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How do I check my millionaire maker code?

Checking your Millionaire Maker code to see if you are a winner in the Euromillions lottery draw is easy to do if you know where to look. The Millionaire Maker code is a unique 4-letter code printed on every Euromillions ticket purchased for the Tuesday and Friday night draws. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to checking your Millionaire Maker code after a draw has taken place:

Find Your Millionaire Maker Code

The first step is to locate your Millionaire Maker code on your Euromillions ticket. This 4-letter code is printed underneath the main Euromillions numbers grid. Be sure to check your ticket carefully and identify the 4 letters that make up your unique code.

Check the Winning Codes

Once you have your 4-letter Millionaire Maker code, you need to check the winning codes from the Euromillions draw you entered. There are two ways to do this:

  • Online – Visit the official Euromillions website and find the page for ‘Millionaire Maker codes’. This will have a full list of the winning codes for each Tuesday and Friday draw.
  • In-Store – Take your ticket to an authorized Euromillions retailer (where you purchased it) and scan it using the self-service ticket checker. This will bring up the winning codes for that draw on-screen.

Match Your Code

Now comes the exciting bit – matching your Millionaire Maker code against the winning ones. Carefully scan through the list of winning codes looking for the 4 letters that match those on your ticket. Remember that the order of the letters does not matter, just the letters themselves.

If all 4 of your code letters appear among the winning codes – congratulations, you are a Millionaire Maker winner! If not, unfortunately your code has not won a prize this time.

Claim Your Millionaire Maker Prize

If you do have a winning Millionaire Maker code, you’ll need to follow the claims process to receive your prize. For prizes under £10,000 you can claim directly through the Euromillions website or by taking your ticket to an authorized retailer.

For bigger Millionaire Maker prizes of £10,000 or more, you’ll need to contact the Euromillions customer care team to start a claims validation process. They will guide you through the steps to verify your win and arrange payment of the prize money.

Be sure to sign the back of your winning Euromillions ticket and keep it very safe until the claims process is completed.

How Many Millionaire Maker Winners Are There?

In every Euromillions draw on Tuesday and Friday nights, there are a guaranteed 20 Millionaire Maker winners across all the participating countries. This breaks down as:

  • 10 winners of £1,000,000
  • 10 winners of £20,000

So 20 lucky players across Europe become instant millionaires or win a massive £20,000 in every single draw – that’s 40 new Millionaire Maker winners each week!

What Are The Odds Of Winning?

The overall odds of winning a prize in Millionaire Maker are 1 in 22. However, the chances of scooping the biggest £1 million prize are much slimmer:

  • Odds of winning £1,000,000 are 1 in 117,509,080
  • Odds of winning £20,000 are 1 in 2,950,272

To put that into perspective, you are over 5,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetime than you are to win the Millionaire Maker £1 million prize!

How To Improve Your Odds

While winning Millionaire Maker is clearly a long shot, there are a few things you can do to slightly improve your odds:

  • Enter every draw – 2 chances a week is better than 1.
  • Use a Lucky Dip – this randomizes your numbers and covers more bases.
  • Buy multiple lines – having more codes gives you more chances.
  • Join a syndicate – pool your entries with others.

In the end though, Millionaire Maker winners are determined completely at random, so the more entries you have, the better your odds.

Is Millionaire Maker Available In Every Country?

Millionaire Maker codes and prizes are only available in countries that participate in the main EuroMillions lottery. These include:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

So players in other European countries not listed above cannot take part in Millionaire Maker draws or win any prizes.

Are Millionaire Maker Prizes Tax Free?

Whether Millionaire Maker prizes are tax free or not depends on the local rules in the country where you bought your ticket:

  • UK – Euromillions prizes including Millionaire Maker are exempt from tax so winners receive 100% of the amount.
  • Ireland – All lottery winnings are tax free for Irish residents so Millionaire Maker prizes do not have any deductions.
  • Spain – Prizes over €2,500 are subject to 20% tax so Spaniards would not receive the full amount.
  • Portugal – Euromillions prizes have a 28% tax deducted before payout in Portugal.
  • France – Winnings get a 12% deduction for taxes in France.
  • Belgium – Belgium deducts 30% tax from Euromillions prizes before payment to the winner.
  • Switzerland – Millionaire Maker winners have 35% tax deducted from prizes over CHF1 million.
  • Austria – Austria deducts 25% tax from Euromillions prizes before payout.
  • Luxembourg – Millionaire Maker winners pay a 15% tax on their prizes in Luxembourg.

So although the headline prize may be £1 million, the actual amount you receive could be considerably less depending on where you live and the local tax rules there.

What Are The Most Common Millionaire Maker Codes?

Some Millionaire Maker codes appear more frequently among winners than others. Here are the most commonly occurring winning MM codes:

Code # Wins

As you can see, codes made up of letters all together in alphabetical order, like HJKL and MNOP, occur more frequently among Millionaire Maker winners.

