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How do I scan my Mega Millions ticket on Android?

Scanning your Mega Millions ticket on an Android device is a quick and easy way to check if you have a winning ticket. With a few simple steps, you can use your Android’s camera to scan the barcode on your Mega Millions ticket and find out if you have won a prize.

The Mega Millions lottery draws take place every Tuesday and Friday night in the United States. Tickets can be purchased from authorized retailers in 45 states, the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands. The Mega Millions jackpot starts at $40 million and continues to grow until someone wins. Secondary prizes range from $1 million to $2 depending on how many numbers you match.

When you purchase a Mega Millions ticket, it is printed with a unique barcode that contains information about the specific ticket. This barcode is linked to the ticket in the Mega Millions database. By scanning this barcode, you can instantly look up the ticket details and any prizes associated with it.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to scan your Mega Millions ticket on an Android device:


To scan your Mega Millions ticket on an Android device, you will need:

– An Android smartphone or tablet with a working camera and data connection.

– The official Mega Millions app installed on your device. This can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

– Your original Mega Millions ticket purchased from an authorized retailer. Scans will only work on official Mega Millions tickets, not photocopies.

Step 1 – Download the Mega Millions App

The first step is to download the official Mega Millions app to your Android device. You can find this on the Google Play Store by searching for “Mega Millions”. The app is published by the Mega Millions lottery and allows you to scan and check tickets.

Here are the steps to download the app:

1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.

2. Search for “Mega Millions”.

3. Look for the app published by the Mega Millions Lottery and tap “Install”.

4. Accept any requested permissions.

5. Wait for the app to finish downloading and installing.

6. You can then open the Mega Millions app from your device’s home screen or app drawer.

Downloading the official app is required to scan your tickets. Third party apps will not have access to the Mega Millions ticket database.

Step 2 – Open the Mega Millions App

Once you have the Mega Millions app installed, open it by tapping the app icon on your home screen or in your list of apps.

When you launch the app, you may need to accept a few permission requests for things like your camera and storage access. Grant these permissions so that the app can scan tickets and store images.

You should now see the main Mega Millions app screen with different options to check results, view current jackpots, play various games, and more.

Step 3 – Tap the “Scan Ticket” Button

The next step is to access the ticket scanning feature within the app.

On the main screen of the Mega Millions app, look for and tap the “Scan Ticket” button. This will open up the scanner interface.

If you do not see the scan button, try tapping the hamburger menu icon in the top-left corner to open the side menu. The scan ticket option may be located there.

Step 4 – Align the Barcode in the Viewfinder

With the barcode scanner open, you now need to physically line up your ticket so its barcode is visible in the viewfinder.

Hold your Mega Millions ticket in front of your device’s rear camera so the barcode is flat and clearly visible on screen. Make sure the entire barcode is within the scanning box outline.

The scanner works best when there is good lighting on the ticket and no shadows or reflections. Move the ticket closer or further as needed until the barcode is lined up cleanly.

Step 5 – Tap the Capture Button

Once your Mega Millions ticket barcode is aligned within the scanner viewfinder, tap the “Capture” button at the bottom of the screen.

This will trigger the camera to scan the barcode. Make sure to hold the ticket steady until the scan completes.

In optimal conditions, the barcode should scan instantly. The app will then quickly process the data before displaying the results.

If the scan failed, try realigning the ticket and tapping “Capture” again. The scanner sometimes needs a few tries to read the barcode correctly.

Step 6 – View Scan Results

After a successful scan of your ticket, the app will display the official results and any prizes associated with that ticket.

If your ticket is a winner, you will see the prize amount highlighted. This could be the jackpot, or a smaller prize for matching some of the Mega Millions numbers.

If your ticket is not a winner, the app will say “Sorry – this ticket did not win a prize.”

The app also saves a digital copy of your scanned ticket for your records. You can view all your scanned tickets in the app under the “My Tickets” section.

And that’s it! Those 6 steps will allow you to easily scan any Mega Millions ticket using the official app on Android. You can instantly check results instead of having to wait for lottery drawings.

Tips for Successful Scanning

Follow these tips to ensure your Mega Millions tickets scan properly:

– Hold the ticket completely flat when lining up the barcode. Avoid tilting or bending tickets.

– Position the ticket between 4-8 inches from the camera for best focus. Avoid scanning at awkward angles.

– Scan tickets in a well-lit area for optimum barcode reading. Avoid shadows on the barcode.

– Clean barcode area with microfiber cloth if smudged. Fingerprints or dirt can interfere.

– Try scanning at different angles or distances if having trouble. Move around until scanner can read it.

– Check that the entire barcode and numbers below are visible in the viewfinder before scanning.

– Confirm the app says “Scanned successfully!” before moving the ticket away. Repeat scan if needed.

Troubleshooting Guide

In some cases, you may encounter issues while trying to scan your Mega Millions ticket on Android. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Issue: App fails to scan ticket barcode.

– Realign the ticket and ensure barcode is flat in viewfinder.
– Clean ticket surface and scan again in better lighting.
– Try holding the ticket slightly further or closer to camera.
– Confirm barcode area is not damaged, torn or incorrectly printed.
– Attempt scan using a different Android device as some cameras may have issues.

Issue: Scan completes but does not show correct results.

– Double check you have an official Mega Millions ticket, not another lottery or photocopy.
– Contact Mega Millions support to report issue with scanned ticket data.
– Rescan ticket in case of temporary glitch with barcode lookup.
– Confirm ticket was purchased within valid timeframe and has not expired.

