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Has April and Ethan left Chicago Med?

April and Ethan have not left Chicago Med yet. In the last episode of season 5, April and Ethan took a much-deserved break from their hectic hospital life and traveled together to Thailand. However, they have not indicated any plans of leaving the hospital permanently.

There have been several hints dropped in the show that they’ll be returning soon, such as Dr. Halstead offering them their jobs back when they left and the revelation that their relationship is still going strong and that Ethan had popped the question to April.

While their current whereabouts remain a mystery, it appears that they have not left Chicago Med for good and will likely return sometime soon.

What happens to Ethan and April?

At the end of the book, Ethan and April come to a sort of resolution to their tumultuous relationship. Though they began the book with a strong connection, they both struggled to get past their own mental health issues.

They both experienced invalidation and misunderstanding from each other. April feels her mental health issues and coping strategies have not been understood and Ethan feels he’s been judged harshly and that his feelings have not been validated.

Eventually, the two of them come to a better understanding of each other and their individual needs. Although nothing will ever be the same for them, they are able to end on somewhat of a peaceful note.

Despite their difficulties, Ethan and April appear happy to have grown from their experiences. Though they worry what the future may hold and if things may be different if they were in a different situation, they ultimately accept their circumstances and acknowledge their love for each other.

They appear thankful to have found each other despite their struggles and choose to focus on the present.

Did Ethan Choi leave Chicago Med?

Yes, Ethan Choi left Chicago Med at the end of season 6. After six seasons of being a dedicated emergency physician, Ethan made the difficult decision to leave to provide medical aid in Malaya. His departure provided a much-needed arc of growth for his character, allowing him to stretch into new areas of medicine.

Ethan’s storyline in season 6 showed him struggling to hold onto his allegiance to the Navy while trying to balance his job at the hospital. With both his eligibility to serve in the Navy ending soon, as well as his passionate loyalty to Chicago Med, Ethan ultimately decided to take a job teaching medical students in Malaya.

His final episode in season 6 included farewells with his colleagues and a surprise appearance from an old Navy friend. While viewers will miss Ethan, we can all agree this was the right decision for his character!

Why did Dr. Choi and April break up?

Dr. Choi and April’s relationship ended due to a variety of factors. The most prominent being Choi’s commitment to his work. Choi was a dedicated and driven doctor who gave a very disproportionate amount of time to his work, at the expense of his relationship with April.

This caused strain and tension between the two of them, as April often felt neglected and unappreciated as Choi prioritized his job over their relationship.

In addition to this, Dr. Choi had a difficult time opening up and being vulnerable with April. He was never able to express his feelings for her, which caused additional strain in their relationship.

April made several attempts to open up to the doctor, but she quickly got the feeling he didn’t want to acknowledge certain aspects of their relationship.

The two eventually broke up shortly after the death of a patient that April was assisting with. Dr. Choi had hoped that they could work together to get through it but April felt as though she was emotionally alone.

In the end, the couple separated as it became clear that they could not make their relationship work.

Does Dr. Choi and April get married?

As of now, there is no indication that Dr. Choi and April ever got married. While there have been hints at a possible romantic relationship between them throughout the series such as Choi being supportive of April during her traumatic experiences and April recently confiding in him about her infertility struggles, their relationship never really materializes into anything more concrete on-screen.

Despite this, fans of their relationship have speculated that the two may be closer than they seem, but until an episode of the show reveals otherwise, the question of whether Dr. Choi and April ever got married remains unanswered.

Does April get pregnant for Dr. Choi?

No, April does not get pregnant for Dr. Choi. She is currently in a relationship with Dr. Halstead, and the two of them seem to be getting along quite well. Dr. Choi has expressed interest in April, but she has made it clear that she is in a committed relationship with Dr. Halstead and does not plan on pursuing anything further with Dr. Choi.

Although there have been some romantic moments between them, April has remained true to her commitment to Dr. Halstead.

