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How do I turn sound on Reddit app?

In order to turn on sound in the Reddit app, you first need to make sure that your device’s audio settings are properly configured. To do this, open your device’s settings and check that the audio/sound settings are set to ‘On’ or ‘Enabled’.

Once this is done, open the Reddit app and navigate to Settings. Here, you will find a toggle for ‘Audio/Sound’. Make sure that this toggle is switched to ‘On’ or ‘Enabled’. You should now be able to hear audio from posts within the Reddit app.

Why does Reddit have no audio?

Reddit does not currently have any audio features built into its platform. This is likely because Reddit is primarily a text-based platform that encourages active, engaging conversation amongst members of the community.

There are so many subreddits with different communities of users, some of which could be easily disrupted with audio posts. Furthermore, audio posts would not be as easily searchable as text posts, which would make finding content more difficult for users.

Additionally, Reddit’s user base mostly consists of desktop and mobile users, so providing audio features would require building an additional app specifically for mobile devices. All of these factors likely contributed to Reddit’s decision not to implement audio features on its platform.

How do you fix no sound on mobile Reddit?

If you’re experiencing no sound while using the mobile Reddit app, there are a few steps you can take to try to fix it.

First, make sure that your device is not in silent or vibration mode, as either of these settings can mute sound for all apps. You can toggle the sound on your phone by finding the volume settings in your device’s menu.

Second, double-check that the sound is enabled for the Reddit app. Open the Reddit app and then go to your settings from the menu in the upper-right corner. Under the ‘Settings’ option, navigate to ‘Sound & Notifications’ and make sure the ‘Mute App’ setting is disabled.

Third, force quitting the app and restarting it can sometimes fix the no sound issue. To do this, tap the Recent Apps button on your device and then scroll down and select the Reddit app. Tap the ‘X’ to force the app to close.

Then reopen the app and see if the sound has been restored.

If the sound still isn’t working, try clearing the app data. This will reset the app, erasing any changes that have been made but not affecting your log-in credentials. To clear the data, go to your device’s Settings > Apps > Reddit > Storage > Clear Data.

Finally, if the above steps fail, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Make sure that you remember your login information, as you will need it to log in after the reinstallation process is complete.

Fixing no sound on mobile Reddit may require some patience and experimentation, but hopefully one of the steps outlined above will solve the issue.

What is quiet audio mode in Reddit?

Quiet Audio Mode is a feature on Reddit that helps to make conversations more manageable by reducing the amount of audio notifications you receive. It’s designed primarily for users who use the site frequently, and are receiving an overwhelming amount of sound notifications.

Quiet Audio Mode mutes all audio notifications except those that are sent directly to you or to a subreddit or group you’ve joined. It’s a great way to stay up to date on conversations and content without being overwhelmed by sound notifications.

Why are Reddit videos not playing?

There could be several reasons why Reddit videos are not playing. One possibility is that the video is not loading properly, or the web page hosting the video was maliciously edited. It may also be that Reddit is having an issue with displaying the video due to a server issue.

Another possibility could be that the video may have been removed due to copyright infringement or other reasons. Additionally, if the video was posted using a third-party service like YouTube, it is possible that the video was taken down by that service.

Lastly, if the video is a GIF, it could be that a Chrome extension, such as GIFV, is blocking it from playing. To resolve the issue, it is recommended to try refreshing the web page where the video is located and reloading the browser.

If that does not fix the issue, it is advised to contact Reddit for assistance.

How do I enable NSFW on Reddit iPhone?

To enable NSFW content on a Reddit app for an iPhone, the first step is to locate the desired Reddit account and sign into it. Once logged in, click on the menu icon, typically located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Select the option “User Settings” from the list. This will navigate to the account settings page. Under the section labeled Content Options, make sure the check box next to “Disable NSFW Content” is unchecked.

Additionally, if you would like to hide/remove NSFW content that has already been seen, the “Hide Previously Viewed NSFW Content” check box can also be checked. Once the desired options have been selected, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

You should now have enabled NSFW content on your Reddit app.

How do I get rid of NSFW blur on Reddit?

If the NSFW blur is due to the content of the Reddit post, the only way to get rid of the blur is to mark the post as “Not Safe For Work. ” To do this, click the “Mark as Not Safe for Work” link at the bottom of the post, below the comments.

This will indicate that the content of the post is not appropriate for work, which will cause the blur to be removed. If you choose not to do this, the blur will remain. However, this may happen even if the content is marked as “safe for work.

” In this case, Reddit’s moderation team may need to manually remove the blur. You can contact them in the Reddit Help Center.

Why has Reddit got no sound?

Reddit has no sound because they are an online platform where users can submit, comment and share content without audio. Redditors can post text, images, videos, audio files, and even links to other websites on Reddit.

However, sound or audio is not be a source Reddit typically hosts or encourages users to post – therefore, Reddit does not have any sound or audio capabilities.

Reddit does, however, permit users to post their own sounds and audio files, but these will likely not be heard within Reddit itself, but can be downloaded to be heard elsewhere. Reddit also allows users to post links to external sites, such as SoundCloud and YouTube, which contain audio.

How do I fix my Reddit sound on my phone?

If you’re having trouble with the sound not working on your Reddit app on your phone, the first thing you should do is to make sure that your sound is not muted and that your volume is turned up. If it is, adjust the settings and try again.

If that doesn’t work, you should try restarting your phone and then checking the sound again. You can also try closing the Reddit app completely and then reopening it.

If you have tried all of the above tips and are still having trouble with the sound, you might need to check for updates for your Reddit app. Go to the app store and search for any updates that might be available.

Once you install the updates, the sound should work correctly.

If none of those tips work, then you should consider resetting the app to the factory settings. This should fix any bugs or issues you might be having with the app. Just be sure to back up your data before doing a full reset.

Hopefully one of these tips will help you fix the sound issue on your Reddit app on your phone!