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How do I change my Webex subscription?

Changing your Webex subscription can be done easily in a few steps. Here they are:

1. Log in to your Webex account and go to the “Subscription & Billing” section.

2. Select the subscription that you want to change from the list of subscriptions.

3. Choose the “Change” option. This will open up a window with several different plans and options for you to choose from.

4. Select the plan and options that best fit your needs.

5. Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the window.

6. Confirm the changes and click “Confirm and Pay” to finalize your changes.

That’s how you can easily change your Webex subscription. Make sure to review your options carefully to ensure that you have chosen the plan and features that best fit your needs.

How do I contact Webex support?

You can contact Webex support in a number of ways, depending on the type of problem you’re experiencing. First, you can browse the Webex Support Center online, which contains a variety of helpful articles and FAQs related to Webex products and services.

You can also use the search bar to look for answers to specific questions.

If you’re an existing customer, you can contact the Webex Technical Support or Sales team directly by phone. For Technical Support, dial 1-877-509-8818. For Sales inquiries, dial 1-800-228-062.

You can also get personalized product help and advice by joining the Webex Community, where you can share tips and solutions with other Webex users. Finally, you can use the Webex live chat feature to talk to an agent in real time.

How do I find my Webex phone number?

If you are an existing Webex user, you can find your Webex phone number by first signing into your Webex account. Once you have signed in, you will be taken to the My Webex page. On the left hand side the page, click on ‘Settings’.

On the Settings page, click on the tab ‘Telephony’. On this page, you will see your primary Webex phone number listed. If you need to change your Webex phone number, you can do so by contacting customer support.

Can I join a Webex meeting without downloading the app?

Yes, you can join a Webex meeting without downloading the app. You can access the meeting with your web browser by entering the meeting URL given to you by the meeting organizer. All you need to do is accept the terms and conditions, enter your name, and then click “join.

” You may also be prompted to enter a meeting password, if the host has included one. Once you click “join,” you will enter the meeting. You should be able to see and hear other meeting attendees, as well as engage in the chat for the meeting, depending on the settings the host has chosen.

In some cases, you may be asked to download the Webex app first, if you are using an unsupported web browser or if the host has disabled the web join feature. However, this is not necessary if you are using a supported browser or if the host has enabled the web join option.

How do I enable video recording in Webex?

To enable video recording in Webex, you will first need to make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for recording. These include a minimum of 4 GB RAM and an Intel Core i3 or higher processor.

Additionally, you should ensure that your computer is running the latest version of Mac OS or Windows 10. Once you’ve verified that your computer is compatible, you can follow the steps below to enable video recording in your Webex session.

1. Log in to your Webex account at

2. Navigate to the “My Webex” tab and click on “Settings.”

3. Select “Recording.”

4. Activate the “Enable Video Recording” checkbox.

5. Select “Save.”

Once you’ve enabled video recording in your Webex account, sessions will automatically be recorded when you create or join a meeting. The recordings can be found in the “Recordings” tab in the top menu of your Webex account.

From this page, you can play, share, and download the recordings to your computer.

Does Webex automatically save recordings?

Yes, Webex automatically saves recordings to your local computer or your storage device. The recordings are saved in an MP4 format, which makes them easily accessible and usable for different purposes.

From the Webex application, you can also access ‘My Saved Recordings’ to view, delete, share, and convert recordings to desired formats. When you are setting up the recording, you have the option to enable auto-recording and save the recording in a file format of your choice.

You also have the option to manually record the sessions and save them at a desired location or upload the saved file to your Webex cloud storage.

The Webex cloud storage provides secure storage with a specified amount of storage per user or user group. The cloud storage allows you to access the recordings anytime, anywhere and provides an easy way to share recordings without any hassle.

You can also set schedules to store recordings in the cloud and control how long they are stored.

This way, you can be rest assured that all recordings are automatically saved and stored securely.

How do I exit Webex?

If you want to exit Webex, you should click on the “Leave Meeting” option, which can usually be found on the left-hand side of your screen in the controls section. If you’re using Webex for a video session, you can also click the “End Meeting” button near the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, you can shut down the program completely by either closing the Webex window or exiting the program directly. Depending on your operating system, you can right-click on the program name in the taskbar and select the “Quit” or “Exit” option.

If you’re using Webex on a computer, you can also press the traditional Control+Alt+Delete keystroke combination to bring up the Windows task manager. From there, select the program’s name and click “End Task” to shut it down.

How do I go back to the main session in Webex?

To go back to the main session in Webex, you will need to use the Hot Key option. To access this option:

1. In your Webex meeting window, click on the “More” icon at the top right corner.

2. From the drop-down menu, select “Hot Keys”.

3. In the Hot Keys window that opens, you will see several options listed. Select the one labeled “Go to Main Session”.

4. This will immediately take you back to the main session of the Webex meeting.

Alternatively, you can also go back to the main session by clicking on the “Meetings” button at the top right corner of the Webex window. This will open a list of all active meetings. Find the one you want to go back to, and click on it.

This will take you back to the main session.

How do I close Cisco Webex on my Mac?

To close Cisco Webex on your Mac, follow these steps:

1. Open the Cisco Webex app on your Mac.

2. Click the Cisco Webex menu icon at the top left of the screen.

3. Choose the Quit Cisco Webex option from the menu.

4. Click the Quit button in the confirmation window.

5. Your Cisco Webex app will now be closed.

Does Webex show when you leave a meeting?

Yes, Webex does show when you leave a meeting. When a participant leaves the meeting, their name will be flagged as “left” in the Participants list. Depending on the settings of the meeting, the host may receive a notification that someone has left the meeting.

The participant in question will also receive a notification that they have left the meeting. This is an optional setting that the host can enable when scheduling a meeting. It helps to give an accurate record of who attended the meeting in the event that a question or dispute arises later.

How long does Webex stay active?

Webex meetings have no time limit, so they will remain active as long as they have participants active in the meeting. If you look away or step away from a meeting when you’re the host, it will remain active, though if you’re the only participant and do not interact with the meeting for an extended period of time the meeting may close itself.

The general rule for Webex meetings is that if you don’t interact with the meeting for an hour, then the meeting will close due to inactivity. Therefore, if you keep actively engaging in the meeting, it can last as long as you like.

Will Webex cut me off after 50 minutes?

No, Webex will not automatically cut you off after 50 minutes. The length of your Webex meetings depends on the type of plan you have. Subscription plans generally limit web conferencing to either 50 minutes or 100 minutes per meeting.

However, if you need to extend the meeting for longer than the allotted time, then you can manually extend the meeting for as long as you need. You can also purchase additional Webex minutes if you need more time to complete your projects and tasks.

Does Free Webex have a time limit?

No, Free Webex does not have a time limit. Free Webex is a cloud-based service that allows you to host virtual meetings and online events without any time constraints. You can host an unlimited number of meetings for up to 100 participants in each meeting for as long as you like.

Additionally, you can share screens and files, video chat, and record the meeting for future reference. Free Webex also offers helpful features like breakout rooms, personalized meeting lobbies, and integrated audio, video, and web conferencing.

How long is Webex free?

Webex offers a free version with limited features and capabilities. With the free version, you can host meetings with up to 100 participants and meetings can last up to 50 minutes. You can also join meetings with up to 100 participants and chat with up to 8 people at once.

You can also share your screen with other participants and record your meetings. The free version does not include Phone System, Cloud Calling, Video Conferencing devices, or team and personal workspaces.

So, overall Webex is free for up to 50 minutes for meetings with up to 100 participants.