strongest beings in existence.

Is Issei Hyoudou a God?

No, Issei Hyoudou is not a god. He is a human, albeit a powerful one with supernatural powers and abilities. Issei is a High-class Devil and Reincarnated Devil, who has gained tremendous power and strength, as well as the ability to use holy and demonic magic.

Some of his abilities include superhuman physical prowess, flight, sword manipulation, energy manipulation, forcefield manipulation, and the ability to summon, control, and even slay powerful demon lords.

Although Issei has access to immense power, he is still a mortal human and therefore is not a god.

Does Issei get Mjolnir?

No, Issei does not get Mjolnir in the series. In the series, Mjolnir remains the exclusive property of Odin, and beyond Issei’s aspirations he is not considered a worthy wielder. As an artificial Sacred Gear that evolved from the sacred gears of God-class beings such as Odin, Fenrir, and others, Triaina had the potential to become an incredible power and Issei has used it to battle his enemies with great success.

While Mjolnir may be widely known, Issei’s possession of Triaina has proven to be just as powerful, and with the proper training it could become even more powerful. In the end, Issei and his team are able to defeat powerful enemies without the use of Mjolnir, demonstrating that Issei is still a powerful force capable of defending himself and his comrades without relying on Odin’s powerful hammer.

Can Issei beat riser?

It is difficult to answer definitively whether or not Issei can beat Riser. While Issei is incredibly powerful and has a variety of weapons and attacks at his disposal, so does Riser. Riser is a very formidable opponent, and the outcome of any battle between the two would likely depend on the skill and strength of each opponent.

Additionally, Riser is the leader of the Phenex Clan, which is incredibly powerful and potentially even more powerful than Issei. Ultimately, it is impossible to say definitively whether Issei can beat Riser without seeing the two face off in battle.

Who is the strongest human in DxD?

The strongest human in the world of High School DxD is Issei Hyoudou. He is a third-year high school student who is reincarnated as a Devil by the beautiful and kind Rias Gremory. As a Devil, Issei draws his power from reincarnation, allowing him to transfer energy between himself and others while also gaining various abilities and effects depending on the power of other Devils and Angels.

Issei’s power is unmatched by even the most powerful High-class Devils due to his talents as well as his Ascendant Gear. He is able to overpower and defeat Mid-class and Low-class Devils with ease, and also quite capable of holding his own against the likes of Ultimate-class Devils.

Issei is also capable of large-scale destruction and destruction on a whole other level.

Through his extraordinary power and his willingness to put others before himself, Issei has earned the title of the most powerful human in DxD. Whether it’s defeating powerful enemies or protecting his friends, Issei is always ready to fight and is more than capable of taking on any challenge.