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How do you enter for Florida Lottery bonus play?

There are a few quick ways to enter the Florida Lottery bonus play drawings. The first is to purchase a qualifying scratch-off ticket, which will have a bonus play entry code printed on the front. Simply enter that code on the Florida Lottery’s website or mobile app to be entered into the next applicable bonus play drawing. You can also enter bonus play drawings by joining the Florida Lottery’s Players Club. Members get automatic entries into select bonus play drawings. Finally, limited time bonus play promotions may allow you to enter without a purchase by mailing in an entry form or entering a code online.

What are the Florida Lottery bonus play drawings?

The Florida Lottery holds special bonus play drawings throughout the year that give players the chance to win prizes instantly without having to wait for a drawing. For most bonus play drawings, players enter by purchasing a qualifying $1-$20 scratch-off ticket that has a bonus play entry code printed on the front. There are usually 8-12 bonus play entry codes per ticket. Players then go online or use the mobile app to enter those codes to be included in the next applicable bonus play drawing.

Bonus play drawings are usually themed around seasonal events, holidays, or lottery promotions. For example, the Lottery may hold a summer bonus play promotion with vacation-themed prizes. Other bonus play drawings are tied to specific scratch-off games and only entries from those games can win. Drawings may award prizes to multiple winners such as free tickets or merchandise, or grand prizes like vacations, vehicles, or large cash amounts up to $1 million.

How do you enter bonus play codes?

To enter a bonus play code, you must first purchase a qualifying scratch-off ticket. Eligible games will have an entry code printed above the latex-covered play area on the front of the ticket. Most $1, $2, and $5 games have around 8 entry codes, while most $10 and $20 games have around 12. Here are the steps to enter codes:

  1. Visit and either register for an account or log in to your Players Club account.
  2. Click “Enter Bonus Play” in the menu bar and choose the applicable bonus play promotion.
  3. Enter your ticket numbers and entry codes. Make sure to enter carefully and double check.
  4. Ensure the number of entries matches what is printed on your ticket. Then click “Submit” to complete.

You can also enter codes using the Florida Lottery mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android. The process is the same, just select “Enter Bonus Play” from the main menu. Make sure to pay attention to the entry deadlines for each bonus play drawing you want to participate in.

What scratch-off games qualify you for bonus play?

Most scratch-off games qualify players for bonus play drawings. To identify eligible games look for the “Bonus Play” callout on the front of the ticket. This indicates there are bonus play entry codes printed above the play area. The Florida Lottery also announces which specific scratch-off games are included with each bonus play promotion. Typically, all current games $1 – $20 are eligible, with the exception of limited edition specialty prints. Here are some examples of current qualifying games:

Scratch-Off Price Sample Games
$1 Money Jar, Loose Change
$2 Neon 7s, Pot O’ Gold
$5 Money Rush, 50X The Cash
$10 Gold Rush Special Edition, $2,000,000 Jackpot
$20 $5,000,000 Luck, $10,000,000 Gold Rush

Again, always look for the “Bonus Play” callout on a game to confirm eligibility. If you’re unsure, check the Florida Lottery website or ask your local retailer.

How many bonus play entries can you get per ticket?

The number of bonus play entries per scratch-off ticket depends on the price point:

  • $1 tickets = 8 entries
  • $2 tickets = 8 entries
  • $5 tickets = 8 entries
  • $10 tickets = 12 entries
  • $20 tickets = 12 entries

So for a $20 scratch-off ticket purchased, you will have 12 unique bonus play entry codes printed on the front. You can enter each of those codes for 12 total entries into the next eligible bonus play drawing. The number of entries will always match the “Enter For” number printed on the front of the ticket.

How often do the Florida Lottery bonus play drawings occur?

The Florida Lottery holds bonus play drawings frequently throughout the year, but the schedule varies. Typically there is at least one $1 million drawing every month or two. Lower tier prize drawings awarding free tickets, merchandise, or smaller cash amounts occur more frequently.

Here is an overview of the Florida Lottery’s typical bonus play drawing schedule:

  • Bi-weekly drawings – Smaller $500 – $5,000 prize pools
  • Monthly drawings – $25,000 – $100,000 prize pools
  • Every 6 – 8 weeks – $250,000 – $1 million prize pools
  • 2 – 3 per year – $2 million – $5 million prize pools

Dates are announced ahead of time on the Lottery’s website and app. There is no set schedule, so check back frequently for updated bonus play drawing information.

Can you enter bonus play codes after buying tickets?

Yes, bonus play entry codes can be entered any time after purchasing a qualifying scratch-off ticket, provided the entry deadline has not passed. You do not have to enter codes immediately. Each bonus play drawing has a specific entry deadline, usually 1-3 days before the drawing date.

As long as you meet that deadline, you can enter codes from tickets purchased weeks or months ago. The Florida Lottery website lists the specific entry close date for each bonus play promotion. Just be sure to enter all your codes on time for the drawings you want to participate in.

Do you have to enter every bonus code?

No, you do not have to enter every single bonus play code from a qualifying ticket. Each code provides one entry into the next applicable drawing. You can enter as many or as few as you like, up to the maximum number printed on the ticket.

For example, if there are 8 codes on a $2 scratch-off, you could enter just 3 codes for 3 entries. There is no requirement to enter all 8. However, to maximize your chances in a drawing you will want to enter every code. But how many you ultimately enter is up to the player.

Can you win multiple prizes from one bonus play drawing?

Yes, it is possible to win more than one prize from the same Florida Lottery bonus play drawing. Some drawings award thousands of prizes, ranging from free tickets to vacations, cash, and vehicles. The odds of winning any prize depend on the number of entries in a drawing and how many winners will be selected.

