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How do I permanently delete smule messages?

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to permanently delete messages in Smule. Once a message is sent, it will remain in the conversation, however the conversation can still be deleted. To delete a conversation, open the conversation in Smule and then tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the conversation page.

This will open a menu with a Delete option; select it to delete the conversation. This will remove all messages from the conversation, but note that the messages still exist and can be viewed by the other users in the conversation.

It is also possible to delete individual messages from the conversation, however, this doesn’t delete the messages from the other user’s phones; it just hides them from your phone. Once the individual messages are deleted, the conversation will still exist without those messages.

What happens when you delete smule?

When you delete your Smule account, all of your content – including any songs, songs from collaborators, audio recordings, video recordings and performance data – is permanently deleted from the application.

Any payments made for Smule services, including VIP access and in-app purchases, will be fully refunded (subject to the applicable Terms and Conditions). Additionally, you may no longer be able to access any of the services or content associated with the deleted account.

You will also be removed from any Smule communities you were part of, and other users will no longer be able to access your content or communicate with you through the app. Lastly, any data you’ve shared or stored on the app, including account information and personal messages, will also be deleted.

Can your contacts find you on Smule?

Yes, they can find you on Smule. When you create a Smule account, you can enter your email contacts and invite friends to join you. In addition, you can connect your account to Facebook or Twitter, which will automatically add any contacts that you follow or that follow you on those platforms to appear as suggested contacts.

You can also search by username, email address, or full name to find friends on Smule, so if your contacts have already joined Smule, it’s easy to find them. Once you have connected with a contact, you can add them to your list of contacts, which will allow them to find you easier and easily access your profile.

How do I hide my Smule account?

Hiding your Smule account is relatively simple. First, open the Smule app and log in to your account. At the top left of your screen, you should see a three-line “hamburger” menu icon. Tap on this icon to open the side menu.

Here, scroll down until you find “Settings. ” Tap on this, and you will be taken to the Settings page. Scroll down in this page until you reach “Privacy. ” Tap “Privacy” and then tap “Make My Profile Private.

” Doing this will make your Smule profile private and visible only to the people who you approve to follow you. If you are using a public computer, make sure to log out of your account at the end of your session by tapping the “Log Out” button at the top right of the app’s home screen.

Can you keep Smule private?

Yes, you can keep Smule private around the world. To do so, you can adjust your privacy settings so that only your followers can access your performances. Additionally, you can also make your profile private so only your approved followers are able to view your content.

Additionally, you can also block individual users from viewing your content if you want. To adjust these settings, simply log in to your Smule account and navigate to the “Settings” tab. On the “Privacy” tab, you can adjust your settings and make your profile public or private.

How do you find someone on Smule?

Finding someone on Smule is relatively easy. The first thing you’ll have to do is create an account for yourself to be able to access the Smule platform. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to look for other people by searching for their name in the search bar.

You can also search by the names of the songs that someone has sung, or any hashtags associated with particular genres or activities.

Once you’ve reached the profile of the person you’re looking for, you can click on ‘Follow’ to start following that person and stay updated with their activity. You can also click on ‘Share’ if you want to invite others to join that singer or song.

You can also send private messages, ask questions or join the singer’s fan groups (if they have any) and join their Smule events to interact with them.

As an alternative, you can also browse through the categories and use the auto-recommender feature to find the right people and songs according to your own tastes. If you’re looking for new singers and songs, you can use the ‘Explore’ section, which showcases recommended songs and singers, trending songs, top users, and more.

What does green circle mean on Smule?

On Smule, a green circle indicates that someone has marked you as a favorite singer. This means you are someone they enjoy listening to, and it is a way to show appreciation and gratitude for your performances.

When someone adds you to their favorites list, you will see a green circle next to their name. It can be a nice surprise when you see it, and it encourages you to keep singing and making music. It is a great way of connecting and engaging with other singers and fans on the platform.

How do you get a link to your smule account?

In order to get a link to your Smule account, you’ll need to log into your account and go to the Profile section. Once in the Profile section, you’ll be able to find your link on the left-hand side of your profile page.

It will be displayed as a clickable link to your Smule profile, which can be shared on other websites or social media platforms. Additionally, you can copy and paste the link into a message or post, or share it with followers directly from the Smule app.

For example, on iOS, you can tap the ellipsis (three dots) icon in your profile and select ‘Copy Profile Link’.

How do you delete multiple recordings?

Deleting multiple recordings at once can be done in a few different ways depending on the device or service you are using.

If you are using a digital video recorder (DVR) receiver from your cable or satellite provider, try connecting it to your television and accessing the menu system. Most DVRs offer an option to delete multiple recordings at once.

Look through the menu for a feature called delete multiple, delete all, clear recordings, or something similar. From there, you can select the recordings you want to delete and the receiver will remove them all in one go.

