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How do you delete channels on discord?

Deleting channels on Discord is a relatively simple process. Firstly, you must be an administrator of the server or have Manage Channels permission. To delete a channel, open the channel and click the three dots on the top right-hand corner.

There, you will find the option to delete the channel. You will then be presented with two options, either to soft-delete the channel or hard-delete it. Soft-deleting the channel means that it will still appear in the server list, but no one will be able to see or access it.

On the other hand, hard-deleting the channel will permanently remove it from the server. Keep in mind that if you choose to hard-delete a channel, no messages will be salvaged and it cannot be recovered.

Finally, there is also a chance to delete multiple channels at the same time by clicking on the category name, clicking the three dots, and selecting the ‘delete channels’ option at the bottom of the page.

What does a locked Discord channel mean?

A locked Discord channel means it’s closed off to any new members or messages. Only users with specific roles or permissions can join the channel and post messages to it. Generally, these locked channels are used for keeping sensitive information private, such as private conversations between moderators and other staff members.

Disabling the ability for anyone to join or view the channel without the necessary permissions helps ensure that this sensitive information is protected.

How do I get into the locked Discord channel?

In order to get into a locked Discord channel, you will need to be given access by the channel owner or one of its moderators. Once you have been given access, you can join the channel by first clicking the channel name on the left-hand side of the Discord app.

This will open up the information window for that particular channel. Within the information window, you will have the option to “join” the channel. This will send a request to the channel owner or one of its moderators and you will be added to the channel.

Once you’ve been added to the channel, you will be able to view and post messages in the channel.

Is BetterDiscord allowed?

The short answer is “it depends”. It has not been officially endorsed or acknowledged by Discord, so the official stance is that it is not allowed. That said, many people do use BetterDiscord and have for years.

At the same time, those who use it should be aware that it is technically not allowed and could lead to your account being suspended, banned, or otherwise restricted. If you choose to use it, use it at your own risk.

Is there a way to mass delete discord channels?

Yes, it is possible to mass delete discord channels by using a bot. Bots are automated programs that perform a variety of tasks such as managing channels, sending messages to other users, and performing bulk operations such as deleting channels.

To delete a channel, you’ll need to add a bot to your server. But the most popular options are MEE6 and YAGPDB. Once you add the bot to your server, you can use its commands to delete multiple channels at once.

For example, MEE6 has a command “!MassDeleteChannels” that will delete multiple channels. On the other hand, YAGPDB has a command “yag delete channel” which allows you to specify the channels to be deleted.

After finding the bot that you are comfortable with, you will be able to use the bots’ commands to delete multiple channels at once.

Can Mee6 auto delete messages?

Yes, Mee6 does have the ability to auto delete messages. It can be configured through the moderation tab in the dashboard. You can set up auto delete with a specific time period, allowing you to set messages to delete after a certain span of time.

You can also set messages to delete as soon as they’re sent or delete messages that include certain words, links, or even mentions. Additionally, you can apply auto delete to all messages in specific channels, or setting up auto delete to delete messages older than a certain length of time.

What bot has the purge command?

The Discord bot which has the “purge” command is Mee6. This is a multipurpose bot that can be used to automate tasks. It can be used to moderate and manage chat channels, to give out rewards and leveling, to protect servers from raids, and to create and manage custom commands.

The purge command is used to quickly delete large numbers of messages and ensure that even those who leave the server are not able to access the messages. It is a great tool for server owners and moderators who want to keep their channels clean and organized.

How do you delete certain messages on MEE6?

To delete certain messages on MEE6, you will need to have administrator privileges or have the “Manage Messages” permission enabled on your server. If you have access to these permissions, you can delete messages using the following steps:

1. Log in to the Discord and navigate to your server.

2. Locate the Plus (+) sign icon next to the channel name, then click it.

3. Select the “Message” option from the menu that appears.

4. Click the three dots (…) icon next to the message you’d like to delete and select the “Delete message” option.

5. Confirm the message deletion by clicking the “Delete” button.

Alternatively, you can delete a message by right-clicking it and selecting the “Delete” option from the context menu. You can also delete all messages in a channel by navigating to the channel’s settings and selecting the option to “Delete channel messages”.

What are the MEE6 commands?

MEE6 is a moderation bot that helps The Discord server administrators manage their server. It can be used to manage and moderate chat, create commands for moderators to use, and create automated tasks for your server such as auto-roles.

