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How do you play Loteria Extra scratcher?

Loteria Extra is a popular scratch-off lottery game offered by many state lotteries across the United States. The game features colorful tickets printed with images and symbols inspired by traditional Mexican bingo or Loteria. To play Loteria Extra, players must scratch off the play area on the ticket to reveal symbols and numbers. Matching certain combinations of symbols or numbers can win prizes up to the game’s top prize, usually $50,000 or $100,000. With its bright, festive tickets and substantial prize potential, Loteria Extra is an exciting scratcher game that appeals to a wide range of players.

How to Play Loteria Extra

Playing Loteria Extra scratchers is easy and straightforward. Here are the basic steps:

1. Purchase a Loteria Extra Scratcher

Loteria Extra scratchers are sold at authorized lottery retailers in states where the game is available. Tickets usually cost between $1 and $5 depending on the price set by each state’s lottery. You can pay cash at the checkout counter to purchase a Loteria Extra ticket. Some states also allow you to buy scratchers online through their lottery websites or mobile apps.

2. Scratch Off the Play Area

Use a coin or the edge of a hard object to carefully scratch away the protective coating that covers the play area on the Loteria Extra ticket. This will reveal a set of symbols, numbers, and prize amounts underneath. Scratch thoroughly but gently so you do not damage any potential winning symbols.

3. Check Your Ticket for Matches

Once the play area is fully scratched off, scan your Loteria Extra ticket to check for winning combinations of symbols or numbers. Matching certain combinations will win the corresponding prize shown on the ticket. Here are some examples of winning combinations:

  • Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to either WINNING NUMBER, win PRIZE shown for that number.
  • Reveal a “STAR” symbol, win PRIZE shown for that symbol automatically.
  • Reveal a “ROSE” symbol, win DOUBLE the PRIZE shown for that symbol.
  • Reveal a “SOMBRERO” symbol, win ALL 20 PRIZES shown!

Be sure to check your ticket thoroughly – it’s easy to miss a winning match by accident! Also, be aware that some Lotteria Extra games feature BONUS play areas with additional chances to win.

4. Claim Your Prize

For small prize amounts, you can redeem your winning Loteria Extra scratcher directly at an authorized lottery retailer in your state. For larger prize claims, follow the instructions on the back of your ticket to submit your claim by mail or in person at your lottery’s headquarters. You will need to fill out a claim form and provide valid ID and your social security number.

Keep your winning Loteria Extra ticket safe! Lost or damaged tickets cannot be validated. Unclaimed prizes expire after a certain period, which varies by state. So remember to claim your Lotteria Extra winnings in a timely manner.

Tips and Strategies

While Loteria Extra outcomes are determined randomly, there are some tips to maximize your lottery experience:

Pick Your Favorite Ticket Designs

With their colorful symbols and themes, Loteria Extra tickets are like mini works of art. Choose ticket packs that feature your favorite designs to make playing more fun. Popular choices include the rose, mermaid, guitar, and rooster symbols.

Try Buying in Bulk

Many lottery players have better luck when they buy scratchers in bulk. Try buying 5, 10, or 20 Loteria Extra tickets in a row to increase your odds of hitting a top prize. You can also split bulk ticket packs with friends or family.

Join a Lottery Pool

Joining an office or online lottery pool allows you to purchase more Loteria Extra tickets at a lower individual cost. This spreads the risk over more tickets to boost your potential winnings. Just be sure to create a binding legal agreement when splitting any major prizes.

Use a Light Touch When Scratching

Scratch your Loteria Extra tickets gently to avoid scraping off any potential prize symbols. Use a dime or quarter instead of a nickel or penny to avoid excessive scraping. This will help keep your tickets intact.

Scan Losing Tickets Too

Be sure to scan every Loteria Extra ticket, even if you think it’s a loser. It’s easy to overlook a winning symbol or number by accident. Scanning each ticket ensures you don’t miss any hidden prizes.