If you are using an online TV streaming service, try accessing the app or website for the service and use the search function to view all of your recordings. Once you’ve found them, you’ll likely have an option to check a box next to each recording to select it.

Then, look for an option above or below your recordings to delete them all at once.

Finally, if you are using a mobile device to record programs, try accessing the relevant streaming app and view your recordings. Typically, you will have an option to select the recordings you would like to delete and then confirm the deletion.

Why won’t xfinity delete my recordings?

Xfinity does not delete recordings because they are intended to be kept for a specified period of time for customer convenience. All recordings can be accessed through the cloud, as long as you are a customer in good standing.

Xfinity also keeps recordings in case there is an issue that needs to be addressed, such as a problem with the recording or inadvertently deleting a show that was accidentally recorded. In some cases, Xfinity allows customers to set automatic deletion rules to delete recordings after a specific time.

If needed, customers can also manually delete recordings.

Where is the menu button on the xfinity remote?

The menu button on the Xfinity remote can be found towards the center of the remote just below the directional navigation pad. It looks like a grid of small dots and is distinguished by being the only button of its kind on the remote.

When pressed, the menu button will bring up the Xfinity main menu, which will allow you to access your favorite channels, shows, check email, or access the on-demand library. Additionally, the menu button can be used to access settings and preferences such as audio and video output, parental controls, and more.

How do I remove camera recordings from my TV?

In order to remove camera recordings from your TV, it will depend on the type of TV you have.

If your TV has a built-in DVR or access to an online streaming service such as Netflix, the recordings can be removed by deleting them from the DVR or streaming service menus. You can also delete individual recordings from the TV’s main menu.

If your TV does not have a built-in DVR or access to an online streaming service, you may need to connect a separate digital video recorder or streaming media player to your TV. By doing this, you can connect to your home network and access a streaming service app to delete recordings.

If you are using a digital video recorder, you can delete the recordings directly from its menu.

If none of these options available, you may need to delete the recordings by physically removing the recording device, such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive, that holds the recordings.

Are recordings public on Smule?

It depends on the type of recording on Smule. If you record a public performance, other users on Smule can find it and listen to it. If you record a private performance, it won’t be visible to anyone else, so only you can listen to it.

Smule also offers the option to make a Private Open Recording, which allows you and the people you choose to view and listen to the recording. You can also change the privacy setting at any time. In addition, you can also save your recordings directly to your device.

How do I change my privacy settings on Smule?

Changing your privacy settings on Smule is quick and easy. You can access your privacy settings from your profile. Here’s how:

1. Login to your Smule account and navigate to your profile by selecting the profile icon in the top-right corner.

2. From your profile, select the gear icon in the top-right corner, then select “Privacy” from the drop-down menu.

3. Once in your Privacy Settings, you can adjust the settings to fit your specific preference. You can choose to make your profile public, make contact details visible, allow others to send you messages, and opt-in to be contacted for performances.

4. When finished, select “Save” in the top-right corner to apply your changes.

If you have any questions, you can contact Smule Support directly for more assistance.

Can you see who listens to your songs on Smule?

No, you cannot see who specifically listens to your songs on Smule. To maintain users’ privacy, Smule does not publicly display any user listening habits. However, many Smule users will comment and share their appreciation for songs they enjoy, which is a great way to get direct feedback on your music and forge connections with other users.

If you’re looking for more in-depth insights about who is listening to your songs, you can use a third-party analytics software such as Awaverly to track and analyze user data. With this software, you can see the overall number of listens, the geographical location of listeners, and the device type of listeners.

Can people see my email on Smule?

No, other people cannot see your email address on Smule. When you create an account on Smule, the only information visible to other people is your Smule username, your profile photo and bio, and any performances you have uploaded.

Your email address and other personal information are kept private and are only used by Smule to communicate with you if needed. Additionally, you can choose to keep your account and performances private and also disable messages from other people if you wish.

How do you make a private group on Smule?

Creating a private group on Smule is a great way to have a space to connect with the people you love creating music with. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log into your Smule account and select the “Groups” tab from the top menu bar.

2. Click the “Create Group” button.

3. Enter a name for your group, description and decide whether you want your group to be open or private.

4. When you’re ready, hit the “Create” button.

5. You will then be taken to a dedicated group page filled with options for customizing your group. You can add a group profile image, adjust group member privacy settings, create group forums and more.

6. Once you’re done setting up your group page, you can invite members to join via a shareable link or by searching for specific users.

7. Select the type of notifications you’d like sent to members when activity takes place within the group.

And that’s it! Now you’ve created a private group on Smule and you can start creating music with your friends.

How old do you have to be to use Smule?

The minimum age requirement to use Smule is 13 years old. This is in accordance with the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Anyone under the age of 13 is prohibited from using Smule. Smule is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for all its users, so it is important to adhere to the age requirement.

Upon creating your account, you will be asked to confirm your age and provide a valid email address.

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