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How do I play HotPicks?

HotPicks is a popular numbers betting game offered by most UK lottery operators. The game allows players to win prizes by correctly guessing the numbers drawn in the main lottery draw. HotPicks uses the same numbers as the main lottery draw but offers better odds and prizes for matching fewer numbers. Here is a quick guide to getting started with HotPicks:

What are the HotPicks bet types?

There are five different bet types in HotPicks, based on how many numbers you need to match from the draw:

  • Match 1 – Pick just one number. This has the best odds but the lowest prizes.
  • Match 2 – Pick two numbers. Harder but with bigger potential wins.
  • Match 3 – Select three numbers from the draw to match. A middle ground on odds and prizes.
  • Match 4 – Choose four numbers. Still decent odds but much bigger prizes if you win.
  • Match 5 – Match all five main numbers. The hardest bet but with a top prize of £350,000!

How do I buy a HotPicks ticket?

You can buy HotPicks tickets in a few different ways:

  • In person – At any authorised lottery retailer, including most newsagents, supermarkets and petrol stations.
  • Online – Through the website or mobile app of your preferred lottery operator.
  • By phone – Call the lottery operator’s phone betting line and place your bet over the phone.
  • With a lottery terminal – Large retailers may have electronic terminals where you can quickly select and pay for your HotPicks bet.

You’ll need to decide which bet type you want (Match 1 to Match 5), then choose your desired numbers for that bet. The cost of the ticket will depend on how many numbers you pick.

When is the HotPicks draw?

The main HotPicks draw takes place every evening, alongside the main UK Lotto draw. The draw is at around 8pm and the winning numbers are announced shortly after.

There are also additional HotPicks draws after the Thunderball (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) and EuroMillions (Tuesday, Friday) draws. So check the schedule to see all the upcoming HotPicks draw times.

How much can I win?

HotPicks uses a prize structure where matching fewer numbers wins you a bigger share of the prize pool. Here are the approximate prizes for each bet type:

Bet Type Match Odds (approx.) Prize
Match 1 1 number 1 in 10 £6
Match 2 2 numbers 1 in 85 £80
Match 3 3 numbers 1 in 1,500 £750
Match 4 4 numbers 1 in 15,000 £7,500
Match 5 5 numbers 1 in 1.5 million £350,000

As you can see, the odds get longer but the prizes get bigger as you try to match more numbers. The top prize for matching all 5 is £350,000.

What are the number pools?

HotPicks uses the following number pools for its draws:

  • Main Draws – Numbers 1-59
  • Thunderball HotPicks – Numbers 1-39
  • EuroMillions HotPicks – Numbers 1-50

So make sure you choose your numbers from the right pool for the specific HotPicks version you are playing.

How are prizes paid out?

There are a few ways you can receive your HotPicks prizes:

  • In person – Prizes up to £500 can be claimed from any authorised retailer.
  • By post – You can post your winning ticket to the lottery operator to claim.
  • Online – Prizes can be claimed and paid directly into your account via the website/app.
  • Bank transfer – Larger prizes will be paid directly into your bank account via BACS transfer.

You’ll just need to check the procedures for prize claims with your specific lottery operator. And don’t forget, there’s a 180 day time limit to claim any HotPicks prizes before they expire.

What are the key tips for winning?

There are no guaranteed ways to win HotPicks, as all numbers have an equal chance in each draw. However, some useful tips include:

  • Go with lucky numbers like birthdays or anniversaries rather than random selections.
  • Check the HotPicks number frequency charts to see previously common and rare numbers.
  • Spread numbers evenly across the number pool rather than clustering them.
  • Try going with unpopular numbers that other players may avoid.
  • Use the same numbers across multiple draws to increase your chances.

Bear in mind that HotPicks is entirely a game of chance, so there are never any guarantees. But hopefully these tips can boost your chances and increase the excitement!

Where can I find results?

The winning numbers are displayed shortly after each HotPicks draw. You can find the results in several places:

  • Online – All lottery websites show recent HotPicks results.
  • Mobile app – Get push notifications of results straight to your phone.
  • Retailers – Most shops display the latest winning numbers.
  • Newspapers – HotPicks results are printed in many newspapers.
  • TV – Results appear on dedicated lottery TV shows.
  • Social media – Operators and news outlets share results online.

Make sure to check these sources straight after a draw to see if you have any winning matches. And remember to hold onto your ticket as proof of any potential prizes.

Can I buy syndicate tickets?

Yes, you can pool your money with other players to buy shared HotPicks tickets. This can improve your chances and let you split any prizes won. Ways to join a HotPicks syndicate include:

  • With friends/family – Agree to buy joint tickets with people you know.
  • Lottery syndicates – Join an operator’s official syndicate scheme.
  • Online syndicates – Play in an internet-based lottery syndicate.
  • Workplace syndicates – Many offices run lottery syndicates.

