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How do I increase my hitting power in softball?

Increasing hitting power is one of the most common goals for softball players looking to improve their offensive performance. Having more power allows you to hit the ball further and gives you a better chance of getting extra base hits and driving in runs. While some natural power comes from genetics and body type, there are several things all players can do to increase their power at the plate. With the right training, technique adjustments, and equipment, you can start hitting for more power in your softball games.

Proper Swing Mechanics

One of the best ways to increase hitting power is by tweaking your swing mechanics. Softball is a game of technique and leverage, so having efficient mechanics is crucial for generating bat speed and power. Here are some key elements of a power-hitting softball swing:

  • Wide Stance – A wider than normal stance gives you a solid base and engages your powerful leg muscles to drive your swing.
  • Load the Hips – Coiling your hips back as you stride shifts your weight and builds potential power.
  • Hands Back – Keeping your hands back at the start puts your body in position to whip the barrel through the zone.
  • Firm Front Side – Keeping your front arm and leg firm as you swing helps transfer energy into the ball.
  • Aggressive Transfer – Explosively unwind your hips as you make contact to put full body power into the swing.
  • Extension Through Contact – Extending out towards the pitcher as you make contact maximizes your swing leverage.
  • Follow Through – Following through upwards along your swing path helps you fully finish the swing for maximum power.

Focus on incorporating these proper mechanics into your swing rather than slapping or pushing at the ball weakly. The more leverage and momentum you can build up, the further the ball will jump off your bat. Experiment with tweaking your stance width, hand positioning, hip turn, and follow through to find your optimal power swing.

Strength Training

Building strength through weight training and resistance exercises is another proven way for softball players to increase their hitting power. Having more muscle mass and strength allows you to whip the bat faster and drive through the ball harder at contact. Areas of focus should include:

  • Legs – Squats, lunges, and leg presses build lower body strength to drive the swing.
  • Core – A strong midsection stabilizes your body for maximum power transfer.
  • Chest and Back – Building these muscles improves bat speed and flexibility in the swing.
  • Shoulders – Strengthening your shoulders and rotator cuffs can add pop to your swing.
  • Forearms and Grip – Strong forearms allow you to snap the bat through the zone.

Aim to strength train 2-3 times per week in the offseason, incorporating both compound lifts like squats and deadlifts and isolation exercises. Even 15-30 minutes of bodyweight exercises 2-3 times a week can make a difference. Building strength before the season will pay off with added power.

Bat Speed Drills

Increasing your bat speed is one of the simplest ways to gain hitting power. The faster you can whip the bat through the hitting zone, the more energy gets transferred into the ball at contact. Here are some great drills for improving bat speed:

  • One-handed Swings – Swing a lightweight bat with just your dominant hand to focus on speed.
  • Weighted Bat Swings – Take warmup swings with a heavier donut ring on the bat, then remove it to feel faster.
  • Quick Hands Drills – Have a partner rapidly hand you different sized balls to hit off the tee, focusing on quick hands.
  • Reaction Ball Drills – Hit a rubber reaction ball off the tee, focusing on swinging fast to hit the unpredictable bounce.
  • Speed Hitting – Take full swings focusing purely on swinging as fast as possible instead of for power.

Start incorporating these speed-focused drills into your regular tee work, soft toss, and batting practice routines. The more you train swinging fast, the more your muscle memory will improve bat speed.

Use Your Legs

Softball coaches constantly emphasize using your legs for power at the plate. Your lower body contains your biggest, strongest muscles and can generate tremendous rotational force. To get the most out of your legs:

  • Keep your knees bent and weight loaded back during the windup.
  • Drive off your back leg as you stride and rotate your hips.
  • Whip the barrel behind your hip and feel your legs turn first.
  • Explode forward off your front leg as you make contact.
  • Pull your back leg forward as you swing for added momentum.
  • Land with a solid, balanced finish on both feet.

Your legs powerfully unwind before the bat comes through the zone for extra whip. Keep your legs involved from the start of your swing through the explosive follow through. Using ground force from your legs instead of just your arms will maximize your power.

Get Fit and Flexible

Being in better overall physical shape will also improve your hitting power. Getting fitter through cardio, endurance training, and flexibility exercises will make you a better athlete with a stronger, more fluid swing. Some key areas to focus on include:

  • Cardio – Improves stamina so you can maintain a powerful swing deep into games.
  • Core Strength – Develops midsection muscles to transfer force from your lower to upper body.
  • Shoulder Flexibility – Allows for a full, unrestricted cut on your swing.
  • Hip Mobility – Let’s you coil and uncoil your hips fully to engage your legs.
  • General Fitness – Boosts athleticism, endurance, and power at the plate.

Aim to improve your overall fitness with 2-3 flexible training sessions per week including cardio, yoga, pilates, and full body conditioning. Being in better shape will directly correlate to being a more powerful hitter.

