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How do you get more gems in Dragonvale without buying them?

Getting more gems in Dragonvale without buying them is possible. You can earn them by completing in-game tasks, watching ads, and participating in special offers. You can also collect them from reward chests, take part in community events and contests, and breed rare dragon combinations that give extra gems.

You can also log in daily for login rewards which will give you extra gems. Participating in surveys and downloading sponsored apps can also give you a good amount of gems. Finally, you can follow the official Dragonvale social media accounts and take part in special offers and contests to win gems.

How do you get gems easy in Dragonvale?

To get gems easily in Dragonvale, the best strategy is to take advantage of the daily rewards. Every day, players will get a reward for visiting the game. These daily rewards can include gems, coins, special treats, and even dragons.

Additionally, some of the goals and achievements in the game, such as reaching certain levels or milestones, will also reward players with a nice quantity of gems. Lastly, you can purchase gems directly with real-life money.

However, if you want to get gems without spending extra cash, stick to completing goals and taking advantage of the daily rewards.

What dragons give you gems in Dragonvale?

The Gemstone Dragons in Dragonvale are the only dragons that give you gems. Gemstone Dragons can be obtained by breeding two different types of dragons together. There are currently four different Gemstone Dragons—the Amethyst Dragon, Diamond Dragon, Emerald Dragon, and Ruby Dragon.

The Amethyst Dragon can be obtained by breeding two Pure Dragons together. The Diamond Dragon can be obtained by breeding the Light and Air Dragons together. The Emerald Dragon can be obtained by breeding the Plant and Tree Dragons together.

Lastly, the Ruby Dragon can be obtained by breeding the Fire and Earth Dragons together. Once you have bred two of the same Gemstone Dragons together, they will then produce Gems instead of Dragon Eggs.

The number and type of Gems you receive will depend on the level of the Gemstone Dragons that you have bred together. The higher the level of the Gemstone Dragons, the more Gems you will receive.

Can you still jailbreak Dragonvale?

No, it is no longer possible to jailbreak Dragonvale. Apple has updated its systems to prevent users from bypassing the official digital store and running unsigned code, which is what would be necessary in order to use a jailbreak.

A jailbreak essentially grants you access to certain system level functions, which can be used to gain advantage over other players in online games such as Dragonvale. These changes have made jailbreaks essentially impossible, meaning there is no way to jailbreak Dragonvale at this time.

What is the most rarest dragon in DragonVale?

The most rarest dragon in DragonVale is the Gemstone Dragon, a unique and valuable treasure originated from the hidden depths of Crystal Caverns. It is one of the only dragons to possess a gemstone within its body, giving it a distinct sparkle and rarity among all the dragons.

The Gemstone Dragon can be acquired through special limited-time events, such as the Lost Ancients event, where players can find special dragon eggs that have a chance of breeding into the Gemstone Dragon.

The Gemstone Dragon is also one of the oldest dragons in the game and has a unique feature—it is able to breed any kind of dragon without the limitation of type and element! It is a highly sought-after dragon by players, as it allows them to breed an entirely new type of dragon that did not exist in their park before.

Can you breed a rainbow dragon?

No, it is not possible to breed a rainbow dragon. Dragons come in many different forms, but a rainbow dragon is not one of them. The closest thing to a rainbow dragon is a “Rainbowwing” dragon, which has colorful patches of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue scales, but is not considered a true rainbow dragon.

Breeding and selecting for color in dragons is a complex task and involves choosing the right combination of color genes, which is difficult to guarantee. Additionally, since rainbow dragons aren’t real, you might have difficulty finding the right dragon to breed in order to get the desired outcome.

Even if you could find the right mate, the chances of being able to produce a true rainbow dragon, with all the vibrant colors of a rainbow, is still quite slim.

How much money does DragonVale make?

DragonVale is an incredibly popular mobile game franchise created by Backflip Studios and released in 2011. With millions of players from all around the world, it is not surprising that the game has generated a large amount of revenue.

Whilst exact figures are not available, we can estimate the amount of money DragonVale has made over the years.

As of 2020, DragonVale reportedly generated around $200 million in total revenue since its inception. Of this, an estimated $120 million was generated during the first six years of the game’s launch.

DragonVale also boasts a peak of about 1 million daily active users, with around 100 million registered users across the globe.

In addition, the game also generated revenue from in-app purchases and ads. In-app purchases made up a large percentage of the total revenue, with Backflip Studios estimating that roughly 40% of its total income was generated by such purchases.

Furthermore, ads in the form of Google Ads and banners also contributed significantly to the game’s overall revenue, with estimates showing that they may have made up around 10-15% of the total revenue.

Taking all of this into account, it is safe to say that DragonVale makes a lot of money. The game has achieved incredible success over the years and continues to remain popular to this day, making it a great source of income for Backflip Studios.

What dragon in DragonVale produces the most gold?

The most efficient dragon for producing gold in DragonVale is the Gold Dragon. This dragon can produce up to 400 gold coins per hour and is especially powerful when used along with other gold-producing dragons.

Other dragons that can produce decent amounts of gold in the game include the Metal Dragon and the Earth Dragon, both of which can produce up to 200 coins per hour. Another great option for earning gold coins is the Gemstone Dragon, which is capable of producing up to 80 coins per hour.

In addition to these dragons, there are also hybrid dragons that can produce even more gold coins, such as the Metal-Earth Hybrid, which can produce up to 250 coins per hour.

Where is the code redemption page?

The code redemption page can be accessed by logging into your account on the official game or app website. Once you are logged in, look for a link or button that states “Redeem Code”, “Redeem Promo Code”, or something similar.

Click on this link and type in your unique code to complete the code redemption process. Depending on the game or app, the code redemption page might also be accessed through an online store or digital platform, such as iTunes or Google Play.

Different games and apps have different code redemption instructions, so it is best to refer to the specific instructions that are available for the game or app you are trying to redeem the code for.

You can also contact the customer service team for the game or app to assistance.

How do you get free Robux codes?

Unfortunately there is no guaranteed way to get free Robux codes. In the past, there have been a large number of sites claiming to offer free Robux codes, but most of these are scams or simply do not work.

The only official way to get Robux is to purchase it directly from the Roblox website or mobile app. This is the safest and most secure way to get Robux, as Roblox does not endorse or provide support for third-party sites or websites claiming to provide free Robux codes.

It is also important to note that Robux cannot be directly exchanged for real money, so there is no way to use the code to get money. However, Robux can be used to purchase game passes, in game items and avatars, discounted products, and more.

Additionally, Roblox holds various contests and giveaways for their community that sometimes include the chance to win free Robux. Participating in giveaways is another potential way to get free Robux codes, although there is no guarantee that you will win.

Furthermore, some trusted YouTubers and websites may also host giveaways and contests that they are responsible for, so this could be another potential way to get free Robux codes.