Where to Play Loteria Extra

Loteria Extra is available in the following U.S. lottery jurisdictions:


The California Lottery added Loteria Extra to its scratcher lineup in 2019. Tickets cost $5 each with a top prize of $100,000. New Loteria Extra games are released every 4-6 months.


The Illinois Lottery offers a $2 Loteria Extra game with a top prize of $30,000. Tickets feature vivid colors and symbols like bluebonnets, boots, and bat wings.


Hoosier Lottery players can try Loteria Extra tickets for $2 each. Top prize is $20,000. Bonus games add chances to double or quadruple your prizes.


The Iowa Lottery sells $2 and $5 Loteria Extra scratchers with different prize structures. The $5 version has a top prize of $50,000.


The Kansas Lottery currently offers two Loteria Extra games priced at $2 and $5. Both have a top prize of $50,000. Tickets are packed with colorful symbols and bonus games.


For just $2 per play, Michigan Lottery’s Loteria Extra scratchers award prizes up to $18,000. Each vivid ticket is printed front and back with symbols and prize spots.


Minnesota Lottery players can try Loteria Extra scratchers starting at $1 per ticket. The $5 version has a top prize of $50,000. New tickets are released every few months.


The Missouri Lottery offers a $5 Loteria Extra scratcher with a top prize of $77,777, one of the highest in the country. Tickets feature fun Mexican bingo designs and symbols.

New Mexico

As the game’s namesake state, the New Mexico Lottery offers numerous Loteria Extra scratchers. Find $1, $2, $3, $5 and $10 versions with varying prize structures.

North Carolina

Loteria Extra is sold through the North Carolina Education Lottery in $2 and $5 price points. Top prizes range from $20,000 to $100,000 depending on the ticket version.


The Oregon Lottery releases new Loteria Extra scratcher games every few months priced at $2, $3 or $5 per ticket. Prizes reach as high as $50,000.


The Texas Lottery offers an extensive selection of Loteria Extra games costing $1, $2, $3, $5, $10 or $20. Top prizes can range from $1,000 to $1 million.


Virginia Lottery players can find $2 and $5 Loteria Extra scratchers with top prizes starting at $30,000. Tickets feature colorful symbols like cactus, boot, and sun designs.


Loteria Extra is sold by the Washington Lottery in $2, $3 and $5 price points. Top prize on the $5 version reaches $55,555. New tickets are introduced every few months.

Odds of Winning

As with all lottery scratcher games, the odds of winning a prize in Loteria Extra vary based on the prize amount. Here are the typical published odds for different prize levels:

Prize Amount Odds of Winning
$5 1 in 8
$10 1 in 20
$20 1 in 60
$50 1 in 150
$100 1 in 300
$500 1 in 2,400
$5,000 1 in 80,000
Top Prize 1 in 600,000+

As you can see, the smaller consolation prizes have better odds while the top jackpot prizes are tougher to win. But those long shot odds are what help create massive lottery jackpots!

Loteria Extra History

Loteria Extra traces its origins to traditional Mexican Loteria games, similar to bingo, that use images on game boards instead of numbers. These lottery-style games have been popular in Mexico since the late 18th century.

The first modern Loteria scratch card game was introduced by the New Mexico Lottery in 2006. It combined the traditional Mexican folk art designs with standard scratcher game play.

The concept proved popular with players, and other US lotteries soon launched their own Loteria Extra games. There are now around 15 states offering Loteria Extra scratchers, making it one of the most widespread specialty-themed lottery games.

Annual sales of Loteria Extra tickets across all states exceed $300 million. The games appeal to both Latino players and general scratcher fans alike thanks to the bright colors, substantial prizes, and fun themes.

Loteria Extra scratchers have created dozens of millionaires and awarded over a billion dollars in prizes since their inception. Popularity and sales continue to grow as more lottery jurisdictions add these exciting games.

