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How do you play money drop multiplier scratcher?

Playing money drop multiplier scratcher games can be an exciting way to try your luck at winning cash prizes. These lottery-style scratcher tickets feature a money drop theme and offer the chance to multiply your prizes. Here’s a guide to how these unique scratchers work and tips for playing them.

What is a money drop multiplier scratcher?

A money drop multiplier scratcher is a scratch-off lottery ticket with a monetary theme. The tickets are designed around different dollar amounts, like $20, $50, $100, or $500. When you play these games, you scratch off the ticket to reveal cash prizes. Certain prize spots may also contain a “multiplier” symbol. If you reveal this symbol, it will multiply any prize amounts shown by 2X, 5X, 10X or more.

For example, if you scratch a $20 spot and reveal a 5X multiplier, you would win $100 for that spot instead of just $20. This creates the potential for some very nice prize payouts. The multipliers allow you to exponentially increase your winnings beyond the base amounts printed on the ticket.

Objective of the Game

The main goal when playing a money drop multiplier scratcher is to reveal prize spots and multiplier symbols that add up to the highest cash total possible. Matching three identical prize amounts may also result in a bonus win.

These tickets carry different odds and prize structures depending on the specific game. Top prizes can range anywhere from $20,000 up to $5 million or more. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, smaller multiplier wins can still provide exciting payouts.

How to Play

Money drop multiplier scratchers follow the same basic gameplay as any other scratch-off ticket:

  1. Purchase a money drop multiplier scratcher from an authorized lottery retailer.
  2. Scratch off the latex covering on the front of the ticket using a coin or other scratching tool to reveal the hidden play area.
  3. Match and multiplier symbols, dollar amounts, or other winning combinations as shown in the game legend to win prizes.
  4. Check your ticket thoroughly to make sure you uncover any multipliers or secondary bonus spots.
  5. Double-check your ticket against the prize legend to identify all winning combinations.
  6. Claim any wins by presenting your ticket at a lottery claim center or participating retailer.

Be sure to always sign the back of your ticket for security and keep it safe until claiming your prize. Winnings can be claimed up to 180 days from the official end-of-game date printed on the ticket.

Tips for Playing Money Drop Multiplier Games

Use these tips to boost your odds and winnings potential when playing money drop multiplier scratch-off games:

Pick Your Price Point

Money drop scratchers are sold at various price levels. In most states, you’ll find these games priced from $1 up to $30 per ticket. Lower priced tickets generally have smaller prizes, while more expensive ones have bigger payouts. Pick a price you are comfortable with based on your budget.

Look for Good Remaining Odds

Some factors to look for include:

  • High percentage of remaining prizes vs. tickets printed.
  • Top prizes still available.
  • Rollover jackpots if no top prize has been awarded yet.

Research games on your state lottery website to find ones with favorable odds still remaining.

Avoid Buying in Bulk

It can be tempting to spend a lot upfront on a whole booklet of scratchers. However, it’s usually better to start small with just a few tickets. This allows you to test out new games without overspending on potentially losing propositions.

Spread Out Your Plays

Instead of buying tons of scratchers all at once, space out your plays over a longer period of time. Try your luck on a game over the span of a few weeks or months. This provides more opportunity to hit a big winner as prizes are claimed.

Know When to Walk Away

Don’t get sucked into continuously re-buying on games where you have already experienced a lot of losses. If a particular scratcher has been cold, switch to another game rather than dumping more money into a potentially dead game.

Where to Buy Money Drop Multiplier Scratchers

You can purchase money drop multiplier scratcher tickets at the following locations:

  • Authorized lottery retailers – This includes convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies.
  • Lottery vending machines – Self-serve lottery ticket vending machines located in high-traffic areas like shopping malls.
  • Lottery websites/apps – Order scratchers online for delivery or play digital versions on gambling apps in select states that offer this service.
  • Lottery claim centers – Buy scratchers directly from the source at state lottery headquarters and district offices.

Make sure to only buy lottery tickets from licensed, authorized retailers. Purchasing from any other sources could lead to fraud.

Finding Retailers Near You

You can find nearby lottery retailers selling money drop multiplier scratchers using these methods:

  • Lottery website store locator
  • Google Maps search
  • Mobile apps with geolocation
  • Calling local area stores
  • Driving around and scouting locations
  • Asking friends/family for recommendations

Focus your efforts on convenience stores, gas stations, delis, liquor stores, and supermarkets, as these types of retailers tend to have the best lottery ticket availability.

Examples of Popular Money Drop Multiplier Scratchers

Some of the most popular current and past examples of money drop multiplier scratcher games include:

State Game Name Ticket Price Top Prize
CA Money Drop $5 $1 million
TX Money Multiplier $10 $750,000
NY Cash Multiplier $20 $5 million
FL 500X The Cash $50 $25 million

California – Money Drop

The California Lottery’s Money Drop game is a $5 scratcher with a money bag theme. Players can win up to $1 million. The ticket features prize spots ranging from $5 up to $100,000. Find a “10X” symbol to multiply any win by 10 times.

Texas – Money Multiplier

This $10 game from the Texas Lottery involves scratching off “bills” to reveal cash amounts from $10 up to $100,000. Uncover a “2X” or “5X” symbol to double or quadruple your winnings. The top prize is $750,000.

New York – Cash Multiplier

Cash Multiplier is a $20 scratcher sold in New York. Scratch the play area to uncover symbols representing mulitple, stacks of bills, a money bag, and a “CASH” symbol. Match three like prize amounts to win that amount. Get a multiplier symbol to increase your prize. Top prize is $5 million.

