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How do I delete a follower?

Depending on how you are following them.

If you are seeing them in a list on your profile, you can go to the person’s profile and click the “Following” button. This will open up a menu where you can click the “Unfollow” button which will remove that person from your followers.

If you are following via a hashtag or topic, you can go to your “Following” list and find the person or hashtag. From there, you can select the button to the right and select “Unfollow.”

If you are following a private account, you will have to go to their profile and click the “Followers” button. This will open up a list of their followers and you can click the “Unfollow” button to the right of their name.

Another option would be to block the follower. This would essentially delete the follower from your list and prevent them from ever seeing your profile again. To do this, simply go to their profile, click the three dots to the right and select “Block User”.

This can also be done from the “Followers” list if you are following a private account.

Why do I have followers on Xbox?

You may have followers on Xbox for a variety of reasons. Following someone on Xbox may indicate that you like their content or gameplay and want to stay up to date on their gaming activity. Following someone may also give you the opportunity to play together online and compete in leaderboards.

Following someone on Xbox can also help you find new people to play with and to join online communities. Lastly, by following someone you can learn how to better your gameplay and get tips and tricks on how to maximize your gaming experience.

How do I remove someone from my Xbox social?

Removing someone from your Xbox social is easy to do.

1. Open the Xbox app and go to the Social tab.

2. Find the person you want to remove, and press the menu button (the three horizontal dots) next to their profile.

3. Select Remove from Social from the menu.

4. Confirm that you want to remove the person from your social.

5. Then the person should be removed from your social list.

It’s important to remember that this only removes the person from your social list, not from Xbox Live itself. You may still play games with that person, but they will no longer be in your social list.

You can also block players on Xbox so that they cannot send you messages, but this does not remove them from your social.

How do you unfollow multiple people on Xbox?

To unfollow multiple people on Xbox, you will first need to open the Guide Menu. From there, press the View button on your controller to show the Social Tab, and then select the Followed box. From there, you will see a list of the people who you are currently following on Xbox.

To unfollow someone, simply select their profile and press the Unfollow button. To unfollow multiple people, you can use the Select Multiple command and then check all the profiles you wish to unfollow.

Once you have selected everyone you want to unfollow, press Unfollow to complete the process.

Can you see someone’s Xbox followers?

Yes, you can view someone’s Xbox followers by going to the user’s profile page on the Xbox app or browser. Once there, you can view their profile and scroll down to their followers section. In the followers section, you will be able to see a list of the people who have chosen to follow the user on Xbox Live.

Additionally, if you head to the user’s Achievements page, you can view the list of people who have joined the user’s club or followers who have marked Achievements. This will provide a list of other Xbox Live users who are in the user’s circle and may offer insight into the types of games the user may be playing.

How can you tell if someone blocked you on Xbox?

If someone has blocked you on Xbox, you won’t be able to find their profile or game invites anymore. You will not be able to join them in games and may even be removed from a party that you are currently in with them.

If you attempt to message them, a message may appear on your screen that says something like “this person is not accepting messages from you at this time. ” You may also check with mutual friends or other contacts, as they may have been blocked as well or know of and can confirm the block.

How do you see someones friends list on Xbox?

In order to view someone else’s friends list on Xbox, you will need to be friends with them. To become friends with someone, you need to either receive an invitation from them, or send them an invitation yourself.

The request will have to be accepted before you can view each other’s friends list.

To send a friend request, you need to go to the Xbox. com website and log in with your Microsoft account. Once you’re logged in, type the person’s name that you want to send a friend request to in the search bar.

Once you click on their profile, there will be an invite button that will allow you to send the request.

You can also send and receive friends requests through the Xbox app. Open the Xbox app and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then, click on the ‘Friends’ tab at the bottom of the page and type the name of the person you want to send a request to.

Click on their profile and then on the ‘Add Friend’ button.

Once you both have accepted the friend request, you can view each other’s friends list by going to the friends tab on the Xbox app or Xbox. com. On the ‘Friends’ page, simply select the user whose list you want to view and click on the ‘Friends List’ tab to expand the list.

Can you make your friends list private on Xbox?

Yes, you can make your friends list private on Xbox. To do this, sign in to your Xbox account, go to ‘Settings’, and select ‘Personal & Family’. Under ‘Privacy Settings’, select ‘View Details & Customize’.

Under ‘Xbox Live Privacy’, select ‘View Details & Customize’. Then select ‘Friends list’ and set it to ‘Friends Only’. This will make it so that only your Xbox Friends can view your friends list.

Can you see who views your Xbox profile?

No, unfortunately you cannot see who views your Xbox profile. Your profile can be seen by anyone who has an Xbox Live account, but you are not able to see who specifically views your profile. Xbox does not track or record who views specific profiles, and you are not able to see any analytics or reporting on who is looking at your profile.

