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How do you pin a comment on Instagram live?

You can pin a comment on your Instagram Live broadcast to keep a particular comment highlighted. Here’s how to do it:

1. Begin by broadcasting a live video on Instagram.

2. As soon as you receive a comment, tap on it and you will see a pop-up, give you an option to “Pin Comment.”

3. Select “Pin Comment.”

4. Now, the pinned comment will appear at the bottom of the screen throughout the length of your live broadcast, regardless of how many other comments you receive.

5. When you’re done with the broadcast, you will be able to unpin the comment simply by tapping on the pinned comment, within the comments section, and selecting “Unpin Comment.”

The ability to pin a comment on Instagram live is a great way to emphasize a valuable comment or show appreciation to a supportive follower – or even remind viewers of an important detail, like a link or a promotion you’re running.

It can help make your live broadcasts even more engaging.

Can you pin comments on Tiktok live?

No, unfortunately you cannot pin comments on TikTok Live. However, when you are hosting a Live, there are other features that help you moderate the chat. For example, you can block comments from certain users, delete any that you find inappropriate, and you can even turn the comments off altogether.

Additionally, you can also add a text overlay to your Live video that will appear to all viewers, which can help you communicate important information or messages to your audience.

How do you add a pin to a live comment on Facebook?

Adding a pin to a live comment on Facebook is not a feature that is currently available. Your best option would be to copy and paste the comment in its entirety, including the link to the pin, in order for other viewers to view it.

You can also identify the link in the comment with a message such as “pin link” or an emoji of your choice. Additionally, you can post the pin separately as a photo/video post or status update.

Can you pin Facebook comments?

No, Facebook does not currently allow users to pin comments on posts. However, there is a workaround: tagging the comment with a person’s name, or “starring” the comment by clicking on the button with a star next to it.

This doesn’t keep the comment at the top of the post, as it is still sorted in chronological order, but it does appear make the comment more prominent, as it appears as a large highlighted post with the commenter’s profile picture, and usually shows up at the top of the post.

Additionally, it allows users to quickly and readily find the comment they were looking for.

Why can’t people see my comments on Facebook Live?

One reason could be a technical issue. If the broadcast has a slow connection speed or is experiencing other technical issues, it could interfere with the comments you have posted. Another possibility is if you have been blocked or deleted from the page by the host of the Facebook Live broadcast.

If this is the case, then the host has chosen to not display your comments on the post. Additionally, if you are late to the broadcast or if your comments come in after the conversation has already moved on, the host may not choose to display your comment.

Finally, Facebook Live does have a moderation system in place, so if your comment does not follow their guidelines for comments, it could be flagged and not appear on the broadcast.

Can you see comments on StreamYard?

Yes, you can see comments on StreamYard. StreamYard has a built-in comment section that is available on both public and private streams. You can manually enable comments for each stream individually.

Once they are enabled, viewers can leave comments and ask questions during a live session. The comments appear along with the stream video, making it easier to engage with your audience. You can also moderate or disable inappropriate comments or delete them.

StreamYard also allows you to connect with YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn Live to reach a wider audience and enable comments from those platforms as well.

What does it mean to pin on TikTok?

Pinning on TikTok means to save or bookmark a particular video or post on your profile. It serves as a way to organize your content and make it easier to access in the future. When you pin a video, it will appear at the top of your profile for visitors to see.

This is a great way to highlight content that you want your followers to view. Pinning can also serve as a way to remind yourself of specific information, such as a challenge video you want to enter, as the pinned post will stay ahead of other posts.

On top of that, pinned posts are a great way to draw more attention to your TikTok profile, as pins will appear on the main page of TikTok under the “featured videos” section.

Why are some Tiktoks pinned?

Pinning a TikTok is a way for users to highlight certain TikToks and make them easier to find. Pinning allows you to add a specific TikTok to the top of your profile and make it more likely for someone to watch it when they visit your profile.

People pin TikToks for many different reasons. Some users may use the pinned feature to highlight their favorite or most popular TikToks, while others may use it to highlight an important video or message.

Pinning also allows users to direct visitors to specific campaigns or initiatives they are working on. For example, a user may pin a TikTok that encourages people to sign up for an upcoming event or join a movement.

Lastly, users may use the pinned feature to keep certain TikToks at the top of their profile and make sure they don’t get lost in the feed.

What does pinned your comment mean?

Pinned your comment means that someone has chosen your comment to be featured at the top of a discussion thread or post. It’s generally seen as an honor, as it’s seen as a recognition that your comment has been helpful or meaningful to the discussion in some way.

When someone pins your comment, it usually means that it has been highlighted as particularly noteworthy and has been put front and center for everyone to easily read and view. Pinning your comment can come from the original poster of the comment, or from another user who was so impressed with your comment that they chose to pin it.

It’s a way for someone to show that your comment resonated with them in some way.

Can I see who viewed my TikTok?

Unfortunately, no. TikTok does not provide users with information on who has viewed their videos. The app has repeatedly stated that they do not allow users to track who has seen their videos, as it could lead to users feeling uncomfortable or being harassed.

If you’re looking for an idea of how successful a video has been, you can track the likes and comments it receives, or even how often it has been shared. The more engagement a video has, the better reach it is likely to have.

How can I see someone’s TikTok without them knowing?

Unfortunately, there is no way to view someone’s TikTok without them knowing. When viewing someone else’s content, they will be notified that their content has been viewed. Likewise, if you visit their profile, they will be notified that someone has viewed their profile.

As such, the only way to view someone’s TikTok without them knowing is if they have made their profile public and the content can be seen without logging in.

Does TikTok tell you how many times someone viewed your profile?

No, TikTok does not tell you how many times someone viewed your profile. However, there are a few third-party apps that may be able to give you an estimate of how many people have viewed your profile.

For example, HashTag Pro can help you track number of followers and profile views. Additionally, Profile Tracker Lite is another application that allows you to track statistics such as followers and profile views.

Both apps can show you general trends and approximate the amount of views you are getting on your profile.

Can TikTok see who saved your video?

No, TikTok cannot see who has saved your video. The app itself does not have access to any data at all related to who watches, likes, or saves any of your content – this data is completely private. However, if you have connected your TikTok account to a third-party service like Instagram or Twitter, then the individual connected profiles may be able to access some of your viewing data, depending on their privacy settings.

Ultimately, TikTok does not have the capacity to see who saves your videos.

Why can’t I pin my own comment on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not currently allow users to pin their own comments on the platform. This would be a useful feature if it was available, as it would allow you to highlight your thoughts on a particular post and make them more visible to others.

However, it is currently not possible to achieve this on Instagram.

Pinning comments on Instagram is a feature that has only been available to verified accounts since 2019. Only certain accounts, such as celebrities, brands, and public figures, are able to use this feature.

While this can be a useful tool for them to communicate with followers, unfortunately it is not available to regular users.

It is possible to pin someone else’s comment, but unfortunately it is not an option to pin your own comment. If you wish to highlight your own thoughts on a post, you will need to post it again or reply to someone else’s comment in order to draw attention to it.

What does it mean when someone pinned your comment on Instagram?

When someone pins your comment on Instagram, it means that they have chosen your comment to be visible on the post for a longer period of time. Pinning a comment is a way for them to highlight your contribution to the conversation.

It is a special way of recognizing your contribution and showing appreciation, and often happens when someone finds your comment to be particularly insightful, amusing, or useful. It is also a way to continue the conversation and make it easier for other people to see it, since it will remain visible even after newer comments have been posted.