However, the distribution of winning codes is still random each draw. So these codes do not have a higher probability of being picked. Their frequency is just a statistical quirk over many draws, rather than any inherent higher odds.

What Is The Biggest Millionaire Maker Prize?

The top Millionaire Maker prize available in every draw is £1 million. This is the biggest amount that can be won from a single MM code.

In the history of Millionaire Maker, dating back to its launch in November 2009, there have been over 500 winners of the £1 million prize across Europe. But no winner has ever scooped more than £1 million from a single MM code.

Can You Win Millionaire Maker More Than Once?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to win a Millionaire Maker prize more than once! As the codes are randomly generated for each draw, previous winners are not excluded from entering or winning again.

There have been several instances of multiple-time MM winners over the years. For example:

  • A Spanish player won £1m in MM in 2011 and then again in 2014.
  • An Irish punter scooped the £20k prize twice, 18 months apart.
  • A Belgian woman won £1m in 2015 and then bagged £20k two years later.

So don’t assume that once you’ve won big in Millionaire Maker, your chances are over. It could strike twice!

What Is The Best Thing To Do If You Win Big?

Scooping a huge Millionaire Maker prize can be a life-changing moment. While the excitement is understandable, there are a few things you should do to make the most of your windfall:

  • Remain Anonymous – You may be able to claim big prizes anonymously to avoid media attention.
  • Seek Financial Advice – Get professional tips on investing and managing your winnings.
  • Help Loved Ones – Share your good fortune with family and close friends, but don’t give too much away.
  • Plan Your Spending – Avoid blowing it all at once on luxury items. Think long-term.
  • Carry On As Normal – Try not to let the money massively change your lifestyle or personality.

Staying grounded and getting good financial advice can help make sure your Millionaire Maker win benefits you for life.

How Long Do Winners Have To Claim Prizes?

Each EuroMillions lottery has its own claims period deadline for winning Millionaire Maker codes. Typically this ranges from 60 days up to 180 days from the date of the draw.

For example:

  • UK – 180 days to claim
  • Austria – 90 days
  • Luxembourg – 60 days
  • Portugal – 90 days
  • Belgium – 140 days

Be sure to check the specific claims deadline in the country where you entered. You can find this on the operator’s website or official rules. Missing the deadline would mean forfeiting your prize.

Do Retailers Get Commission On Millionaire Maker Prizes?

Retail outlets that sell EuroMillions tickets also benefit when they sell a big winning Millionaire Maker code. In the UK for example:

  • Retailers get a £10,000 bonus if they sell a £1m winning code
  • Sellers of a £20,000 code get a £500 bonus

This extra commission motivates retailers to actively push EuroMillions tickets containing the Millionaire Maker game. Other EuroMillions countries offer similar seller bonus programs when major prizes are won in their stores.

What Are Some Notable Millionaire Maker Winners?

Over the years there have been some memorable Millionaire Maker winners who scored life-changing sums:

  • In 2011, an unemployed father of 4 from Yorkshire won a £1m MM prize which allowed him to start his own business.
  • A Spanish nurse who won £1m set aside money to care for her elderly parents and disabled brother.
  • A Belgian teenager won £1m on his 18th birthday from a lottery ticket gift – the minimum age to play EuroMillions.
  • A retired Irish farmer scooped £1m which he spent on a new John Deere tractor and throwing a big party for his village.

The huge prizes completely transformed the lives of these Millionaire Maker winners and their families.

How Can I Increase My Chances Without Buying More Tickets?

There are a few clever ways to get extra Millionaire Maker code entries without having to buy more EuroMillions tickets:

  • Enter free EuroMillions draws – Some lotteries offer free entry promos with MM codes.
  • Second Chance draws – Lose your main ticket but codes can enter a second chance draw.
  • Online games – Some lottery websites have games to earn extra MM codes.
  • Enter EuroMillions Plus – Automatic entry into MM in Ireland with Plus play.
  • Scan losing tickets – Digital lotteries can enter your codes in future draws.

So look for opportunities to gain more chances at MM prizes without spending any extra money.

Can You Buy Just Millionaire Maker and Not EuroMillions?

Unfortunately it is not possible to just buy a Millionaire Maker code on its own. MM codes are generated automatically with every line of EuroMillions numbers purchased.

So to enter Millionaire Maker, you must first buy a EuroMillions ticket which prints your unique 4 letter MM code as part of the ticket.

There is no way to separately purchase a MM code. It comes included with every EuroMillions ticket and corresponding entry – you can’t have one without the other.


Checking your Millionaire Maker code requires just a few simple steps – locate it on your EuroMillions ticket, compare it to the winning codes for that draw, and if they match you win! MM offers huge prizes worth millions for very little extra cost per ticket.

This lottery-within-a-lottery has made over 500 people millionaires. While the odds of winning are long, having more entries and codes does increase your chances. With massive tax-free prizes on offer twice a week, Millionaire Maker gives EuroMillions players an extra exciting chance at a sensational jackpot.