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Does Rin love Kakashi or Obito?

The answer to whether Rin loves Kakashi or Obito is not clear-cut. According to the Naruto manga series, Rin had strong feelings for both of them, but she ultimately chose to sacrifice her life so that Kakashi could survive and complete his mission, showing her deep love and admiration for him.

There is evidence that Rin harbored strong feelings for Obito as well, as the pair often joked around, laughed together, and found joy in each other’s company. However, the romance between the two was never truly explored, and her ultimate loyalty and admiration was toward Kakashi.

Ultimately, it is difficult to definitively say that Rin loves one more than the other as her true feelings remain largely ambiguous.

Does Kakashi love Rin?

Throughout the Naruto Series, there is evidence that Kakashi had romantic feelings for Rin. This is due to the strong bond they developed through the early part of their lives. They were both members of the Hidden Leaf Village’s Team Minato, which was led by the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and comprised of Minato’s student, Kakashi.

At some point, the team found out that Rin was a member of the secret organization, the Akatsuki. This was where the special bond between Kakashi and Rin began to develop, as they were both having to cope with the difficult situations they were thrust in to as a member of this team.

When Rin was targeted by an enemy village, Kakashi put himself in harms way to protect her. This act of selflessness showed that Kakashi had strong romantic feelings for Rin at this point, and being faced with the possibility of Rin dying due to the enemy’s attack, his commitment to his promise to protect her demonstrates his deep love for her.

Later on, when Rin is taken by the enemy village, Kakashi tracks her down, despite the dangers faced with doing so, to save her and bring her back to safety. This further demonstrates his love for Rin, as he is willing to put himself in harm’s way for her safety, to fulfil his promise of protecting her.

There are also certain moments during the series where Kakashi does not address his feelings for Rin directly, yet still providing subtle hints at his feelings towards her, such as the rare moments of him cracking a smile when a conversation about her arises.

Overall, it is clear that Kakashi had strong romantic feelings for Rin and was willing to risk his own life for her protection.