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How do you play multiple Loto Mauritius?

Playing multiple Loto Mauritius tickets can increase your chances of winning, but it also requires some strategy to maximize your odds. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to play multiple Loto Mauritius tickets effectively.

What is Loto Mauritius?

Loto Mauritius is the national lottery game of Mauritius. It is drawn twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. To play, you pick six numbers from 1 to 42. There are 8 prize tiers based on how many numbers you match, with the jackpot for matching all 6 numbers.

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 3,838,380. The overall odds of winning any prize are 1 in 10. This makes Loto Mauritius one of the easiest lotteries to win.

Why play multiple tickets?

Playing multiple Loto Mauritius tickets increases your odds of winning. Here are some key advantages:

  • More number coverage – With multiple tickets you can cover more of the possible number combinations, improving your chances of hitting the winning numbers.
  • Hit different prize tiers – Multiple tickets give you more ways to win not only the jackpot but also other prize tiers if you match 5, 4 or 3 numbers.
  • Improve jackpot odds – For the jackpot specifically, having 10 tickets rather than 1 gives you 10 times better odds of winning.
  • Higher payouts – Having multiple winning tickets means higher total winnings if your numbers do get drawn.

The more tickets you play, the better your overall odds become. However, there is an optimal strategy to maximize your chances without overspending.

How to select numbers

When playing multiple Loto Mauritius tickets, you need to carefullly select the number combinations. Here are some effective strategies:


Try to buy tickets that cover as many numbers as possible between 1-42. Do not duplicate numbers across tickets, as this does not improve coverage. Spreading your selections across the whole number field improves your odds.

Use hot and cold numbers

Analyze number frequency statistics to see which numbers are hot (drawn more often) or cold (drawn less often). Include a mix of hot and cold numbers in your selections to capitalize on trends.

Use key dates

Incorporate important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and memorable years into your number picks. This adds more meaning to your selections.

Quick picks

Consider using quick pick numbers for some tickets to get completely random selections.

Avoid patterns

Do not select obvious patterns like 1-2-3-4-5-6 or consecutive numbers. This decreases the uniqueness of your number mix.

Applying these strategies across your ticket selections will maximize your coverage and odds.

How many tickets to play

Determining how many Loto Mauritius tickets to buy requires balancing your budget against improving your odds. Some key factors to consider:

  • Jackpot size – The bigger the jackpot, the more worthwhile it is to buy extra tickets.
  • Budget – Only play what you can afford to spend on lottery tickets.
  • Odds improvement – Assess at what point extra tickets provide diminishing improvements to your odds.
  • Number of draws – Playing more tickets over multiple draws can improve overall odds.

There is no magic number for how many tickets to play. Even a few extra tickets can make a noticeable difference compared to just playing one. A reasonable approach is to play 5-10 extra tickets when the jackpot is large, and 2-5 for ordinary draws.

Strategies for playing multiple tickets

Here are some key strategies to maximize your chances of winning when playing multiple Loto Mauritius tickets:

Coverage strategy

Focus on selecting different number combinations for each ticket, ensuring you cover as many numbers from 1-42 as possible. This broad coverage is the best way to guarantee you have the winning numbers somewhere in your selections.

Wheeling strategy

Use a wheeling system which mathematically generates optimized sets of numbers across tickets. This allows full coverage while minimizing wasted number overlaps across tickets.

Pooling strategy

Pool your ticket purchases with a group of other players. This increases your combined budgets and allows you to buy even more number combinations.

Syndicate strategy

Join a lottery syndicate which purchases large numbers of tickets on behalf of the group. This lets you play way more tickets than you could individually.

Subscription strategy

Subscribe to have the same set of numbers automatically play every draw. This eliminates the risk of forgetting to buy tickets.

Using one or more of these approaches enhances your chances when playing multiple tickets.

Tips for organizing multiple tickets

When playing a sizeable number of Loto Mauritius tickets, you need to be organized. Here are some useful tips:

  • Photocopy each ticket to have a permanent record.
  • Track details in a spreadsheet, including ticket serial numbers, draws, number selections and cost.
  • Scan tickets into your computer to have a digital copy.
  • Designate a special place to securely store tickets until the draw.
  • Check tickets carefully after the draw to avoid missing any wins.

Staying on top of your tickets is vital, especially if you have tens or hundreds of number combinations in play. Organization helps avoid potential losses.

Purchasing multiple tickets conveniently

Rather than buying numerous individual tickets at retail, you can purchase multiple Loto Mauritius tickets more conveniently in a few ways:

Online purchase

Loto Mauritius tickets can be purchased online through the official website or authorized resellers. Buying online allows you to quickly and easily select numbers and purchase as many tickets as you want.