Issue: Winning ticket scan says “Sorry – this ticket did not win.”

– Contact Mega Millions support to investigate erroneous scan result.
– Confirm ticket matches numbers from official draw results.
– Take winning ticket to authorized retailer for traditional validation process.
– Retry scanning ticket using a different Android device in case of app error.

In rare cases where the mobile app fails to validate a winning ticket, you can still go through the standard claims process by presenting the physical ticket to lottery officials. Contact customer support for assistance if technical issues persist.

Scanning Tickets from Other Lotteries

The official Mega Millions app on Android can only scan and validate Mega Millions lottery tickets. It does not have barcode scanning capability for other major lottery games in the US.

To scan tickets from lotteries like Powerball, MegaBucks or state-specific draw games, you would need to download the official app for that particular lottery brand. Most of them have their own mobile apps with barcode scanners able to verify tickets purchased from that specific organization.

Make sure to only use the official app published by whichever lottery offered the ticket you want to check. This ensures correct validation and prevents scanning issues. Most lottery apps are available for free on the Google Play Store.

Claiming Prizes

Once you have confirmed your Mega Millions ticket is a winner by scanning it, you will need to officially claim your prize by following these steps:

1. Sign the back of the winning ticket immediately to secure it. This prevents anyone else from trying to claim your prize.

2. Safely store the signed ticket until ready to claim. Many experts recommend making copies in case something happens to the original.

3. Contact the Mega Millions lottery directly to start the prize claims process and get detailed instructions.

4. Form a legal entity to claim the prize if playing as part of a group. Decide how to allocate shares beforehand.

5. Provide photo ID, social security info, winning ticket and tax forms to Mega Millions.

6. Optionally consult legal and financial experts to assist with managing your windfall responsibly. This can help prevent issues.

7. Wait for your claim to be verified and the prize payment processed. Payout timeframes vary by jurisdiction.

Be sure to redeem Mega Millions prizes within the required claiming period, which can be 180 days to 1 year depending on where the ticket was purchased. Act fast after scanning a winning ticket so you do not miss the redemption deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about scanning Mega Millions tickets on Android devices:

Can I scan my ticket before the drawing?

No, scanning a ticket prior to the drawing will not reveal if it is a winner. The results will only be accessible after the drawing occurs and winning numbers are selected.

Is there a scanning app for iPhone?

Yes, the official Mega Millions app is available for iOS devices on the App Store. The scanning process is very similar.

What if my ticket won’t scan?

If your ticket fails to scan, ensure the barcode is not damaged. Contact Mega Millions support for further assistance to validate the ticket.

Can retailers scan my tickets too?

Many authorized Mega Millions retailers have barcode scanners that can also check your tickets instore. Ask your local retailer if they offer this.

Do I still need the physical ticket after scanning?

Yes, the physical ticket is still required to claim any prizes. The digital scan alone is not sufficient if you win.

How long do I have to claim a prize?

Prize claiming deadlines range from 180 days to 1 year from the draw date, depending on where you purchased the ticket. Check details on the Mega Millions website for the jurisdiction your ticket came from.

Warnings About Third Party Apps

When scanning lottery tickets, it is highly recommended to only use the official app published by Mega Millions or whichever lottery is associated with your ticket.

Beware of any third party apps in app stores claiming to scan lotto tickets. These may be scams trying to obtain your personal information or display incorrect results. To properly validate tickets and prizes, always stick to the official lottery organization’s own app.

Avoid apps that ask for credit card details or charge “activation fees” to scan tickets. Legitimate lottery apps do not require payments or ask for financial information. Also beware of apps with low review ratings or anonymous developers.

For complete peace of mind, take any potential winning tickets to an authorized state lottery retailer or claims center to have them professionally validated. This prevents any scanning issues or fraud.

Security Tips for Mobile Lottery Apps

When using the official Mega Millions app or any lottery app to scan tickets, keep in mind these security best practices:

– Avoid entering any sensitive personal or payment data into lottery apps. Most do not need this.

– Only download the lottery app from official stores like Google Play and Apple App Store. Ignore links from unknown sources.

– Check app permissions and make sure they seem reasonable for the purpose. Camera access is expected but anything suspicious should be questioned.

– Keep your device operating system and security software up-to-date. Outdated devices are more vulnerable to risks.

– Lottery apps do not need access to unrelated functions like SMS or contacts. Decline if requested.

– Password protect your device and consider fingerprint or facial recognition for quick access. Never leave a device unlocked.

– Review privacy policies to understand what data may be collected and stored by any app.

– Delete lottery apps you no longer use. Don’t keep them installed longer than necessary.


Scanning Mega Millions tickets using the official mobile app for Android is a quick, easy way to check if you are a winner. Simply download the app, align your ticket barcode in the viewfinder, tap to scan, and view the results. This beats having to wait for drawings or drive to retailers to validate tickets in-person.

To recap, here are some key tips to remember:

– Only official lottery apps can validate tickets. Avoid any third party options.

– Ensure barcode is clearly visible before scanning to optimize success rate.

– Confirm “Scanned successfully” message appears after scanning. Rescan if needed.

– Signed physical ticket is still required later to actually claim winnings.

– Follow all security measures to keep your device and account safe when using any lottery app.

So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy those Mega Millions tickets and start scanning away to see if you become the next big jackpot winner! Just don’t forget about us when you claim millions with the help of this guide. We wish you the best of luck!