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How do I get Paladin Danse companion quest?

In order to get the Paladin Danse companion quest, you need to first complete the quest Arcjet Systems. This is available to you after you’ve completed the first Brotherhood of Steel mission, Call to Arms.

After completing Arcjet Systems you’ll need to speak with Danse at the Cambridge Police Station. At this point he will invite you to join the Brotherhood of Steel, which will then begin the quest Blind Betrayal.

Once Blind Betrayal is complete, Danse will be available as a companion and will give you his companion quest, Hopelessness. There may be additional prerequisites to begin this quest depending on your character’s level and progression.

Can Paladin Danse be a companion after Blind Betrayal?

Yes, Paladin Danse can be a companion after Blind Betrayal. Once the player has completed the quest and become the General of the Minutemen army, Danse can be recruited as a companion. To recruit Danse, you will need to complete the short quest “Recruitment Blues”.

This quest involves speaking to Proctor Quinlan at the Cambridge Police Station, asking the Minutemen settlers to spread the word that he is looking for a new recruit, and then going back to Danse and offering him an invitation to join the Minutemen.

Once Danse has accepted, he can be assigned as a companion and will be available to accompany the player on various missions.

Can you get Danse perk before Blind Betrayal?

No, you cannot get the Danse perk before completing the quest Blind Betrayal. Danse’s perk only unlocks after you complete the quest and have him join your side. After you have done this, you can then choose one of four perks, Loyalty, Adaptability, Know Your Enemy, or Inspired by the Masters.

Each one gives you a variety of bonuses, some providing you with extra damage resistance and others giving you a boosted kill rate.

Is Paladin Danse actually a synth?

The answer to this question is not a definitive yes or no. Although some evidence suggests that Paladin Danse may be a synth, other evidence suggests that he is a ordinary non-synthetic human. A major plot point of Fallout 4 is that Danse is a synth – this leads many players to speculate that he indeed is one.

When the Sole Survivor first meets Danse at the Cambridge Police Station, he refers to himself as a “fellow synthetic”, and it is revealed that he possesses a unique type of synthetic brain. Furthermore, previous iterations of the “Paladin Danse” character have been synth in Fallout: New Vegas, as well as appearing in a previous game.

On the other hand, there is also evidence that suggests Danse is merely a highly advanced human. Danse appears to have more complex needs, including a need for sleep, food and water, feelings of loyalty and attachment to his friends, which are typically non-synth traits.

Furthermore, Paladin Danse’s background is totally human, with his father being a soldier and his mother a nurse.

Ultimately, the answer to the question of whether Paladin Danse is a synth or not remains unclear, and is open to interpretation by the player.

Can I keep Danse if I side with the railroad?

Yes, you can keep Danse if you side with the Railroad. However, you will need to complete a few key tasks and make certain decisions in order to do so. During the mission “Reason of the State,” Danse will ask you to help him with the conflict with the Brotherhood of Steel.

After this mission you will be able to recruit him as a companion. Additionally, you must complete the Railroad main storyline mission “The Molecular Level” in order to build a device that allows Danse to stay in the Commonwealth.

In the mission “Powering Up,” you will be able to sync Danse to the Railroad network and make him a full member of the organization. Following these steps should allow you to keep Danse as an ally despite siding with the Railroad.

Can you keep X6 88 if you destroy the Institute?

Yes. As long as you have spared X6-88 during the Institute quest line, you can retain him as a companion after destroying the Institute. X6-88 does not have to join the Minutemen and he can remain a companion even after the Institute is destroyed, as long as you have taken the time to build a friendly relationship with him.

After you complete the mission The Nuclear Option, both X6-88 and the director will be available for you to talk to them, allowing you to decide which faction X6-88 will join. You can also choose to simply not complete the quest line at all, leaving X6-88 as a companion.

Is Elder Maxson a synth?

There is also a fair amount of evidence that suggests he is not. In the end, it is difficult to say for certain one way or another.