What happens when you remove someone from suggested friends?

When you remove someone from suggested friends, they will no longer appear as a suggestion in your friend suggestions list. Depending on the platform, they may also be unfollowed or unsubscribed, so they will no longer receive notifications or updates from you.

They may also be prevented from finding or seeing your profile in certain ways, depending on the platform’s privacy settings. People who have already accepted your friend request won’t be affected by this change.

However, it will prevent the person from being added to your list of new friends in the future. If you’re concerned about someone seeing your profile, removing them from suggested friends can be a good step to take.

How do I block a player on Xbox one?

Blocking a player on Xbox One is a simple process. First, go to the player’s profile from your home page or from the messages page. Once on the player’s profile, select the three dots in the upper right corner and select “block”.

This will block the player from sending you messages, game invites, and party invites. To unblock the player, go to the same menu mentioned above and select “unblock”. Alternatively, you can go to the settings menu and go to the “privacy & online safety” section.

You can then select “block or unblock people” and select the player from the list of blocked players. You can then unblock the player from here.

Does Xbox tell you who reported you?

No, Xbox does not tell you who reported you. The Xbox Live Enforcement team reviews all complaints and reports about players, and to maintain an anonymous environment, they do not indicate who initially reported the offending behavior.

This policy is in place to encourage players to report violations of the Code of Conduct without fear of repercussion. While Xbox does not provide information about who reported a player, they may reach out to those who reported someone when they need more information.

How long is Xbox suspension?

Xbox suspensions can range from 1 hour to 2 weeks depending on the type of offense and the severity of the violation. The length of the suspension is at the discretion of Xbox; however, most suspensions start at 24 hours and increase in duration with each additional offense.

For more serious violations, such as harassing other players, account modifications, or cheating, a suspension can last up to 2 weeks. Permanent suspension could even be the result of continued violations.

It is important to follow Xbox’s Code of Conduct to avoid suspensions and maintain an enjoyable gaming environment for all.

How do I delete people off my Xbox one?

Deleting people from your Xbox One can be done in a few simple steps. First, sign into your Xbox account. Then go to “Settings” and select “Family. ” You will then be able to select the person you would like to delete from the list of accounts.

Next, select “Remove from family” and confirm the removal. The person will now be deleted from your Xbox One. If the person was playing on a shared Xbox One console, you will also need to remove their profile from the machine itself.

To do this, select the profile and press the “Y” button. Select “Delete” and confirm the removal. The profile will then be removed from the Xbox One console.

Can someone see if you remove them on Xbox?

Yes, it is possible for someone to see if you remove them on Xbox. When you remove someone from your Xbox friends list, they will be notified so they will know you removed them. They may also be able to see if you have blocked them from seeing certain aspects of your profile, such as your online status and recent activity.

Additionally, if you have mutual friends who have access to the “Recent Players” list, they may be able to see when you last played together.

When you block someone on Xbox does it remove you from their friends list?

Yes, when you block someone on Xbox, they will be removed from your friends list. It will also remove any game invites they have sent you and remove their ability to contact you through Xbox Live services.

Furthermore, if you and the person you blocked are in a party or game together, you will be removed from the party or game and the person will be unable to re-add you. So, you will no longer receive invites, messages, or game invites from this person and they will not be visible on your friends list.

Can you see who you blocked on Xbox?

Yes, you can see who you have blocked on Xbox. If you want to view the people you have blocked, simply open the guide menu on your Xbox One, select “People”, select “Blocked Players” and then you can see the list of people you have blocked.

Additionally, you can also manage your blocked list by selecting the options menu next to each name. From here, you can unblock users, delete their profiles from your console or device, as well as manage any content from them that have been shared with you.

What is worse unfriending and blocking?

The consequences of both unfriending and blocking are arguably similar, as either action removes someone from your connections or from your digital life entirely. However, when considering which one is worse, there are a few considerations that can be taken into account.

Blocking is arguably worse than unfriending, as it takes a more permanent and irreversible form of separation. Blocking removes all interaction between the two parties, thus effectively ending communication.

Unfriending, on the other hand, does not necessarily end the relationship, but does sever the ties of the two people. Furthermore, blocking is usually a purely one sided move, while unfriending can be mutual.

Of course, once an individual is blocked, unfriending is impossible.

Ultimately, it can be difficult to determine which action is worse as they both result in an unexpected end to the relationship. It all really depends on the situation and the person performing the action.

For example, blocking may be the only way to address a case of extreme harassment or cyberbullying. In other cases, unfriending may be the kinder move in order to maintain privacy and respect.