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How do I enter the ITV7?

What is the ITV7?

The ITV7 is a free-to-enter free-to-play ITV competition that gives players the chance to win a jackpot prize of £7,000 per day by predicting the winners of 7 horse races broadcast on ITV Racing. The 7 races that make up the ITV7 leg are selected from the day’s televised races and span meetings from across the UK and Ireland.

To win the top prize, players must successfully pick the winner of all 7 ITV7 races. There are also smaller prizes for matching some of the winners. The ITV7 is run from March to November on Saturdays and occasional bonus race days. It provides fun, excitement and the chance to win for horse racing fans and those new to the sport alike.

Why should I enter the ITV7?

Here are some of the key reasons to enter the ITV7 competition:

– It’s completely free to enter – no purchase necessary.

– You can win £7,000 for free just by picking 7 winners. Even matching some winners leads to smaller cash prizes.

– It’s easy and accessible to play – the races are on free-to-air TV and the ITV website has lots of helpful info.

– ITV7 brings excitement to watching live racing, as you feel invested in the outcome of the races.

– It provides a fun communal experience, discussing selections and results with friends.

– Horses with shorter odds tend to run in the ITV7, so surprises are frequent making it more winnable.

– It’s an ideal way to get started in horse race betting in a risk free environment before betting for real.

– The experience helps you learn more about horse racing – like race types, form reading, assessing runners etc.

So if you like the thrill of predicting outcomes, enjoy horses and racing, want a chance to win big for free or just want a fun new hobby, entering the ITV7 covers all those bases. Give it a go – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

How do I pick my ITV7 selections?

To enter the ITV7, you need to examine the 7 designated ITV7 races for the day and submit your selection of the horse you think will win each one. Here are some tips for choosing your picks:

– Look at the form – this is a record of recent runs for each horse. Good recent form suggests a horse is in good shape to win again.

– Analyse the type of race – some horses prefer certain distances and race conditions. Check if a race favours your selection.

– Study the odds – shorter odds suggest a horse is strongly fancied to win. But big odds can sometimes indicate a good each-way value bet.

– Consider trainer record – some trainers excel at preparing horses for specific race types.

– Jockey bookings can be significant – top jockeys tend to get rides on fancied horses.

– Check horse ratings – professional raters study form to assign horses ratings. These can help guide your picks.

– Let race trends guide you – certain courses suit certain running styles for example. Use course form as a tie break.

– Trust your instinct – sometimes you just have a good feeling about a horse’s chances. Don’t ignore your gut feel.

The more you learn about the horses, jockeys, trainers and courses, the better informed your ITV7 selections will become!

How do I submit my ITV7 entries?

You have several options for submitting your selections for the ITV7:

1. Online – Head to and login with your itv account. Here you can easily submit your picks online.

2. ITV7 App – Download the free ITV7 app for iOS or Android to enter your selections on mobile.

3. Paper form – Complete the entry form printed in certain newspapers on the day of each ITV7 competition. Return as instructed.

4. At the racetrack – On some ITV7 racedays you can enter at the course by filling in a form and handing it to staff.

5. Over the phone – Call the telephone number advertised with each ITV7 racecard to submit over the phone.

You are limited to a maximum of one entry per competition date. All selections must be submitted at least 10 minutes before the start time of the first ITV7 race that day. Be sure to get your picks in on time for the chance to win!

When are the ITV7 races held?

The ITV7 takes place on the following race days:

– Every Saturday from March to November

– Selected Thursday and Friday bonus racedays

– Major events like Cheltenham Festival and Royal Ascot

The 7 ITV7 races are spread across multiple race meetings in the afternoon and early evening. Typically the first ITV7 race starts between 1-2pm GMT, while the last of the 7 races starts between 5-6pm GMT.

ITV Racing provides full coverage of every ITV7 race as part of their live broadcasts on ITV main channel and ITV4. So you can watch and bet on all the action as it happens.

How does the ITV7 scoring work?

For each of the 7 ITV7 races, you must predict the winning horse. Points are awarded for each winning horse you successfully pick as follows:

– 1 point for each winner selected

– 28 points for correctly selecting all 7 race winners

This means the maximum possible points is 35 – made up of 28 points for 7 winners and 7 individual race winner points.

The ITV7 jackpot prize of £7,000 goes to any player who scores the maximum 35 points by picking all 7 race winners correctly.

Smaller prizes are also awarded to players who don’t pick all 7 winners but still match some, with the minimum prize for matching just 1 winner. ITV publicize the full prize breakdown each ITV7 race day.

What are the current ITV7 prizes?

The ITV7 prize fund varies by competition but currently offers prizes up to £7,000 for matching all 7 winners. The typical prize breakdown is:

Number of Winners Matched Prize
7 winners £7,000
6 winners £700
5 winners £140
4 winners £40
3 winners £20
2 winners £10
1 winner £5

So even matching a single winner scores a £5 prize! Prizes are shared between multiple winning entries.

What happens if two horses dead heat in an ITV7 race?

If two or more horses dead heat for 1st place in an ITV7 leg, then all dead heating horses are counted as ITV7 winners for scoring purposes.

So if you picked any of the dead heating horses, your selection is deemed a winner too. This helps increase players’ chances of matching winners in the situation of a dead heat.

Can I see previous ITV7 results and winning selections?

Yes, the results and winning selections from all previous ITV7 competitions are available to view online or in newspapers.

Checking past winners can help you look for trends in the type of horses that tend to win each leg. This can then assist your own selections for future ITV7 contests.

