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How do I connect my Pentair Screenlogic to WIFI?

To connect your Pentair ScreenLogic to your WiFi network, begin by downloading the ScreenLogic Connect Mobile app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After the app is finished downloading, open it and click on the Menu in the top left-hand corner.

Select “WiFi Setup” and log in with the username and password if prompted. The app will next search for your Pentair ScreenLogic control system. Select your system from the list and the app will ask you to enter the necessary WiFi credentials (SSID and password).

Enter the correct information and select “Connect. ” If prompted, enter a static IP address or leave it blank. Once complete, the app will indicate that your Pentair ScreenLogic system is successfully connected to WiFi.

How do I connect IntelliFlo to IntelliConnect?

To connect IntelliFlo to IntelliConnect, first you will need to make sure that both your IntelliFlo and IntelliConnect devices are powered on and connected to the same internet connection. Once that is done, launch the IntelliConnect application and select ‘My Pumps’ from the main menu.

This will open the ‘Adding a New Pump’ page, here you will be asked to select your device from a list of supported pumps. From this list, select the IntelliFlo pump and click ‘Next’. The IntelliConnect app will then prompt you to enter the serial number of your IntelliFlo pump.

Once you have entered the serial number, click ‘Done’. The IntelliConnect app will then attempt to connect to your IntelliFlo pump via the IntelliFlo’s wireless Bluetooth connection. Once the connection is successful, you will be able to monitor, control, and customize the settings and performance of your IntelliFlo pump remotely.

Can I use IntelliConnect control heater?

Yes, you can use IntelliConnect control heater. IntelliConnect has made it easier than ever to control your home’s temperature and energy usage with the help of its smart heating system. This system allows you to set temperature schedules from anywhere, either through the IntelliConnect app or by using Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands.

The app also alerts you if something is not working properly or if the temperature is too low or too high. This feature makes sure that your home is always kept at a comfortable temperature, while also helping you to save energy.

Additionally, the IntelliConnect control heater includes features such as AutoHome and SmartExtend, which provide maximum efficiency when using the heater and reduce the cost of your monthly energy bill.

How do you use the Pentair Home app?

The Pentair Home app (available for iOS and Android) is a convenient, user-friendly tool for controlling your Pentair pool products. You can quickly and easily control your pool, spa, or hot tub from the palm of your hand, including controlling pumps, lights, heater, filtration, and more.

To get started, you’ll need to set up your products in the app. After installing the app, create an account and secure it with a secure password. On the app’s home screen you will see all your connected products.

You can perform basic control functions such as turning pumps on and off as well as set schedules.

For more control over your system, go to the “Settings” tab. Here you can customize your filters and heater settings, add more products, customize notifications, and view more detailed data such as flow and temperature.

Finally, you can view data about your pool in the “Analytics” screen, providing you with valuable information such as water usage, temperature, and more. You can even export this data so you can view and compare readings over time.

The Pentair Home app is a great way to stay connected and have control over your pool from wherever you are. It is easy to use and provides valuable insight into your pool’s performance for a smarter, more efficient pool experience.

How do I connect Pentair to Google home?

You can connect your Pentair pool products to Google Home using Pentair’s Smartphone App. First, you’ll need to set up the PoolApp to create an account, then add a Controller, so it can communicate with the device.

Afterwards, you’ll need to install the Google Home app. Once the app is installed, link it to your PoolApp by tapping “Add Devices” in the Google Home app and choosing “Connect a Device”. You’ll then be able to communicate with your PoolApp and control it with voice commands through Google Home.

Additionally, you will also be able to set up routines (such as turning off the lights and closing the pool cover) so that you can come home to a safe, enjoyable swim.

Is there an app for the Pentair Easy Touch remote?

Yes, there is an app for the Pentair Easy Touch remote. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and is compatible with both Apple and Android phones and tablets. The app allows you to control your pool and spa via the Easy Touch remote, as well as access system diagnostics, view temperature, set schedules, control temperatures, and more.

The app also provides easy to use monitoring tools, which help you keep an eye on your pool’s environment and make sure everything is running as it should.

Does Pentair have an app?

No, Pentair does not currently have an app. However, they do have several products that are enabled with Wi-Fi and operated through their home automation app, MyPentair. This app allows you to control and monitor your pool and spa systems conveniently from your smartphone or other devices.

You can also add in additional Pentair products like underwater lights and cleaning systems to the app to create a full home automation experience. With the MyPentair app, you can enjoy a smart, automated pool and spa system.

What does Pentair ScreenLogic do?

Pentair ScreenLogic is a pool/spa automation system developed by Pentair that allows you to control your pool and/or spa from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It includes a variety of features, such as a scheduling system, that can turn the pool or spa on and off at specific times, as well as adjust the temperature, clean the water, and monitor chemical levels all with a single screen.

It also has options to control pool/spa lights and water features, allowing you to create a backyard oasis with ease. Furthermore, ScreenLogic provides remote monitoring and reporting, and it also securely stores a pool and spa history.

This makes it so much easier to troubleshoot and diagnose pools or spas at any given time. For those who want to take pool/spa automation to the next level, Pentair ScreenLogic is the way to go.

Does Pentair work with Android?

Yes, Pentair does work with Android. Many products from the company are designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. For example, the iS4 and iS10 Smartphone Control Systems are designed to be used with both systems, allowing users to control multiple pool and spa components from the convenience of their phone.

The iAquaLink Control System can be used with Android as well, enabling user to control pool and spa functions from any mobile device, including an Android smartphone or tablet. Additionally, Pentair’s My Pool app is tailored to Android phones and tablets, giving users the ability to control their pool and spa functions remotely on their Android device.