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How do I remind myself to eat?

First, try to set a regular routine for meals and snacks, and stick to it. Establish regular times each day when you plan to have a meal or snack and set an alarm or reminder on your phone, calendar, or other device.

You can also set reminders the night before to help you remember. Additionally, try to keep healthy, energy-filled snacks like fruits, nuts, and other carbohydrates on hand to help you stay energized throughout the day.

Having healthy, convenient items available will make it easier to grab something throughout the day. You can also try to pair physical activity with a meal or snack, like eating right after a workout or yoga class.

Making small changes in your routine can help you remember to eat, and also help you to make healthier choices.

Is EatWise free?

No, EatWise is not free; it is a subscription-based meal planning and nutrition tracking service. For an annual fee, members gain access to customized meal plans, nutritional guidance, grocery lists, the ability to track their meals, and more.

The annual fee varies depending on the type of subscription plan. There is an annual membership package and a special seasonal plan available. The annual membership includes 3 months of meal guidance, and the seasonal plan provides 4 weeks of meal guidance.

Does Google have a food diary app?

Yes, Google does have a food diary app available on Android and iOS devices. The app’s official name is Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking. It is a free app that allows users to track their food intake, physical activity, and weight, with the goal of improving their overall health and fitness.

Users can easily log their meals, snacks, and drinks with a few clicks, as well as track the calories in their meals. Additionally, users can customize their own health goals, such as a certain number of calories to consume in a day, or the types of food that they want to track.

With the app, users will be able to view their food history, set goals, and track their progress over time to help them stay on track.

How do you use the EatWise app?

EatWise is an app that provides users with tools and insights to help them achieve a healthier eating lifestyle. It’s easy to use and can be personalized to each user’s individual diet and health goals.

To use the app, start by downloading it from the App Store or Google Play. Once you open it, you can create a free account or log in if you already have one. You can complete the sign-up process by connecting the app to your social accounts like Facebook and Google.

The next step is to set your health goals. You can choose to track your food intake, set a calorie goal, get reminders to stay on track, and more. Once you’re set up, EatWise provides you with real-time insights on your food intake and progress towards your goals.

The app helps you track your food intake by monitoring your meals for calories, fat, protein, and more. You can also scan barcodes on food products to get nutritional information, as well as receive personalized nutrition recommendations.

You can also use the app to set up reminders of when to eat, drink water, go to the gym, and track your workouts. The app also provides tailored recipes so you can discover healthy dishes to enjoy.

Finally, you can access detailed charts and insights to review and compare your daily activity. You can also connect with nutrition experts and health professionals for more tailored advice.

Overall, EatWise is an easy-to-use app that makes eating well simple and enjoyable. With its features and insights, you can reach your nutritional goals in no time.

What is time2eat app?

The time2eat app is a useful tool for anyone who is looking to simplify their meals and make meal planning a breeze. This app allows users to plan out their meals for the week or month in advance, set reminder notifications, and quickly search for recipes all in one place.

Using the time2eat app, users can easily keep track of their grocery list and shopping trips, manage their budget, and view nutrition information for each meal. They can search for specific recipes using keywords and narrow down results with filters such as cuisine, dietary needs, and cook time.

Plus, the app provides users with suggestions for new recipes to try, making it easier to stay out of a meal rut.

The best part about time2eat is that it’s free. So, you can begin planning and organizing your meals right away with no cost! The app is available on both iOS and Android devices, and it can also sync with web and desktop versions.

What app is for Optavia?

Optavia is an app that supports a whole food-based lifestyle. It helps people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle make better choices and keep track of their goals. The app provides a comprehensive nutrition and wellness program including personalized diet plans, recipes, and tips on how to make better choices.

It also offers reminders and rewards for users who complete their goals. Through the app, people can join communities to connect with fellow health enthusiasts, as well as experts in diet and nutrition.

Additionally, users can track their progress and receive customized recommendations on how to reach their goals. The app also provides professional guidance from dieticians, nutritionists and health coaches.

How much is Optavia monthly?

The cost of the Optavia program varies depending on the plan and the amount of food you would like to purchase each month. The average cost of their 5 and 1 plan, which consists of 5 fuelings, one lean and green meal, and wellness coach guidance, is around $425/month.

However, the cost could be higher or lower depending on the food items you select and whether or not you choose to add more fuelings or snacks to your plan. If you choose to go on any of their specialty plans, such as the Metabolic or Mindful plan, the cost would increase due to the specialized meals and snacks that come with those plans.

Additionally, Optavia also offers their ‘Optavia Fuelings Plus’ plan, which allows you to customize your fuelings with additional snacks and snacks with probiotics. The cost of this plan is based on how many fuelings and snacks are included.

What does it cost to become an Optavia coach?

