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How do I copy a folder path in File Explorer?

To copy a folder path in File Explorer, begin by opening File Explorer from the Start menu or taskbar. Locate the folder you want to copy the path for and left-click on it to select it. Once selected, right-click on the folder and select “Properties.” This will open the folder’s Properties window with the folder’s path listed in the “Location” field.

You can now copy the path by highlighting it in the Location field and pressing “Ctrl+C” to copy it to your clipboard. You can now paste the folder path into another program or text input field. Additionally, you can open a Command Prompt window and use the “cd” command followed by a space and the folder path to open that folder in the Command Prompt.

For example, if the folder path you copied is “C:\Users\JohnD\Desktop\Documents\\”, you would enter “cd C:\Users\JohnD\Desktop\Documents\\” into the Command Prompt. This command will open the Documents folder in the Command Prompt.