Loteria Extra Strategy

While Loteria Extra outcomes are determined at random, some players employ strategies to maximize their lottery experience:

Play New Games

Newly released Loteria Extra scratchers have the most unclaimed top prizes. Try to play new games within the first few months of launch.

Buy Consecutive Tickets

Purchasing consecutive ticket packs or booklets can sometimes reveal winning streaks based on how books are distributed.

Avoid Damaged Tickets

Inspect scratchers before purchase and avoid tickets with significant damage, which may indicate compromised games.

Join a Lottery Pool

Joining an office pool spreads risk over more tickets for a better chance at a top prize. Make sure to create a binding legal agreement.

Use Lucky Coins or Symbols

Some players use lucky pennies, four leaf clovers, or other superstitions when playing their favorite games. While this does not change the odds, it can enhance the experience.

Have Realistic Expectations

Approach Loteria Extra as entertainment and only spend what you can afford to lose. The odds of winning are low, but there’s always a chance!

Is Loteria Extra a Good Lottery Game?

Loteria Extra ranks among the best scratch-off lottery games for several reasons:

Huge Prize Potential

With top prizes ranging from $20,000 to $200,000 in some states, Loteria Extra offers life-changing jackpots. Even lesser prizes can be substantial compared to the ticket price.

Fun Ticket Designs

Vibrant colors and cultural symbols give Loteria Extra widespread appeal. Tickets look and feel like mini works of art.

Frequent New Games

Lotteries introduce fresh Loteria Extra ticket designs every few months, giving players variety and new chances to win.

Good Odds for Lower Prizes

While the top prizes are elusive, players have solid odds of winning back their wager or scoring a modest payout. This helps offset the risk.

Easy to Learn and Play

Straightforward matching game play makes Loteria Extra accessible to casual and experienced players alike. Minimal learning curve compared to draw games.

For these reasons, Loteria Extra is one of the most popular specialty scratchers offered across multiple U.S. lottery jurisdictions. The games provide entertainment, reasonable odds on smaller prizes, and the chance to win truly massive lottery jackpots.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about playing Loteria Extra scratchers:

How much do Loteria Extra scratchers cost?

Loteria Extra ticket prices typically range from $1 at the low end up to $20 for premium versions. Most states offer games at the $2, $3, and $5 price points.

What is the best way to scratch a ticket?

Use the edge of a quarter or coin. Scratch gently in a back-and-forth motion without applying too much pressure. Avoid using keys or knives which can damage tickets.

Can you buy Loteria Extra tickets online?

In some states like Michigan and Virginia, official lottery websites or apps allow you to purchase Loteria Extra tickets online. You must be physically located within the state at time of purchase.

How long do you have to claim a prize?

Claim periods vary by state but are usually 180 days to 1 year from the announced game end date. Check your ticket for exact expiration dates for claiming prizes.

What are the odds of winning the jackpot?

Around 1 in 600,000 for most Loteria Extra games. But odds can vary from around 1 in 750,000 to as favorable as 1 in 300,000 depending on the lottery.

Do retailers get notified of big winners?

In some cases yes, the lottery may notify retailers if large scratcher prizes are claimed on tickets sold at their location. This is done to generate publicity.

Can scratchers be scammed or rigged?

Winning tickets are validated against secure lottery databases. As long as you buy from authorized retailers, Loteria Extra games cannot be rigged or scammed.


With colorful designs and the chance for substantial winnings, Loteria Extra has become one of America’s favorite lottery scratchers. The games combine traditional Mexican culture with exciting scratch-off play. By matching symbols and numbers, players can win prizes ranging from a few dollars up to jackpots above $100,000. While the top prizes are elusive, smaller payouts are common. This makes Loteria Extra an entertaining way to take a chance on lady luck for just a few dollars. As lottery scratchers continue to grow in popularity across the U.S., games like Loteria Extra will likely hold their appeal for years to come!