Does Siri only work with one voice?

You can train Siri to recognize your voice. Once it recognizes your voice, it will only respond to you.

How do I stop Siri from listening to other voices?

By design, Siri is always “listening” for its wake word (“Hey Siri” or “Hey Siri, turn off”). You can adjust Siri’s settings to minimize its use of your data, but it will continue to “listen” for the wake word.

Can Siri respond to multiple voices?

Yes, Siri can respond to multiple voices.

Can you make custom Siri responses?

You can make custom Siri responses on your iPhone by going to Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Response.

How do I make Siri say what I want her to say?

There is not currently a way to make Siri say custom phrases.

How do I change Siri’s response to me?

To change Siri’s response to you, tap Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Response.

Can I name Siri something else?

No, Siri’s name cannot be changed.

How do I add a second voice to Siri on iPhone?

You can’t add a second voice to Siri on iPhone.

How many voices can Siri have?

As of September 2020, Siri has eight different voices that users can choose from.

What is Siri’s real name?

Siri is a nickname, not a real name.

How can I get Siri to answer me?

Siri can answer any question you ask her, as long as you ask her in a clear, concise way. If you are having trouble communicating with Siri, make sure that you are speaking clearly and slowly, or try asking your question in a different way.

Do You Have to Say Hey Siri or just Siri?

Both work.

Can you change Hey Siri to another NAME?


How many years old is Siri?

Siri is 11 years old.

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