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How do you check Texas two step?

The Texas Two Step is a popular lottery game run by the Texas Lottery. Twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, Texans get a chance to win huge jackpots by matching all four winning numbers in exact order. With Two Step jackpots starting at $200,000 and frequently climbing into the millions, it’s no wonder that the game has become a Lone Star State favorite.

Introduction to Texas Two Step

The Texas Two Step lottery was launched in 2003. To play, you pick four numbers from 1 to 35. Then for an extra $1, you can add an additional number, the Bonus Ball, also from 1 to 35. There are 13 different ways to win prizes in Texas Two Step, with prizes starting at matching just the Bonus Ball number.

Texas Two Step drawings are held every Monday and Thursday at 10:12pm CT. Tickets can be purchased until 10:02pm CT on drawing nights. Each Two Step play costs $1 per play, or $2 if you include the Bonus Ball option. Tickets can be purchased from any Texas Lottery retailer, or through the lottery’s website.

Like all Texas Lottery games, a portion of Texas Two Step sales goes towards public education in the state. Since the game began in 2003, Texas Two Step has contributed over $163 million to the Foundation School Fund.

How to Play Texas Two Step

Playing Two Step is easy. First, pick four numbers from 1 to 35. You can choose your own lucky numbers, or use Quick Pick and let the computer terminal randomly select numbers for you. Each play costs $1.

Next, for an additional $1 per play, you can add the Bonus Ball option. This adds a fifth number, also from 1 to 35, to your ticket. Adding the Bonus Ball gives you more chances to win, including winning prizes just for matching the Bonus Ball number alone.

You can play up to 10 draws in advance when you purchase Texas Two Step tickets in person. When you purchase online at the Texas Lottery website, you can play up to 20 draws ahead.

Once you’ve picked your four main numbers and optional Bonus Ball, your ticket is good for the next drawing. Texas Two Step drawings are held twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays, at 10:12pm CT.

How to Win Texas Two Step Prizes

There are 13 ways to win playing Texas Two Step. Prizes range from $2 for matching just the Bonus Ball, up to the jackpot for matching all four main numbers and the Bonus Ball in exact order. The various Texas Two Step prizes are:

  • Match 5: Jackpot prize – match all 4 main numbers and the Bonus Ball. Starting jackpot is $200,000.
  • Match 4: $2,500
  • Match 3+Bonus Ball: $350
  • Match 3: $50
  • Match 2+Bonus Ball: $20
  • Match 1+Bonus Ball: $10
  • Match 0+Bonus Ball: $2

The overall odds of winning any Texas Two Step prize are about 1 in 32.6. However, the odds of winning the jackpot are much tougher, at around 1 in 1,832,000.

Where to Buy Texas Two Step Tickets

You can buy Texas Two Step tickets at any of the over 20,000 Texas Lottery retailers across the state. Most convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores sell lottery tickets. Just look for the familiar Texas Lottery logo and signage.

When you go to purchase tickets, tell the clerk how many plays you want, and whether you want to add the Bonus Ball option to each play. You can pay for Two Step tickets with cash, debit cards, and credit cards. The lottery terminal will automatically generate and print out your ticket with your numbers.

In addition to in-person retailers, you can also play the Texas Two Step online. On the Texas Lottery website, you can create an account and buy tickets for any draw. You can also check winning numbers, view current jackpots, and manage ticket subscriptions.

How to Claim Texas Two Step Prizes

Once you have a winning Texas Two Step ticket, you will need to claim your prize. For prizes under $600, you can typically cash in your ticket at any Texas Lottery retailer. Just have them scan your ticket to validate it, and they can pay out the amount you have won.

For larger prizes of $600 or more, you will need to claim your prize directly from the Texas Lottery. To start the claims process, sign the back of your winning Two Step ticket immediately. This helps establish ownership. Then, you have a couple options to redeem your prize:

  • Present your winning ticket at any Texas Lottery claim center. You will be required to complete a claim form for tax purposes.
  • Complete a claim form online and mail in the original signed ticket to the Texas Lottery headquarters. Your check will be mailed to you once validated.

You have 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim Texas Two Step prizes. Be sure to check your tickets promptly after drawings so you don’t miss out on any winnings!

How to Check Texas Two Step Results

There are a few easy ways to check the winning Texas Two Step numbers after each drawing:

  • Texas Lottery website – View the latest results at Winning numbers are posted immediately after each drawing.
  • Mobile app – Download the Official Texas Lottery Results app for iPhone or Android to get winning Two Step numbers.
  • Winning numbers hotline – Call 800-375-6886 to hear an automated voice recording of the latest numbers.
  • Lottery retailers – Ask your retailer to scan your ticket or print the latest results printout.
  • Newspapers/websites – Many local newspapers and news websites display Texas Lottery results the day after drawings.

It’s a good idea to check your numbers across multiple sources to confirm you have the right winning numbers. Some ways to check include your own ticket, the lottery website, mobile app, hotline, local news outlets, and in person with a retailer when cashing in.