You’ll share any prizes proportionally with syndicate members based on how much you each contributed to the stake. Speak to your lottery operator for full rules on participating in syndicates.

What are the key odds and statistics?

Some key HotPicks odds and stats to be aware of include:

  • Overall odds – The odds of winning any HotPicks prize are 1 in 10.7.
  • Jackpot odds – Matching 5 numbers has odds of 1 in 1.5 million.
  • Average jackpot – The average Match 5 top prize is around £130,000.
  • Biggest ever jackpot – The record HotPicks jackpot so far is £350,000.
  • Number frequency – The most commonly drawn numbers are 23, 27, 39, 31 and 38.
  • Rare numbers – The numbers 1, 50, 48, 21 and 46 are drawn least frequently.

HotPicks draws take place twice daily, with around 700,000 prize winners every week. So there are plenty of chances to get lucky!

What are the special promotions?

Lottery operators run various promotions to get players to try HotPicks.

These can include:

  • Introductory offers – e.g. Get your first bet for £1.
  • Refer a friend – Receive bonus tickets for introducing new players.
  • Prize boosts – Occasional guarantees of bigger prizes or jackpots.
  • Second chance draws – Enter losing tickets into a redraw for more chances.
  • Bundle deals – Discounted tickets when buying HotPicks with other games.

It’s always worth checking for any current HotPicks promotions when you buy your ticket. This can give you great value and enhanced chances to win.

Is HotPicks available online?

Yes, HotPicks is available for online play through lottery websites and mobile apps. Key benefits include:

  • Convenience – Buy tickets 24/7 without leaving your home.
  • Speed – Get tickets in seconds with quick bet or lucky dip options.
  • Security – Your account details are safely stored for easy play.
  • Paperless play – Tickets are digital so you never lose one.
  • Notifications – Get alerts on draw reminders and winning numbers.

To play online you simply need to set up an account with your chosen lottery website. There you can buy HotPicks tickets and manage your play.

Can I use an app?

Most major lottery operators have free mobile apps for iOS and Android. This lets you conveniently play and check results on the go via your smartphone or tablet.

Key features of lottery apps include:

  • GPS ticket finder – Finds nearby retailers selling tickets.
  • Ticket scanner – Scan and check paper tickets for prizes.
  • Betting shortcuts – For quick bet slips and ticket purchases.
  • Ticket management – View and manage your purchased tickets.
  • Notifications – Get alerts on draws and results.
  • Winnings wallet – Any prizes paid straight into your account.

Mobile lottery apps make playing and winning with HotPicks easier than ever. Just download from your device’s app store and you’ll have HotPicks in your pocket!

What are the key benefits of HotPicks?

Some of the great things about playing HotPicks include:

  • Big jackpots – Huge top prizes up to £350,000 for matching 5 numbers.
  • Better odds – More achievable odds compared to other lotteries.
  • Prize tiers – Chance to win lower tier prizes from just 1 or 2 numbers.
  • Frequent draws – Twice daily draws give regular winning chances.
  • Add-on game – Play HotPicks as a bonus alongside main lotteries.
  • Number pools – Draws from smaller pools compared to the main lottery.

With excellent prizes on offer and easier matching opportunities, HotPicks is a fantastic game for lottery players of all levels.

How old do I need to be?

You must be aged 16 or over to buy and play HotPicks tickets. Lottery operators use various methods to verify age when purchasing tickets:

  • In person – Retailers ask to see ID such as driving licence or passport.
  • Online – Account registration requires you to input your date of birth.
  • By phone – Call operators ask for age before booking tickets.

Underage gambling is illegal, so you must provide age verification when purchasing lottery tickets either in person or via your account.

Can I play from another country?

HotPicks is exclusively available for players within the United Kingdom and Isle of Man. To buy tickets and claim prizes you must be physically located in the UK or Isle of Man.

Some ways operators ensure local play includes:

  • Retailers only selling tickets in their shops.
  • Online sales require UK/Isle of Man bank details.
  • Apps detect and block non-UK locations.

So unfortunately those overseas are unable to participate in HotPicks draws and games. You’ll need to look for similar local lottery games in your area.

Are winnings taxed?

No, all cash prizes won from HotPicks are exempt from tax so you receive the full amount. This includes:

  • Income Tax – Lottery winnings don’t count as taxable income.
  • Capital Gains Tax – Winnings aren’t subject to CGT.
  • Inheritance Tax – Prizes don’t form part of your estate on death.

This tax-free perk makes HotPicks prizes even more valuable. Consult a financial advisor to learn about any other tax implications.


HotPicks offers a fun and exciting way to play the lottery with appealing prizes for low stakes. Match just one number to win £6 or match all five for a huge £350,000 jackpot. With handy play options and twice daily draws, HotPicks is an engaging option for lottery fans.

Now you know all the key rules, how to play, and how to maximise your chances of landing those across-the-board numbers. Best of luck and remember to gamble responsibly!