Some of the evidence that suggests Elder Maxson may be a synth includes the fact that he is always calm and collected, even in the midst of battle, and never seems to show any emotion. He also has a habit of always knowing exactly what to say and do in any given situation.

Additionally, he always seems to be aware of everything that is going on around him, even when it seems like he shouldn’t be.

On the other hand, there is also evidence that suggests Elder Maxson is not a synth. For example, he has shown emotion on occasion, such as when he was angry with the Sole Survivor for not tells the Brotherhood about the Institute’s existence.

Additionally, he has made mistakes on occasion, such as when he allowed the Synth Garrett to join the Brotherhood.

In the end, it is difficult to say for certain whether or not Elder Maxson is a synth. However, the evidence does seem to suggest that he may be one.

Is father actually Shaun?

No, Shaun is not the father. It has been revealed that the biological father of the baby is actually Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend. In the season finale, Rebecca’s former boss, Nathaniel, informs her of this news.

After further investigation, it is revealed that the baby is indeed Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend’s child. This changes everything as Rebecca firmly believed that the father was Shaun. As a result, her relationship with Shaun intensifies and she begins to focus on raising the baby with him.

This draws a poignant line in her life between her ex-boyfriend, who is the baby’s biological father, and Shaun, who has been by her side throughout the entire experience. Ultimately, Rebecca decides that Shaun is the best father for her child, no matter who the biological father may be.

Does Danse drop a synth component?

No, Danse does not drop a synth component. Danse is a companion character in the popular Bethesda Softworks game, Fallout 4. Danse is a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, and as such he does not drop any components that could be used for making synth items.

Synth components can only be obtained from deceased synths in Fallout 4.

Do synths age fallout?

The answer to whether or not synths age in Fallout varies depending on the game you are playing. In the original Fallout games, Synths do not age and remain the same until they are destroyed. In Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, however, Synths do age in the same way as the player character.

The aging process is, however, slower than human aging, so the Synth will not show the same signs of aging in the same amount of time. In Fallout 4, Synths have a predetermined lifespan and will eventually die, although this can be delayed by regular maintenance.

It should be noted that in all games, only human-like Synths are capable of aging; robotic Synths can not age.

How do I get full affinity with Danse?

To get full affinity with Danse, you’ll need to complete a variety of tasks with him. To start, you’ll need to get him to join your faction by completing the mission “Show No Mercy”. Once he’s in your faction, you’ll need to talk to him to get him to start liking you.

You can do this by giving him gifts from time to time, or by doing tasks for him such as completing quests or slaying enemies. As you do this, his affinity for you will increase. Finally, bond with him by learning more about his past and showing him your support.

Doing this will increase his affinity even more, eventually leading to full affinity if you keep it up.

Can you convince Maxson to spare Danse?

Convincing Maxson to spare Brother Danse is no easy task. In order to succeed, it would require appealing to his sense of justice, loyalty and mercy – all of which Maxson appears to struggle with. However, it is still possible if one presents a compelling argument.

First, remind Maxson that Brotherhood of Steel is a group of soldiers whose mission is to protect the greater good. Explain that Brother Danse has proven to be loyal both to the Brotherhood and the cause of protecting humanity, and that every individual should be given their due to process.

Point out that executing Danse would be an act of injustice for all of his service to the Brotherhood and the cause of protecting humanity, and that justice should be served fairly.

Second, make the argument that mercy is an important component of the Brotherhood’s mission. Explain that as a member of the Brotherhood, Maxson should extend mercy to Brother Danse, who has served the Brotherhood faithfully and risked his life to protect mankind.

Stress that mercy has always been an integral part of the Brotherhood’s code of conduct, and urge Maxson to extend mercy to Brother Danse.

Last, ask Maxson to look past his personal biases and vendettas and treat Brother Danse as the loyal member of the Brotherhood of Steel he is. Remind Maxson that he is a leader of the Brotherhood and his actions should be based on his noble mission of protecting the greater good rather than his personal preferences.

Urge Maxson to set personal emotions aside, and weigh the evidence and facts that would suggest mercy is the right course of action rather than a personal vendetta.