Eat for Power

Fueling your body properly can also contribute to increased power when hitting. Here are some dietary considerations:

  • Protein – Eat lean protein to build muscle and recover from training.
  • Quality Carbs – Choose complex carbs to fuel intense workouts and games.
  • Healthy Fats – Incorporate nuts, avocados, olive oil to promote power development.
  • Hydration – Drink plenty of water to maximize performance and muscle function.
  • Meal Timing – Eat carbohydrate-rich meals several hours before activity for optimal energy.

Avoiding excess sugar, salt, processed foods, and unhealthy fats will keep you feeling energized. Focus on a balanced sports nutrition plan full of power-promoting whole foods. Proper nutrition provides the raw materials your muscles need to perform at their highest level.

Quality Equipment

Using the right bat and other equipment can also help increase your power. Look for:

  • Balanced, Power-Loaded Bat – Choose a bat designed to hit longer shots.
  • Grip and Wrist Supports – Reduces sting and fatigue so you can swing all-out.
  • Quality Batting Gloves – Ensure maximum grip and bat control.
  • Power Slapping Gloves – Specialty gloves to add pop to slap hits.

Upgrading your equipment can make a noticeable difference once you get used to it. If your current bat feels too light, consider moving up in weight class. Always make sure your equipment fits properly and break in new bats by gradually increasing pitch speeds. Taking care of your gear will extend its pop and power.

Technique Over Muscling

While building strength is helpful, remember that proper technique generates more power than simply muscling the ball. You can’t pound your way to better hitting through upper body strength alone. Stay relaxed in your grip, swing naturally, and focus on snapping your wrists right at contact. Let your legs and core strength transfer into whip-like bat speed. Proper mechanics combined with strength training is the recipe for maximum power.

Mental Focus

Harnessing your mental game can also help boost your power. Being focused, confidant, and aggressive in the box leads to taking bigger, bolder hacks. Here’s how to get in the right mental zone:

  • Visualize driving balls deep into gaps.
  • Pick specific hard pitch types to drive.
  • Commit to your swing decisions in the box.
  • Adopt a relaxed but intense mental focus.
  • Think through your balance, sequencing, and explosion.

The sharper and more focused you are mentally at the plate, the more you’ll be able to execute peak power swings.

Specific Weight Room Exercises

Here are some of the best strength training lifts and exercises for boosting softball power:


  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Box jumps


  • Planks
  • Flutter kicks
  • V-ups
  • Russian twists

Upper Body:

  • Bench press
  • Bent-over rows
  • Shoulder press
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups

Aim for 2-4 sets of 8-12 reps focusing on proper form and gradual progression in weight. Lift 2-3 times per week in the offseason to see major strength gains.

On-Field Drills

Here are some great on-field drills for building softball power:

  • Tee hitting – Start your swing early and drive through the ball.
  • Soft toss – Focus on hard contact and hitting over the pitcher.
  • Pitching machine – Set at high speeds and try to hit hard line drives up the middle.
  • Top hand drill – Take one-handed swings and focus on snapping the top wrist.
  • Base hitting – Drive pitches on the outside corner for extra bases down the line.
  • Hitting off live pitching – Sit on your power zone pitches and take aggressive hacks.

Tweak traditional drills to work on driving through the ball with force. Visualize hitting for power to reinforce the proper technique.

Create a Power-Building Program

For best results, make a comprehensive power-building program combining:

  • Swing evaluations and adjustments with your coach
  • Regular strength training for baseball-specific muscles
  • Drills for improving swing speed and mechanics
  • Live batting practice and hitting analysis
  • Consistent fitness work for flexibility and stamina
  • Proper nutrition and hydration for energy

With consistent, diligent work in all these training areas, you can become a drastically more powerful hitter. Seek feedback from coaches and track measurable progress like bat exit speeds. Within a season you can gain multiple home runs worth of difference in your hitting if you commit to a program.

Offseason Power Program Sample

Here is an example of an effective 8 week offseason power program:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lower body lifts Upper body lifts Lower body lifts Cardio and ab circuit Full body metabolic circuits
Squats, deadlifts, lunges Bench press, rows, shoulder press Squats, deadlifts, lunges Jogging, biking, crunches, leg raises Kettlebell, battle rope, sled pushes
3 main lifts, 2-4 sets each 3 main lifts, 2-4 sets each 3 main lifts, 2-4 sets each 30 min cardio, 2-3 ab circuits Full body heart rate up exercises

This allows for 2 days of lower body work, 1 day upper body, active recovery, and metabolic conditioning. Add bat speed drills 3 days a week and tee work other days as desired.


Becoming a true power hitter requires dedicated work in several key areas. By improving your mechanics, building strength, increasing bat speed, and honing your mental game, you can consistently drive the ball harder and farther. While natural ability plays a role, committing to a comprehensive power-focused training program can help any player improve their power numbers over time through hard work. With the right mix of proper technique, strength training, on-field drills, quality equipment, and mental focus, you will be launching balls over the fence in no time.