Will April Sexton return to Chicago Med?

At this time, it is not known if April Sexton will return to Chicago Med. However, actor Yaya DaCosta, who plays April Sexton, has reported that she is busy filming other projects, so her return to Chicago Med is uncertain at this point in time.

Additionally, in a recent interview, executive producer Andrew Schneider said that producers are currently considering potential storylines for the next season and that they are still hashing out details.

Therefore, it is difficult to predict if April Sexton will return to Chicago Med in the next season. Fans will have to stay tuned to see what the producers decide.

Is Ethan not returning to Chicago Med?

At this time, there are no reports of actor Brian Tee leaving the show. After four seasons, he is still playing the role of Dr. Ethan Choi on Chicago Med. Fans have seen him appear in the last few episodes of the show, and he did not make any announcements that would indicate an upcoming departure.

It is unclear if Tee will be returning for Season 5 or beyond, but as of now, it appears that Ethan is still part of the show.

Did April get pregnant with Ethan?

No, April did not get pregnant with Ethan. Ethan and April had a close relationship, but it was tested when she entered a relationship with another man. After the relationship ended, they reconnected and decided to remain friends.

They have since moved on to other relationships and have not had any children together.

Does April have a baby with Dr Choi?

No, April does not have a baby with Dr Choi. We only know that they share a close romantic relationship because they kissed each other in the show, but there is no evidence that they had a baby together.

April has a daughter named Harriet, whom she had with her ex-husband, but we don’t know the identity of Dr Choi’s children. It is possible that he has children of his own, but there is no confirmation of this.

Does April come back in season 8 Chicago Med?

Yes! April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) returns in Season 8 of Chicago Med. April was last seen in the Season 7 finale accepting an offer to join a prestigious fellowship right after helping to save Dr. Charles’ (Oliver Platt) life.

Her return means that he’ll be able to focus on his recovery, but her old job as a trauma surgeon has been filled by Dr. Marcel (Dominic Rains). While this leaves April with a bit of job security, she also has to prove to Dr. Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) and the rest of the team that she deserves a spot on the medical staff, making things a bit complicated in the coming season.

Is April back on Chicago Med Season 8?

Yes, April is back on Chicago Med Season 8. She is still working as a nurse practitioner at the hospital and is often at the center of many major medical cases. In season 8, she is more determined than ever to make a difference, and the medical team will rely heavily on her skills and nursing experience.

In many of the episodes, April goes above and beyond and puts herself in harm’s way to help out her fellow colleagues and patients. She is an important member of the medical team and her experience is invaluable.

As the season progresses, more of her backstory is revealed, giving fans more insight into her character and motivations.

Do Ethan and April Break Up Season 5?

No, Ethan and April do not break up in Season 5 of Nashville. By the end of the season, Ethan and April are still happily together. They are able to overcome their challenges and compromises, such as when Ethan accepted April’s offer to move in with her and Maddie.

Ethan and April eventually move in together, although not before having a few hiccups along the way. The couple also endure a lot of other conflicts throughout the season, including April’s inability to offer up reassurement and Ethan’s setback from losing out on his dream job.

Despite all of this, Ethan and April’s relationship still stands strong as the season comes to a close.

Who does April Sexton end up with?

At the end of the story, April Sexton ends up with Ethan. After the rocky beginning to their relationship, they eventually managed to reconcile and Ethan proved himself to be a caring and faithful partner.

Ethan eventually proposed to April and they ended up getting married. They set up a successful business together and used their combined talents to bring joy to others. They moved to a new town, built a beautiful home, and welcomed a daughter in the family.

April and Ethan continued to be deeply in love and respected each other’s individualities. They were happy, content and deeply in love with each other.

Are April and Ethan pregnant?

No, there is no evidence to suggest that April and Ethan are pregnant. If they were, it would be up to them to disclose that information and, at this time, there has been no announcement or other indications to suggest that either is expecting a baby.