Does Danse actually leave the Commonwealth?

Yes, Danse eventually leaves the Commonwealth, but for a time he remains with the Minutemen in the Commonwealth. After the Minutemen have successfully liberated the Commonwealth and taken back a number of settlements, Danse decides that his work with the Minutemen is done.

He feels it is time to return to his previous home, the Brotherhood of Steel.

However, in order to do so, Danse needs the Sole Survivor’s help. Once they have retrieved a small amount of incriminating evidence from the fallen Elder Maxson and Danse has been pardoned for his actions in the past, the survivor accompanies Danse to the airport where he takes off and leaves for the West.

After flying for several hours, the jet eventually reaches the Camarillo Airbase, the home of the Brotherhood of Steel. From there, Danse officially joins the ranks and continues his fight to protect the wasteland from enemies like the Institute and the enclave.

He never returns to the Commonwealth. Instead, he focuses on his mission and serves with distinction in all of his assignments with the Brotherhood of Steel. Eventually, many years later, he is appointed Knight-Commander of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, making him one of the most powerful persons in the Brotherhood.

Can Paladin Danse join the railroad?

Yes, Paladin Danse can join the Railroad in the game Fallout 4. In order to do so, you must first complete the Brotherhood of Steel quest line and convince him to join. You can do this by speaking to him in the Cambridge Police Station and completing his quest.

Once his quest is completed and you have completed the Brotherhood of Steel quest line, you can speak to him again and he will join the Railroad without requiring any further persuasion. It is important to note that if you are allied with the Institute, Danse will also become hostile and will not join the Railroad.

How do you tell if a settler is a synth?

There are a few methods of investigation that may be useful. One way to determine if a settler is a synth is to observe their behavior for any signs that they are not human. For example, synths may have difficulty understanding human emotions, may speak in a stilted or robotic manner, or may not exhibit any emotions at all.

Additionally, synths may exhibit unusual strength or stamina, or have knowledge or skills that are not within the realm of human capability.

Another way to determine if a settler is a synth is to observe their living quarters for any signs that they are not human. For example, synths may have sparse and sterile living quarters, or may not have any personal belongings.

Additionally, synths may not require food or water, or may have strange sleeping habits.

If there is suspicion that a settler may be a synth, it is advisable to contact the local synth detection unit for further investigation.

Is there a canon ending to Fallout 4?

As it is the first game in the series to give the player full control in deciding the fate of the game’s endings. Depending on the choices the player makes in the game, they can decide whether or not Fallout 4 concludes with several different endings, from the Good Karma Path to the Bad Karma Path, among other choices.

Depending on who your character allies with, guides, and fights against, the game can conclude in any number of ways. Additionally, the player can choose to play on a variety of difficulty levels, so the end outcome can vary as well.

Ultimately, the choice of what conclusion you choose in Fallout 4 is entirely up to the player.

When did Maxson become elder?

Maxson became Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel in 2287, shortly after the Brotherhood’s arrival to the Commonwealth. He was chosen to lead the Brotherhood by Elder Arthur Maxson’s father, Elder Lyons.

Maxson was only 23 at the time, making him one of the youngest Elders in Brotherhood of Steel history. He was chosen largely in part due to his shrewd tactics, knowledge of military tactics and leadership capabilities.

Since then, Maxson has become known as a brilliant and respected leader, both within and outside the Brotherhood. As Elder, he is responsible for leading the Brotherhood on their mission to reclaim and protect technology in the Commonwealth, as well as directing Brotherhood members in order to bring glory to the order.

Maxson has been Elder for more than a decade, and his reign has been marked by both positive and negative events. He is responsible for allowing the Brotherhood to expand into the Commonwealth, as well as for leading them in the fight against the Institute.

However, Maxson’s rule has been criticized for his willingness to clash with other factions, such as the Minutemen, and his decision to allow the creation of the third generation of powered armor. Despite his controversial decisions, Maxson remains one of the most beloved and respected Elders in the Brotherhood of Steel’s history.

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