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How do I lose Audible credits without losing it?

If you need to lose Audible credits without actually losing the credits from your account, there are a few ways you can go about this.

First, you can transfer your Audible credits to a friend or family member. This is a great way to give a gift without actually losing any of your own credits. You can easily transfer the credits from your account to another by going to the “Settings” page in your Audible account and selecting the option to “Manage Your Credits.

” You can then enter the email address of the recipient, specify how many credits you’d like to transfer, and follow the prompts to complete the transfer.

Another way to lose Audible credits without actually losing them is to give them away to charity. And this is a great way to use your credits in a way that helps others. To donate your Credits to a charity, you can go to the “Settings” page in your Audible account and choose the option to “Manage Your Credits.

” From here, you can select the “Donate My Credit” tab, select the charity you wish to donate to, and follow the prompts to complete the donation.

Finally, if you’re looking for a way to lose Audible credits without losing them, you could always use them to purchase audio books directly from Audible. Audible provides a wide selection of audio books and you can use your credits to purchase the ones you want.

You can also use your credits to purchase gift cards to give as presents for friends and family. This way, you can still enjoy the audio books without actually losing your credits.

Can I pause my Audible membership and keep my credits?

Yes, you can pause your Audible membership and keep your credits. Audible gives you the option to pause or cancel your membership at any time and whenever you decide to reactivate your membership, all your credits and any other entitlements, like exclusive offers, will still be available.

You can pause your membership through your Account Details page on the Audible website or in the ‘Settings’ menu in the Audible app. When you pause your membership you won’t be charged for any upcoming billing cycles and you’ll retain access to your audiobooks until the end of the billing period.

After that, the audiobooks you purchased with your credits will still be accessible in your library and you can use them whenever you become a member again. To pause your membership, click on the ‘Account Details’ link at the bottom of your Audible homepage and then click the ‘Pause My Membership’ link.

You’ll have the option to pause for 1, 2, or 3 months and you can reactivate whenever you’re ready.

What is the difference between the two Audible plans?

Audible offers two subscription plans: Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus.

Audible Plus is designed for someone who only wants to listen to audiobooks. This plan provides access to over 70,000 titles, including non-fiction, classics, and Audible Originals. It allows for up to four credits per month for audiobooks, and titles can be kept indefinitely.

The downside to this plan is that is does not provide access to Audible’s digital library of podcasts, magazines and radio shows.

Audible Premium Plus is designed for someone who wants the benefits of both audiobook and digital media. This plan provides access to a library of over 200,000 titles, including non-fiction, classics, Audible Originals, podcasts, magazines and radio shows.

This plan allows for 12 credits per month for audiobooks, and titles can be kept indefinitely. With this plan, Audible also offers free access to fitness, wellness and entertainment apps.

Both plans offer a 30-day free trial, and can be canceled at any time. All users receive access to Audible’s Listening Program, which offers bonus content such as original Audible audio shows, exclusive interviews with authors, and exclusive Audible member-only deals.

Both plans also offer the ability to sync audiobooks across devices, so you can pick up your audiobooks on any device at any time.

Can you transfer credits from one Audible account to another?

Unfortunately, Audible credits cannot be directly transferred from one account to another. However, if both accounts are registered to the same Amazon account, credits can be shared between both Audible accounts.

In order to transfer credits, log into the Amazon account associated with both Audible accounts, go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page, and select which Audible credits you would like to add to the account you are transferring to.

You should be aware that credits can only be transferred between accounts on the same Amazon account, and not between different Amazon or Audible accounts. Additionally, credits can only be transferred three times in any twelve-month period, so it is best to carefully plan any transfers ahead of time.

Can you combine 2 Audible accounts?

Yes, it is possible to combine two Audible accounts, though there are a few things to keep in mind. In order to combine two Audible accounts, both accounts must be consolidated into one account, and the other account will be closed.

This means that any titles, credits, or points from the closed account will no longer be available and will need to be repurchased for the consolidated account. Additionally, when consolidation is requested, all audiobook purchases, including those from Audible’s daily deals, will be transferred to the consolidated account.

For more detailed instructions, it is best to speak with a customer service representative either over the phone or via live chat.

Can I gift an Audible book to a non member?

Yes, you can gift an Audible book to a non member. You can do this by purchasing a Gift Membership or an Audible Gift Card. With a Gift Membership, they will receive 1, 2, or 3 credits (depending on which plan you choose) to purchase any audiobook, plus bonus rewards and access to exclusive sales.

With an Audible Gift Card, they will get to choose any audiobook of their choice and have access to sales. Both options are redeemed by visiting the Audible website and creating an account.

Do Audible credits expire?

Yes, Audible credits do expire. Your credits and promotional offers, such as free credits, need to be used before they expire. Audiobooks purchased with a credit will stay in your library until you choose to delete them.