Florida – 500X The Cash

At $50 per ticket, 500X The Cash is one of Florida Lottery’s most expensive scratch-off games. Match prize amounts, win instantly, or uncover multipliers worth 5X, 10X, 50X or 500X to win huge cash prizes. The game’s rolling jackpot starts at $25 million.

5 Biggest Money Drop Jackpot Wins

Some of the largest lottery jackpot wins from money drop multiplier scratcher games include:

  1. $5 million – Won on the New York Lottery’s Cash Multiplier game in November 2022.
  2. $4 million – Two top prizes won on the Money Drop game in California during 2021.
  3. $3 million – Won playing the Money Maker scratcher in Michigan in August 2022.
  4. $2.5 million – Won on the Big Money Multiplier $30 scratcher in Florida in January 2023.
  5. $2 million – Won on the Texas Lottery’s $200 Million Cash Explosion instant game in October 2022.

These major jackpot scratch-off wins demonstrate the life-changing prizes available on multiplier themed games. Even second-tier prizes on these tickets can reach $100,000 or more.

New York – $5 Million Top Prize

In November 2022, a New York man won a jackpot worth $5 million playing the Cash Multiplier scratcher. He purchased the winning $20 ticket at a Smokes For Less store in Long Island. The game’s top prize at the time was $5 million.

California – Two $4 Million Tickets

The California Lottery’s Money Drop game awarded two top prizes of $4 million in 2021. The first was claimed in Northern California in March. The second $4 million ticket was sold in Southern California in November.

Michigan – $3 Million Jackpot

A Michigan woman scratched her way to $3 million playing the Money Maker scratcher game in August 2022. She bought the lucky $30 ticket at a One Stop convenience store in Detroit.

Florida – $2.5 Million Scratch-Off Win

In January 2023, a 57-year-old Florida man won one of the game’s top prizes worth $2.5 million on the $30 Big Money Multiplier scratch-off.

Texas – $200 Million Cash Explosion

The $200 Million Cash Explosion game awarded a $2 million top prize to a Texas man in October 2022. He purchased the winning $20 scratch ticket from a supermarket in Corpus Christi.

Tips for Winning Money on Money Drop Scratchers

Use the following tips to improve your odds of winning cash prizes on money drop multiplier scratchers:

Scratch Carefully

Scratch slowly and double check you uncovered all winning spots. It’s easy to miss a multiplier symbol or secondary bonus area. Take your time scratching to avoid overlooking any winners.

Play New Games

Brand new scratcher game releases tend to have better odds with more prizes remaining. Jump on the latest and greatest money drop games right when they hit the market.

Join Player’s Clubs

Sign up for lottery player’s clubs to receive discounts, second chance promotions, and inside info on new games and jackpots.

Use Handheld Scanners

Handheld lottery ticket scanners can scan your tickets to instantly identify winners and save big time. Available at many lottery retailers.

Try Auto-Pick Numbers

For scratchers involving picking numbers, have the machine choose quick pick numbers rather than manually selecting them. This provides randomly generated numbers.

Purchase in Bulk

Buy several tickets in a pack together at once. Buying a booklet or pack provides better overall odds than just one or two tickets.

Second Chance Drawings

Enter non-winning tickets in second chance promotions for another shot at prizes. Money drop tickets are often eligible.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Playing

Steer clear of these common mistakes when playing money drop multiplier scratchers:

Forgetting to Scratch Multipliers

Neglecting to uncover multiplier symbols is easily the biggest mistake. Always thoroughly scratch the entire play area looking for multipliers.

Not Checking Ticket Thoroughly

Failing to double check tickets allows winning spots to be missed. Verify against the prize legend that you uncovered all possible wins.

Forgetting to Sign Ticket

Don’t forget to sign your name on the back of winning tickets before claiming prizes. This establishes ownership.

Buying When Jackpot is Won

Avoid keep playing games where the top prize has already been claimed, as odds of winning big are reduced.

Paying More Than Face Value

Never pay extra above the ticket price to buy from a private seller. This could indicate a scam.

Waiting Too Long to Claim

Prizes expire after 180 days in most states. Claim winnings as soon as possible to avoid issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are money drop scratchers only in certain states?

No, money drop multiplier themed scratchers can be found in lottery games across the majority of states. However, the exact game names and ticket prices vary by state.

Where do you scratch the multiplier symbols?

There is no standard scratch spot for multipliers. They can appear anywhere in the play area. Thoroughly scratch the entire ticket to make sure you uncover all multipliers.

Can you win without uncovering a multiplier?

Yes, you can still win base prize amounts without finding a multiplier. However, multipliers offer the chance to exponentially increase those base prize wins.

Do all tickets have multipliers on them?

No, only certain games will have multiplier features. Some money drop themed games may have standard prize amounts without multipliers. Check the specifics of each game before playing.

Can you multiply a top level prize?

On some games the jackpot prize amount can be multiplied for an even bigger payout. However, games vary, so check rules to see if the top prize can be multiplied.


Money drop multiplier scratchers provide an exciting lottery game experience with the chance to win exponentially bigger payouts. By revealing cash amounts and multiplier symbols, players can multiply their prizes by 2X, 5X, 10X or more. These tickets come in a variety of price points with enticing jackpot amounts up to the millions.

Make sure to scratch slowly and thoroughly to uncover all potential winning spots and multipliers. Consider playing new game releases with better odds and join player’s clubs for perks. Avoid common mistakes like forgetting to sign tickets. With the right strategies and a little luck, money drop scratchers offer the chance to win hefty cash prizes.