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How can I be compassionate to my anxiety?

Living with anxiety can be a challenging experience. Anxiety often causes emotional turmoil, intense worry, nervousness, and uncertainty. It is, therefore, important to approach ourselves with care, tenderness, and compassion during these trying moments.

To become more compassionate towards your anxiety, you need to first acknowledge and accept that anxiety is a part of you. Instead of seeing anxiety as something that is wrong with you, consider it as a small part of your personality that needs understanding and care. Accepting that anxiety exists can help reduce the negative feelings associated with it and allow you to create space to explore ways of dealing with it.

Developing a sense of compassion involves treating yourself with care, understanding, and kindness. It also involves acknowledging that you are not perfect, and that being vulnerable or flawed is part of being human. Acknowledge that having anxiety is not a weakness, but rather a natural response to challenging situations.

When experiencing anxiety, try to remain non-judgmental towards yourself. Be gentle and understanding as you analyse what’s causing the anxiety, and try to avoid berating or criticising yourself for experiencing the emotions. Recognise that anxiety peaks and wanes, and that some moments can be tough than others.

Build a support network around you of individuals who understand and empathise with what you’re going through. Talking to a trusted friend, family member or professional can help you gain a new perspective on how to manage the anxiety. You may also want to consider engaging in mindfulness meditation or simple breathing exercises to keep your anxiety in check.

Compassion is not about eradicating anxiety – it is about learning to accept, understand and manage our anxiety with kindness and empathy. Building the skills of self-compassion may take time and effort, but it has the potential to change how you treat yourself and create a healthier relationship with your anxiety. So, be kind to yourself, accept that anxiety exists, seek support where required, and remember to treat yourself with the care and compassion you truly deserve.