Lottery ticket terminal

Dedicated lottery terminals at authorized retailers let you quickly generate and print multiple ticket selections. This self-service approach is faster than having the clerk manually process each ticket.

Lottery ticket vending machines

Vending machines dispensing lottery tickets are available at many authorized retailers. These let you rapidly purchase multiple tickets then have them printed on the spot.

Subscription programs

Loto Mauritius offers subscription programs where you can sign up to have the same numbers automatically play each draw. This is the easiest way to play consistently without hassle.

Leveraging these options makes the process of buying multiple tickets quicker and more convenient.

Splitting costs with a group

To afford more tickets, consider forming a lottery group with friends, family or co-workers. This allows you to split the cost of ticket purchases.

Decide on a group size that works for everyone’s budget, such as 4-8 people. Agree on a fixed amount each person contributes towards ticket costs each draw. Come to an understanding on how any prizes will be split.

A joint lottery group allows each player to leverage more tickets than they could individually. This ramps up the odds for the entire group. However, make sure you formalize any agreements over money to avoid disputes.

Insuring winning tickets

With multiple prize-winning Loto Mauritius tickets potentially in play, it is prudent to insure them. This protects against theft, loss or damage.

Look into provider that offers specialized lottery ticket insurance. Coverage usually costs 1-2% of the total potential prize value. Ensure tickets are properly signed and store them securely.

Having insurance gives peace of mind that a winner worth tens of millions of rupees will still be claimable if something happens to the ticket.

Which prizes can you win?

Matches Prize Category Odds (1 in)
6 Jackpot 3,838,380
5 + Bonus 2nd Prize 465,040
5 3rd Prize 38,383
4 4th Prize 8,584
3 5th Prize 358
3 like numbers 6th Prize 125
2 like numbers 7th Prize 38
No like numbers 8th Prize 11

The jackpot starts at Rs 15 million and rolls over each draw until won. All other prize tiers have fixed payouts.

Claiming multiple prizes

If luck is on your side and your numbers come up on multiple tickets, here is the process for claiming those prizes:

  • Sign the back of each winning ticket to establish ownership.
  • Make photocopies as a permanent record and for security.
  • Keep tickets very safe until ready to claim.
  • Bring winning tickets and ID to a Loto Mauritius retailer.
  • Smaller prizes up to Rs 200,000 can be claimed there.
  • Larger prizes must be claimed in person at Loto Mauritius headquarters in Port Louis.
  • Complete a prize claim form and verification process.
  • If required, attend publicity events organized by Loto Mauritius.
  • Prizes up to Rs 20 million are paid out as a lump sum.
  • Jackpots above this may be paid in annual installments.

Be sure to closely follow the claims process to avoid any delays or complications when redeeming multiple prizes.

Taxes on multiple wins

Any Loto Mauritius prizes over Rs 500 are subject to taxes. Here are the withholding rates:

  • Prizes up to Rs 50,000: 10%
  • Prizes Rs 50,001 to Rs 500,000: 15%
  • Prizes over Rs 500,000: 20%

Taxes are automatically deducted from your prize money. If you win multiple times in a tax year, each prize is treated separately. You must declare all winnings on your tax return.

For substantial wins, it may be worthwhile consulting a tax professional to minimize your overall liability through optimal declaration and deductions.

Boosting odds with a betting pool

Joining a Loto Mauritius betting pool allows you to leverage pooled money for more tickets and number combinations. This boosts overall odds for the group.

Look for reputable pools run by experienced managers. Make sure rules are formalized upfront regarding contributions, ticket purchases, prize splits and dispute resolution. Understand all fees charged by the pool administrator.

Pools let ordinary players afford access to systems and expertise used by syndicates. But choose your pool carefully to avoid problems down the track.

Buying tickets with a lottery app

Loto Mauritius offers a mobile app allowing convenient ticket purchase online. Key features include:

  • Choose your own numbers or use Quick Pick.
  • Create tickets for multiple upcoming draws.
  • Save your favorite numbers for quick retrieval.
  • Get notified of results.
  • Scan tickets to store securely.
  • Withdraw winnings into bank account.

The app provides an easy way to buy multiple tickets on your mobile without having to go to a retail outlet. This helps keep track of tickets bought across draws.


Playing multiple tickets allows you to increase your odds in Loto Mauritius. To maximize your chances, use effective number selection strategies across tickets, buy an optimal number of lines within your budget, and leverage group syndicates or subscription programs for convenience.

Stay organized with tools to manage multiple tickets, and be diligent when claiming any prizes you are fortunate to hit. Using a measured approach to playing more tickets can significantly improve your chances for a big Loto Mauritius win.