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How do I recover deleted messages on MEE6 Discord?

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to recover any deleted messages on MEE6 Discord. Once a message has been deleted, there is no way to retrieve it. However, if you are an owner of the server, you can view deleted messages under the audit logs.

To access the audit logs, first select the server you want to view the logs in. Then, open the server settings by clicking the gear icon located at the bottom left of the window. In the server settings, look for the “Audit Logs” option and select it.

This will give you access to any message or action that has been carried out on your server, including any deleted messages. However, you won’t be able to see the content of the messages and only the message action and timestamp.

If you are not an owner of the server, then unfortunately there is no way to recover any deleted messages on MEE6 Discord.

Does MEE6 have auto delete?

Yes, MEE6 has an auto delete feature that allows you to automatically delete messages that are older than a certain age. This feature can be found in the moderation section of the MEE6 dashboard. With this feature enabled, all messages older than the specified age will be automatically deleted.

Additionally, you can also specify a list of channels in which the automatic deletion should not occur. MEE6 auto delete is a great way to keep your server’s chat history organized and clutter-free.

How do you delete chats on MEE6?

Deleting chats on MEE6 is easy and quick. To begin, log into the MEE6 dashboard and select the server for which you want to delete chats. Once selected, click on the ‘Moderation’ tab followed by ‘Advanced’.

In Advanced, scroll down to the ‘Chat Logs’ section and select the channel you want to delete chats from. Once that is done, tick the checkbox next to ‘Delete all messages in #channel’ and confirm the deletion with the ‘Delete’ button.

Once that is complete, the chats will be cleared from the specific channel. You can also manually delete messages one by one by scrolling through the chat logs and selecting the messages you want to delete.

You can also delete older messages with the ‘Delete older messages’ button.

What Discord bot can purge messages?

Many different Discord bots are available that are capable of purging messages. Dyno, MEE6, and Groovy are three popular bots that are often used for this purpose. With these bots, users can clear out the chat history and quickly remove large quantities of messages.

For example, Dyno easily allows you to purge messages by commanding the bot to delete the desired amount of messages. Similarly, MEE6 and Groovy have message control features that allow users to set a limit on the number of messages that are allowed in a chat before the messages are automatically deleted.

This can be used to regularly clear out old messages and keep conversations fresh.

How do I bulk delete Discord messages?

You can bulk delete messages in Discord by leveraging a few steps:

1. Navigate to the server from which you wish to bulk delete messages and select the desired channel.

2. From the channel, enter ‘/clear [number of messages you want to delete]’ into the message entry field.

For example, ‘/clear 100’ will delete the last 100 messages in the desired channel.

3. After taking this action, Discord will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the messages. Click ‘Delete Messages’.

4. To delete messages beyond the two weeks search limit, you’ll need to leverage a Discord moderation bot. You can use one like MEE6, Dyno, or YAGPDB to setup automated message moderation and delete messages.

5. To set it up, click the ‘Add to Discord’ button to sync the bot to your server.

6. Once installed, you can press the ‘Settings’ icon next to the Discord Bot’s name and enter the ‘Moderator’ settings.

7. From here, you can set up certain parameters to enable automated bulk deletion. This could include age of message and the removal of messages containing certain keywords.

8. To enable all bulk deletion settings, press the ‘Enable Moderator’ button.

9. To delete messages beyond the two week limit, press the ‘Global Mass Purge’ button.

10. This will delete all messages beyond the two week limit.

What can Dyno bot do?

Dyno bot is a feature-rich discord bot that can be used on Discord servers to provide a variety of useful features and functionalities. It can perform a wide range of tasks, such as providing admin commands, moderation tools, custom commands, music streaming, server analytics, automatic notifications, and more.

With Dyno, users can easily access, control, and manage their Discord server in an easier and more efficient manner.

On top of the tasks mentioned above, Dynobot is also capable of playing music, scheduling events and mass- deleting messages. As for custom commands, users can create as many as needed and assign them different responses and permissions.

Moreover, Dyno has an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that can be used to view and manage server activity, settings, and more. With its integration with a variety of API’s and services, Dyno can also be used to manage roles, assign new roles to members, manage member groups and privileges, automatically log user activity and reactions, and more.

Does dyno IP ban Discord?

No, Dyno does not IP ban Discord. Dyno is a popular moderation bot used on Discord servers which helps to keep the server clean and running smoothly. It has a variety of moderation features such as auto-moderation, role management, and the ability to blacklist or mute words and phrases.

However, when it comes to IP banning, Dyno does not currently offer this feature. If you are looking for a way to block someone’s IP on your Discord server, you could consider using a third-party IP banning service or creating custom IP rules on your server.

What’s the Discord bot?

Discord bots are programs that are built to automatically perform a specific task in a Discord server. Bots are used to help with server moderation, perform website actions, automatically post images, videos, and other content, and even provide music streaming services.

Discord bots can range from simple one-task bots, to more complex bots that have multiple functions. They can be used to help moderate servers, perform website actions, post images, videos, and other content, and even provide music streaming services.

Discord bots are a great way to help take the load off of server admins and moderators, and they can help to keep things running smoothly. Bots are easy to set up, and they help to make server management a much simpler task.

Can dyno bot ban people?

Yes, Dyno Bot can ban people from your Discord server. The moderation feature gives server admins the ability to ban users that may be causing trouble or otherwise going against the rules. The bot has a built-in ban command that can be used to quickly ban users from your server.

To ban someone, an admin simply needs to type “!ban [username or user ID]” into the server chat. This will then cause the bot to ban the specified user from the server. The user that is being banned will also be sent a DM stating why they were banned and by whom.

Dyno also has customizable settings that allow admins to control how long a user is banned and what happens after a user is banned.

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