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How do you load a bump head trimmer?

To load a bump head trimmer, you first need to remove the trimmer head from the body of the trimmer. To do this, you will need to locate the release button or lever on the trimmer head, and press it in or down while simultaneously pulling the head away from the body of the trimmer.

Once the head is removed, you will need to locate the bump feed knob on the side of the trimmer head. The knob will have a line or arrow on it, and you will need to rotate the knob in the direction of the line or arrow until you feel it click or snap into place.

Once the knob is in the correct position, you can then proceed to insert the trimmer head back onto the body of the trimmer. Make sure that the head is fully seated on the body of the trimmer, and then press down on the release button or lever to lock the head in place.

How does a bump feed trimmer head work?

Bump feed trimmer heads work by utilizing a nylon string that is wound around a central spool. The string is then pulled through a fixed eyelet or blade, which severs the ends of the string. This action is repeated as the trimmer head is rotated, creating a continuous loop of string.

As the trimmer head is rotated, the string is also pushed forward. This action causes the string to come into contact with the ground or whatever surface you are trimming. The string will then quickly wear down, needing to be replaced regularly.

Which way do you wind a trimmer?

To wind a trimmer, you’ll need to first remove the spool from the trimmer. Once the spool is removed, you’ll need to find the right direction to wind the trimmer. This can be found in the trimmer’s manual.

Once you’ve found the right direction, you’ll need to wind the trimmer around the spool in a clockwise motion.

How do I rewind my strimmer head?

If your strimmer head has a bump feed head, first make sure that there is line in the head. If there is no line, wind line onto the head following the manufacturer’s instructions. If there is line in the head, hold the trimmer with the cutting head on the ground.

Then, push the spool retainer to the left and hold it while you spin the spool in a clockwise direction. Continue spinning the spool until the line is tight, then release the spool retainer.

How do you put trimmer line on?

To replace the trimmer line on your trimmer, you will need to first remove the old line from the trimmer. To do this, you will need to remove the trimmer head from the trimmer. Once the trimmer head is removed, you can then remove the old trimmer line from the trimmer head.

To install the new trimmer line, you will need to thread the trimmer line through the trimmer head. Once the trimmer line is threaded through the trimmer head, you can then reattach the trimmer head to the trimmer.

How do you rewind a Weedeater?

First, make sure that the Weedeater is turned off and unplugged. Next, locate the two spools on the Weedeater. One spool will be on the bottom of the Weedeater, and the other spool will be on the side.

On the side spool, there will be a knob that you can turn. Turn the knob counterclockwise to loosen the spool. Once the spool is loose, you can pull it off of the Weedeater.

To wind the Weedeater, you will need to get some string. The type of string that you need will depend on the Weedeater. Consult the Weedeater’s manual to find out what type of string to use. Once you have the string, cut it to the length that you need.

To wind the string onto the Weedeater, start by threading the end of the string through the middle of the Weedeater. Then, wrap the string around the bottom spool. Once the string is wrapped around the bottom spool, thread the string through the side spool.

Finally, pull the string tight and wind it around the side spool knob. When you are finished, the string should be nice and tight.

How do you take the head off of a craftsman Weedeater?

To take the head off a Craftsman weedeater, first identify which side is the front and which is the back. There is usually a small arrow on the back side. Place the weedeater on a flat surface with the head facing up.

Have someone hold the weedeater while you unscrew the bolts that hold the head on with a wrench. There are usually two bolts. Once the bolts are removed, the head can be pulled off.

How do you change the line on a challenge grass trimmer?

To change the line on your challenge grass trimmer, remove the old line from the spool and dispose of it properly. Then, thread the new line through the holes in the spool, making sure that the line is tight and not tangled.

Finally, wind the new line around the spool until it is tight, then close the spool and reattach it to the trimmer.

What size line does my trimmer use?

Your trimmer line size will be determined by the model of your trimmer. The most common line sizes are 0.065 inches and 0.080 inches. Some manufacturers also produce 0.095-inch line.

Is thicker string trimmer line better?

Although thicker line may be tempting because it seems like it would last longer, it can actually wear down your trimmer faster. The thicker line puts more strain on the motor, which can cause it to overheat.

It’s best to use the line that is recommended by the manufacturer of your trimmer.

Who makes the Craftsman string trimmer?

The Craftsman brand is currently owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

Where are Stihl string trimmers made?

The Stihl company, which produces string trimmers, is a German company. The trimmers are made in a variety of locations, including the United States, China, and Brazil.

Who makes Kobalt trimmer?

Kobalt trimmer is made by Kobalt, a leading manufacturer of power tools. Kobalt has a long history of innovation and quality, and their products are known for their durability and performance. Kobalt trimmer is backed by a comprehensive warranty and is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Where are Toro cordless tools made?

Toro cordless tools are made in a variety of countries, including the United States, Mexico, and China. The specific country of origin for each tool depends on the model and design of the tool.

What happened to the Weedeater brand?

The Weedeater brand was started in 1971 by George Ballas. Ballas invented the first string trimmer, also known as a weed whacker, while working in his father’s auto repair shop. He attached spinning nylon line to a metal hub, creating a device that could trim grass and weeds without using a blade.

The Weedeater brand quickly became synonymous with string trimmers, and the company grew rapidly. In 2000, Ballas sold the Weedeater brand to Brunswick Corporation. Brunswick then sold the brand to Husqvarna in 2006.

Husqvarna still produces Weedeater-branded string trimmers, as well as a full line of other lawn and garden equipment.

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