Any unused credits or promotional offers will not carry over to the next membership term and will be forfeited if not used. As well as this, unless stated otherwise, Audible offers and credits are only valid for 180 days after they have been added to your account.

It’s always best to use any credits or promotions you have before they expire to get the most out of your membership.

Why did I lose my Audible credits?

There can be a few different reasons why you lost your Audible credits. If you purchased your Audible subscription through Amazon, you could have lost your credits due to an account issue. It’s possible that your Amazon account was suspended or cancelled due to a payment issue or fraudulent activity.

In addition, if you purchased the subscription directly from Audible, the credits may have been removed from your account due to an expired payment method. Finally, credits may have been lost due to a technical issue with the Audible website.

If you think your credits were removed for a reason other than the ones listed above, you should contact Audible customer service for further assistance.

What happens when you pause Audible membership?

When you pause an Audible membership you will still retain access to audiobooks you have already purchased, but you will not be able to purchase or download new content. As long as you remain an active member, your audiobooks will remain available for you to download and listen to.

You will, however, lose access to any Audible exclusive content, such as bonus chapters and exclusive narrated versions of popular books. Additionally, pausing your Audible membership will result in a refund of any unused credits and your subscription will be paused until the date you reactivate your membership again.

Once reactivated, everything that was available to you will be available again.

Can you just keep returning Audible books?

No, you cannot just keep returning Audible books. Every Audible book can only be returned within 365 days from the date of purchase. Once the 365-day return window has passed, Audible will not refund you for the purchase.

Additionally, once a title has been refunded within the 365-day window, you cannot repurchase the same title for credit with an Audible product. However, Audible does provide an ‘Audible Book Exchanges’ program that is available for some of its titles.

Under the terms and conditions of this program, you may be able to exchange titles that you no longer want for titles that better fit your interests.

Can I merge an old Audible account with a new one?

Yes, you can merge an old Audible account with a new one. To do this, you will first need to cancel your current Audible account and then create a new one using the same payment information. Once you have done this, contact Audible customer service to have them merge your old and new accounts.

They will need the email address of both the new and old accounts. Audible will then combine all of your account information, including credits, library content, and purchase history, so that it is all accessible from the same account.

Can you have multiple Audible accounts on one Amazon account?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple Audible accounts associated with a single Amazon account. To create additional Audible accounts, you can visit https://www. audible. com, click “Sign Up” from the top-right corner on the website, and sign up with the same email address and payment method as your current Amazon account.

On the next page, you will have the option to create a new Audible account or link it to your existing Amazon account. Once the account is created, you will be able to add additional audiobooks, credit, or switch devices at any time.

It is important to note, however, that each Audible account has a separate credit balance and audiobook library.

How do I unlink my Audible account?

If you would like to unlink your Audible account from a third-party service, such as your Amazon account, please follow the steps listed below:

1. Log in to your Amazon account.

2. Find the “Accounts & Lists” section in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and then select “Your Account”.

3. Select “Settings” under the “Personalization” section.

4. Scroll down to the “Account Settings” section and select “Manage Your Content and Devices”.

5. Select the “Settings” tab at the top of the page, and then select “Audible”.

6. Here, you’ll see the option to “Unlink this Audible account”. Click this and follow the on-screen instructions.

7. You’ll then be taken back to the “Audible Settings” page and can verify that the account is no longer linked to your Amazon account.

Once your Audible account is unlinked, you will still be able to listen to any books you’ve purchased, however you’ll no longer be able to use any credits or Audible member benefits associated with your Amazon account.

Is Audible account same as Amazon?

No, an Audible account is not the same as an Amazon account. Audible is an Amazon company, which is why people often confuse the two. However, an Audible account requires its own username, email address and password to access content, which are separate from your Amazon credentials.

Audible offers a selection of over 175,000 audio selection titles, including books, podcasts, stand-up comedy, and more. It also allows subscribers to receive discounts and exclusive content not available on Amazon.

While Audible’s greatest asset is the ability to listen to audio books while you’re on the go, Amazon also offers their own audiobook store and subscription services.

How many devices can you have Audible on?

You can have up to two devices registered simultaneously on one Audible account. Each Audible account can register a total of four devices over the course of its lifetime; however, you can only have two devices operating at once.

Audible is available for Apple devices (including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches), Android devices, Windows devices, and Amazon Kindle devices.

Can you change Audible email?

Yes, you can change your Audible email address. To update your email address, visit your Account Details page and select “Change Email” from the menu on the left side of the page. From there, enter the new email address you’d like associated with your account, then click “Update”.

You will then be sent a confirmation email to make sure the new email address is accurate. Once you have confirmed your email, the new address will begin receiving notifications and emails from Audible.