The specific drawing rules will indicate if players can win multiple lower tier prizes. Typically, players are limited to only one top prize from a single drawing. But you could win both a lower prize and the grand prize. Odds increase with more entries, so enter all of your codes for the best chance at multiple wins.

What are the odds of winning FL bonus play drawings?

The odds of winning a prize in Florida Lottery bonus play drawings vary widely based on the size of the prize pool. Here are some typical odds ranges:

Prize Pool Odds Range
$1 million 1 in 750,000 to 1 in 3,000,000
$100,000 1 in 150,000 to 1 in 750,000
$25,000 1 in 15,000 to 1 in 75,000
$5,000 1 in 1,500 to 1 in 15,000

As you can see, your odds increase significantly the smaller the prize pool is. Of course, playing with more entries can help improve your chances. But odds are always long for the top prizes.

Can Players Club members get bonus play entries?

Yes, joining the Florida Lottery’s Players Club provides perks including bonus play entries. Players Club members get automatic bonus play entries for select drawings. The number of entries varies but is typically 5-10 per registered member.

These member-only bonus play promotions are in addition to those tied to purchasing scratch-off tickets. So Players Club is a great way to supplement your entries and increase odds beyond just buying tickets for codes. Sign up is free online or through the mobile app.

Do retailers or Lottery employees get bonus play entries?

No. Retailers who sell Lottery tickets and Lottery employees are prohibited from participating in any bonus play drawings. Their immediate family members are also ineligible. Only the general public that purchases qualifying scratch-off tickets can enter and win prizes from Florida Lottery bonus play drawings.

Can you enter bonus play codes from other states?

Unfortunately, no. Florida Lottery bonus play drawings can only accept entries from official FL scratch-off tickets purchased in Florida. Entry codes from other state lottery games cannot be entered into Florida’s drawings. You must buy tickets and play specifically in Florida to qualify.

Of course, residents of other states are welcome to come purchase Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets to have a chance to enter bonus play. But codes from non-Florida games are not valid.

Do bonus play prizes expire?

Yes. For Florida Lottery bonus play drawings, there are expiration dates that players must redeem prizes by. For scratch-off tickets won, expiration is typically 90 days from the end of a game. Other non-cash prizes usually expire 6-12 months after a drawing.

Cash prizes from bonus play drawings do not expire, but must be claimed within the standard 180 days from the win date. Make sure to check the prize claim instructions and expiration details for any bonus play winnings.

Are bonus play prizes taxable?

Yes. All cash prizes of $600 or more won from Florida Lottery bonus play drawings are considered taxable income under Florida law. So cash over that amount is subject to a 24% federal withholding tax.

For example, if you win a $1 million bonus play prize, it will be reduced to around $760,000 after taxes. Non-cash prizes may also be taxable based on their fair market value. Consult a tax professional to understand any liabilities.

How do you claim a bonus play prize?

Players have a couple options to claim bonus play prizes in Florida:

  • Smaller Prizes – Prizes up to $600 can typically be claimed at any Florida Lottery retailer. Just bring your winning ticket.
  • Large Prizes – Larger cash and non-cash prizes must be claimed at a District Office or Lottery Headquarters. Appointments may be required.
  • By Mail – Winners can also mail in claims, though an appointment is recommended for security when claiming jackpots or grand prizes.

Be sure to closely review the claim instructions provided with your specific bonus play prize notification. The Lottery will specify the documentation, locations, and deadlines. Act fast, as prizes expire if not redeemed in time.

Are there taxes on merchandise bonus play prizes?

Merchandise prizes won through Florida Lottery bonus play drawings may be subject to taxes based on the fair market value of the item. For high value awards like cars, there can be substantial tax liability beyond just the withholding on cash prizes.

Winners of merchandise valued at $600 or more will receive a W2-G form reporting the fair market value for tax purposes. You may owe additional taxes beyond what was initially withheld by the Lottery. So budget appropriately when you win big non-cash prizes.

Can you transfer or sell bonus play prizes?

No. Florida Lottery bonus play prizes cannot be legally transferred or sold to any other person. Prize winnings are only valid for the individual player registered for that account. If you win vacation packages, vehicles, or other non-cash items, they are intended for your personal use only.

Any attempt to transfer prize winnings to someone else is prohibited by Florida law and Lottery rules. You also cannot exchange a non-cash prize for its cash value from the Lottery. You must accept and use prizes individually won in drawings.

Do stores get bonuses for selling winning tickets?

Retailers that sell Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets that contain winning bonus play entries will receive a small commission. This retailer incentive is intended to promote continued sales of Lottery games.

The retailer bonus for selling a ticket with bonus play winners is $50. This is a fixed amount regardless of how much the player wins. Retailers have no way to determine if a ticket contains winning bonus codes until entries are submitted and verified.

Can you play Florida Lottery bonus games online?

No. The Florida Lottery currently does not offer any online games or platforms to play bonus drawings. The only way to enter is by purchasing scratch-off tickets in-person from authorized Florida retailers. You cannot play the Lottery’s bonus play drawings entirely online.

You can digitally enter the codes from physical scratch-off tickets via the website or mobile app. But the tickets themselves must still be bought at retail stores. Purchasing and playing lottery games online remains prohibited in Florida.


Florida Lottery’s bonus play drawings provide exciting extra chances to win prizes beyond the standard scratch-off games. By entering codes from eligible tickets, players can win huge prizes like millions in cash. To participate, you must buy scratch-offs in Florida and carefully enter the codes by the deadline. Joining the Lottery’s Players Club also earns free entries. With jackpots up to $5 million, bonus play creates more fun ways to win in the Sunshine State.