Results typically show the race time/meeting, winning horse for each leg, winning jockey/trainer for each leg and details of any dead heats.

How old do I need to be to enter the ITV7?

There is no minimum age to submit entries to the ITV7 competition. As it is free to enter, anyone of any age can complete and submit their selections.

However, you must be aged 18 or over to claim any ITV7 prizes you win. So players under 18 can still enjoy the fun of the competition but any wins will be passed to adult relatives or legal guardians to claim.

Can I enter from outside the UK?

Unfortunately entry to the ITV7 competition is currently limited to residents of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The races are open to international runners but you must be based in the UK or Northern Ireland to submit selections and claim prizes. Overseas players are unable to participate.

Hopefully in future the competition may expand to accept entries from a wider international audience. But for now signing up is restricted to local entrants only.

Are there any costs to enter the ITV7?

No, entering the ITV7 is completely free! There are no fees to pay in order to submit selections and qualify for prizes.

This is one of the major benefits of the competition – you get the fun and excitement of trying to win cash prizes without any financial outlay. Just select your picks and submit your entry for free.

Even if you want to enter via options like over the phone, the call cost is a standard local rate. So you can experience all the thrill of the ITV7 without it costing you a penny!

Can I enter multiple times?

Unfortunately each player is limited to just a single entry per specific date’s ITV7 races.

Submitting multiple different entries on the same day, by whatever method, is not allowed. ITV’s terms state that duplicate entries will be disqualified.

However, players can enter every new round of the competition each week. And there is nothing stopping you submitting an entry on behalf of friends/family too. But just one entry per person.

This keeps the competition fair and gives all players an equal chance, rather than allowing some to dominate through multiple submissions.

What happens if I miss the entry deadline?

All ITV7 entries must be submitted at least 10 minutes before the official start time of the first leg that day.

You need all your selections confirmed before that deadline. Unfortunately, any entries received too late are invalid and will not be accepted.

If you miss the deadline, you cannot submit a late entry or make any changes to an existing entry after that cut-off time. So make sure you get your ITV7 predictions in ahead of the deadline to avoid disappointment!

Set yourself a reminder and leave a buffer to account for any technical issues on the website or app. Don’t lose your chance to win by being late!

How quickly do I get paid if I win?

Once the final ITV7 race is run and results confirmed, the winning entries are verified as soon as possible. Payouts to successful entrants then commence from the next working day.

Winnings are paid directly by bank transfer into your nominated account, with most players receiving their ITV7 prize money within 3-5 working days after the competition took place.

ITV distribute prizes quickly so you can bank your winnings with minimum delay. And payment is directly secure – no need to wait for cheques in the post!

Are there any rollovers or jackpot funds if nobody picks 7 winners?

No, the ITV7 does not operate any rollover or jackpot funds. Each competition is self-contained with a new £7,000 top prize available each round.

If nobody successfully predicts all 7 winners in a given event, the £7,000 jackpot is not added to a rollover fund. The prize money for matching 6 winners and fewer is still paid out, but the full jackpot goes unwon.

So there is no accumulating pot – the incentive is always to target the £7,000 maximum payout in each new set of ITV7 races.

Do I need to claim winnings or will they be automatically paid?

You don’t need to make any special claims or requests to receive your ITV7 winnings. All prizes are processed automatically for payment.

As long as you entered properly including providing full personal details, any cash you have won will be identified and paid out to your registered account within a few days.

Sit back and wait for the prize money to hit your account. The only exception is if any verification queries are raised when winners are checked, in which case ITV may contact you to confirm details.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use the winnings?

There are no restrictions imposed on how you can use any cash won from the ITV7. Like any other funds paid into your account, you are free to use your prize money however you wish.

Whether you spend it on bills, essentials, leisure activities or just save it – there are no special terms over withdrawning or spending your ITV7 winnings.

The prize money becomes like any other cash in your bank once paid and can be freely used for whatever you choose.

Is there a way to track my prize payment progress?

Unfortunately there is no specific tracking system to follow the status of ITV7 prize claims.

You simply have to wait for the money to reach your account, which normally happens 3-5 working days after the competition ends.

Of course, if you have any urgent queries or concerns about your winnings, you can contact ITV’s customer services team for an update. But otherwise there is no live tracking available.

Just check your bank account balance regularly after the latest ITV7 finishes and your prizes should appear in due course.

Do I pay tax on any ITV7 winnings?

Cash prizes from the ITV7 are exempt from any income or other taxes in the UK. Winnings are paid to you completely tax-free!

You do not have to declare or account for any ITV7 prize money on your tax return. It is not considered part of your income for tax purposes.

This tax-free perk makes your winnings extra valuable. You get to keep every penny that hits your account. ITV automatically deduct any tax due before paying your cash.

So your prizes are net of all taxes – another great reason to try your luck on the ITV7 next time it’s on!


The ITV7 provides a hugely enjoyable free-to-enter way to engage with horse racing and potentially win big from accurately predicting outcomes. With a top prize of £7,000, plus smaller rewards for matching some winners, it appeals to general fans and more serious racing experts alike.

The races feature top quality fields so surprises are frequent, keeping excitement levels high. Anyone in the UK or Northern Ireland can easily enter online, on mobile or via traditional routes and test their knowledge against fellow fans. With no costs or taxes to pay on winnings, it’s a fun risk-free experience. Just study the form, make your selections and submit before the deadline for the chance to win!