Becoming an Optavia coach is a great way to help clients achieve their health and wellness goals while also creating a successful business. The cost of becoming an Optavia coach varies depending on how you become an Optavia coach.

There are three main options: 1) become an independent coach, 2) join an existing coach’s practice, or 3) become a corporate coach.

If you choose to become an independent Optavia coach, you must purchase the Optavia coach starter kit. The starter kit includes a one-time cost of $79.00, which covers the cost of business training and coaching materials.

You will also have the opportunity to earn a commission on all of your sales.

If you choose to join an existing coach’s practice, you will need to pay a portion of his/her overhead costs and commission structure that are shared amongst all coach partners. The cost of joining an existing coach’s practice will depend on the costs associated with the practice and any additional fees that are required.

Lastly, if you choose to become a corporate Optavia coach, there is an additional fee of $3,000 that is required prior to beginning your coaching services. As a corporate Optavia coach, you will also be eligible to receive a commission on all of your sales, up to 25%.

Each option for becoming an Optavia coach has its own cost associated with it, and it is important to consider all of the costs, as well as the benefits, before making your final decision.

How do I connect to OPTAVIA CONNECT?

To get started with OPTAVIA CONNECT, you’ll need to log in to your account. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one by visiting

Once you’ve logged in with your username and password, you’ll be taken to the home page. Here, you’ll find several options for how to connect to your friends, coaches, and mentors.

The first option is to add people as ‘friends’, which is a great way to stay connected with others on the program. All you need to do is search for their username or email address, and you can request to connect with them.

They will then be able to view your profile and send messages.

The second option is to join a coaching group. Through this feature, you can join a group of coaches who have already provided their guidance and support. You can join a group by searching for a specific group, or you can request to join a group of your choice.

Once you’ve joined a group, you can connect with the coaches and receive messages directly.

The third option is to join a mentor group. This feature allows you to connect with experienced OPTAVIA Mentors who can provide further guidance and advice on your journey. You can join a mentor group by searching for a specific Mentor or selecting from existing mentor groups.

To keep track of your progress, you can log your weight, meals, and other activities on the ‘Tracking’ page. Here, you can also view your past progress and stay motivated by viewing your progress over time.

Finally, if you ever need help or have a question, you can access the ‘Help’ page for more information. Here, you can find helpful articles, videos, and FAQs about the program.

Overall, OPTAVIA CONNECT makes it easy to connect with your friends, coaches, and mentors and stay on track with your journey to Optimal Health.

What are the different levels of Optavia coaches?

Optavia coaches are certified professionals that provide supportive guidance, motivation, and expertise in helping individuals reach their health goals. They also provide education and coaching in the Optavia lifestyle and its connected Habits of Health System.

Optavia coaches are divided into four levels that correspond with their years of experience and training. Each level of Optavia coach has completed specialized training and education on the Optavia program and can provide different levels of expertise to support clients in their individual health and wellness journeys.

The four Optavia coaching levels are:

1. Certified Level 1 Optavia Coaches. Level 1 coaches are Optavia’s most veteran coaches and typically have five or more years of experience. They are experienced health and wellness specialists who have earned certification through Optavia’s Level 1 Coaching Certification Program, which focuses on the philosophy, principles and practice of the Optavia approach.

They are the most experienced and knowledgeable practitioners in the Optavia system and provide comprehensive support to clients.

2. In-Depth Coaches. In-depth coaches have completed the Level 2 Coaching Certification Program. This program is focused on the deeper complexities of the Optavia protocol and provides coaches with the tools needed to provide in-depth health and wellness coaching in order to prevent and reverse lifestyle, weight, and metabolic-related health conditions.

3. Specialty Coaches. Specialty coaches have the highest level of knowledge and expertise. They have completed the Level 3 Coaching Certification Program, which sets the standards for clinical coaching in the areas of diabetes, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular health, and metabolic syndrome.

Specialty coaches are a great resource for clients with more complex health needs.

4. Master Coaches. Master coaches have obtained certification and recognition as masters of the Optavia system. This certification requires significant experience as an Optavia coach, including at least three years of consistent coaching practice and delivery of Optavia program protocols.

Master coaches can help to identify root causes of illness, provide lifestyle improvement strategies, and offer consultation on the implementation of Optavia’s Habits of Health System.

By having four levels of Optavia coaches, clients can be best supported in their individual health and wellness journeys with the most knowledgeable and experienced Optavia health practitioners.

Can I change my coach on Optavia?

Yes, you can change your coach on Optavia. In order to change your coach, you’ll need to reach out to Optavia Support. You’ll need to provide information such as your full name, address, and Optavia username.

The person on the other end will then transfer your information to a new coach and provide you with the new coach’s contact information. If you’d like to transfer your information to a new coach, it is important to be specific about the reason for the transfer and your expectations from the new coach.

The more specific information you provide about your goals and needs, the better the experience will be for both you and your new coach.