Current Texas Two Step Winning Numbers

Here are the winning numbers from the most recent Texas Two Step drawings:

Monday, October 9 Drawing

4, 13, 17, 29 Bonus Ball: 21

Thursday, October 12 Drawing

7, 15, 23, 35 Bonus Ball: 10

Ways to Improve Your Chances

While the outcome of each Texas Two Step drawing is random, there are some strategies you can use to maximize your odds and potential winnings:

  • Buy multiple tickets – The more number combinations you play, the better your odds. But only gamble what you can afford to lose.
  • Join a lottery pool or syndicate to share costs and any potential prizes.
  • Use special numbers like birthdays rather than quick picks.
  • Always add the Bonus Ball option for more chances to win.
  • Play consecutive draws to participate in more games.
  • Use lottery number analysis tools to find “hot” and “cold” number patterns.
  • Purchase when the jackpot is higher to win bigger prizes.

While the specific numbers you pick don’t actually change your mathematical odds, some people do prefer to play certain meaningful numbers. Ultimately, playing regularly, whether with favorite numbers or quick picks, is the key to having more shots to win.

Tips for Playing Responsibly

Playing the lottery is meant to be fun, but remember to always gamble responsibly. Here are a few tips:

  • Set a budget for lottery spending and stick to it. Never chase losses.
  • Only use discretionary income. Don’t spend money needed for necessities like rent.
  • Play for entertainment, not as a way to make money.
  • Balance lottery play with other hobbies and activities.
  • Don’t borrow money to play the lottery.
  • Winning numbers are random – no strategy can guarantee a jackpot win.
  • Seek help if you feel you have a gambling problem.

Playing Texas Two Step can be an exciting way to dream big 2 days a week. Just remember to play responsibly and within your budget.

Texas Two Step Jackpots

Part of the appeal of Texas Two Step is the chance to win jackpots starting at $200,000. Here are some of the biggest Texas Two Step jackpots won so far:

Date Winning Numbers Jackpot
August 18, 2016 2-5-14-33 BB: 4 $5.05 million
May 29, 2009 1-10-20-34 BB: 2 $8.5 million
September 1, 2005 4-12-17-21 BB:8 $13.5 million

Texas Two Step jackpots start at $200,000 for a minimum win. If there are no jackpot winners for a period of time, the top prize rolls over and grows for subsequent drawings. To date, the biggest Texas Two Step jackpot was $13.5 million in 2005!

Notable Texas Two Step Winners

Here are some interesting stories about past big winners of the Texas Two Step lottery:

Houston Nurse Wins $3.25 Million Jackpot

In June 2018, a Houston woman won a $3.25 million jackpot prize playing the Texas Two Step. The lucky winner was a nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Interestingly, she purchased the winning ticket at a gas station near the hospital while on her way to work. With her prize money, she planned to pay off her car loans and mortgage, and put the rest into savings for retirement.

Truck Driver Wins $5 Million Jackpot Twice

What are the odds of winning one Texas Two Step jackpot, let alone two? A truck driver from Odessa defied the odds in 2016-2017 by winning two $5 million top prizes. His first big win came in August 2016. Incredibly, less than a year later in May 2017, the lucky trucker matched all five numbers again to score a second $5 million jackpot prize. Talk about lucky!

College Station Man Wins $1 Million on Free Quick Pick

A College Station resident won $1 million playing the Texas Two Step with a free quick pick ticket back in 2010. When purchasing Powerball tickets, the clerk at his local store gave him a free Texas Two Step ticket. The free quick pick ended up matching all four winning numbers to bag the lucky man a $1 million prize. So remember – it could pay to take those free lottery tickets!

Laredo Woman Forgets Winning $1 Million Ticket

Imagine winning $1 million…then forgetting about the winning ticket for 6 months! That’s what happened to an office worker from Laredo in 2018. She purchased a Quick Pick ticket with numbers she dreamed about, including her husband and daughter’s birthdays. She ended up matching all four numbers to win $1 million but forgot she had the winning ticket stored in her purse. 6 months later, she found the ticket while cleaning out her bag and discovered her big win. The lesson: always check your tickets!

FAQs – How to Play and Win Texas Two Step

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about playing the Texas Two Step lottery:

How much does it cost to play Texas Two Step?

Each base play is $1. You can add the Bonus Ball option for an additional $1 per play. So a ticket with the Bonus Ball costs $2 total.

What days are the Texas Two Step drawings?

Drawings are held every Monday and Thursday night at 10:12pm CT.

What are the odds of winning Texas Two Step?

The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 32.6. The odds of winning the jackpot are around 1 in 1.8 million.

How do I claim a Texas Two Step prize?

Depending on the amount, you can claim at any Texas Lottery retailer or by mail/in person at Lottery headquarters. Be sure to sign your winning ticket!

How long do I have to claim a prize?

You have 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim your Texas Two Step prize.

What is the biggest Texas Two Step jackpot ever?

To date, the record jackpot is $13.5 million won on September 1, 2005.

Can I buy Texas Two Step tickets online?

Yes, you can purchase tickets online through the Texas Lottery website or mobile app.

Are Texas Two Step winnings taxable?

Yes, lottery prizes over $5,000 are subject to both federal and Texas state tax withholding. Take-home amounts depend on tax status.

Where does Texas Two Step lottery money go?

A portion of all Texas Lottery sales goes to the Foundation School Fund to support public education.


The Texas Two Step lottery provides fun and excitement to Texans twice a week. For just $2 per play, Two Step players get a chance to win jackpots starting at $200,000, up to potential millions. With multiple ways to win and 13 prize levels, the game offers good odds compared to other lotteries. Checking results is easy at official outlets like the Texas Lottery website, app, hotline, and local retailers. Overall, Texas Two Step gives Lone Star lottery lovers bang for their buck with big jackpots and Texan-sized dreams up for grabs a few nights a week.