MEE6 commands include:

• !add-points: Used to add points to a user’s account, and can be used to reward users for their participation in the server.

• !ban: Used to ban a user from the server.

• !clear: Used to delete multiple messages from the server, either set by a number of messages or time frame.

• !remind: Used to send a reminder to a user.

• !mute: Used to mute a user in the server, which prevents them from speaking in text channels or sending messages.

• !role: Used to assign roles to users quickly.

• !kick: Used to kick a user from the server.

• !temp-mute: Used to temporarily mute a user.

• !unmute: Used to unmute a previously muted user.

• !unban: Used to unban a previously banned user.

• !warn: Used to warn a user about their behavior.

• !lock: Used to lock a text channel to prevent users from sending messages.

• !unlock: Used to unlock a previously locked channel.

• !poll: Used to start a poll in the chat.

• !announce: Used to make an announcement in the server.

• !userinfo: Used to get information about a specific user.

• !say: Used to have the bot repeat your message in the channel.

• !help: Used to get information on using MEE6.

What can MEE6 do?

MEE6 is a powerful Discord moderation bot that helps you keep your community safe and make sure everyone is having a good time. It features a variety of moderation features such as auto-moderation, timed Bans, automated reactions, manually generated reactions, custom commands, and more.

It also has a variety of useful features such as music playing, server level logging, and more. MEE6 can be used to promote the moderation of your server, encourage positive behavior and interaction, and easily keep track of user activity.

It also includes several security features such as automized verification and anti-spam prevention. With all these features, MEE6 helps to create a fun and secure environment for everyone in your Discord server.

What’s the Discord bot?

Discord bots are computer programs that are coded using the Discord API to provide users with various features including moderation, music, game tracking, and more. Bots can be programmed to provide automated services, such as auto-moderation, welcome messages, private messaging, and even server administration.

Bots can also be programmed to provide custom commands, such as role management, music commands, and other various functions. The customization options are almost endless, and the bot you decide to use will depend on your needs and preferences.

Discord also has APIs for other languages such as Python and Java, as well as for creating game integrations, so you can use Discord to create an engaging chatbot or game-playing experience.

Is MEE6 an NFT?

No, MEE6 is not an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). MEE6 is a custom bot created for Discord that helps server admins manage their users and provide automated responses to commands. It is a separate entity from NFTs, which are digital assets that are unique in terms of ownership and authentication.

NFTs are typically used in gaming, art, and other digital collectibles. MEE6 is more of an automation tool for Discord and does not hold the same characteristics that NFTs possess.

What does MEE6 stand for?

MEE6 stands for Moderation and Entertainment Enhanced by 6. It is a moderation bot used to manage and automate features in a chat server, such as creating custom commands, setting up announcements, or automatically responding to certain thresholds.

The six in MEE6 refers to the six founders of the company which developed the bot. The bot is also able to do a variety of other things such as setting up moderation roles and assigning moderation levels for specific users.

It also has auto-moderation functions which can help manage trolls and track user activity. MEE6 is a great way for streamers, communities, and large Discord servers to moderate their channels effectively and efficiently.

Why can’t I delete a discord channel?

First, it may be that you don’t have the necessary permissions to do so. If a channel was created by someone else, they may not have given you the necessary permissions to make changes to it, including deleting it.

Another possibility is that the channel is part of a higher-level group, such as a server. If this is the case, the channel cannot be deleted unless the entire server is deleted as well.

Finally, there may be another technical reason preventing you from deleting a channel. For example, a “category” channel cannot be deleted if it contains any other channels. This is because deleting the category channel would delete all the channels inside of it.

Overall, there could be a variety of reasons why you cannot delete a channel on Discord. It is important to remember that only people with the necessary permissions will be able to make changes to or delete channels on Discord.

Does deleting a Discord account leave all servers?

No, deleting a Discord account does not automatically leave all the servers the user is a part of. When a user deletes their account, they will still appear in any server they are a member of and the server’s members list.

However the account holder will no longer have access to the servers and their avatar, username, and other profile information will be greyed out. The account holder’s old messages and posts will remain visible to other members, although they cannot start new conversations, post new reactions, or join voice and video calls.

In order to leave all of the servers they are a part of, the user will need to manually leave or be removed from each server before they delete their account.

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