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How do you play Super keno?

Super Keno is a popular lottery-style game offered by many casinos and lottery operators. The game is simple to play and offers the chance to win big payouts for matching numbers drawn. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to play Super Keno.

What is Super Keno?

Super Keno is a lottery draw game based on the traditional Chinese game of Keno. It is sometimes referred to as Keno 8000 as the maximum number of possible balls drawn is usually 80. Numbers are drawn from a barrel or ball machine containing 80 numbered ping pong balls.

Players have to select between 1 and 15 numbers on their ticket. 20 numbers out of the 80 are then randomly drawn. The more numbers matched, the higher the payout. Super Keno allows players to pick up to 15 numbers, compared to regular Keno which often only goes up to 10.

How do you play Super Keno?

To play Super Keno, you first need to get a Keno ticket. This is available from a keno runner or directly from the keno counter at casinos and some lottery outlets. Many lotteries also allow you to complete your ticket online or via a mobile app.

On your ticket, you must mark between 1 and 15 of the 80 numbers. The numbers are laid out on a grid from 1 to 80. Players can either choose their own numbers (a “straight” ticket) or play quick pick and have the numbers randomly generated.

Once you have selected and paid for your ticket, you then watch the keno draw to see if your numbers are drawn. Numbers are selected at random, usually via a ball machine similar to those used for lotto draws.

20 numbers are drawn in total for each round. If some of your numbers match those drawn, you win a prize based on the number of “catches”.

How to select numbers on a Super Keno ticket

When buying a Super Keno ticket, you need to mark off between 1 and 15 numbers on the playing grid. This grid contains the numbers 1 to 80 laid out in rows and columns.

You can choose your own numbers, which are known as “straight” tickets. Many players have lucky or special numbers they like to play regularly. Some players choose numbers that form a pattern on the keno grid.

Alternatively, you can play a “quick pick” and have the numbers randomly generated for you. The random quick pick option is popular with players who don’t have any favorite numbers.

Choosing more numbers gives you a better chance of winning a prize. 15 number selections allow you to cover more of the numbers, so your odds of multiple catches are higher.

However, keno is a game of chance, so even choosing random quick pick numbers gives you just as much chance of winning as any other selection strategy.

How are the winning numbers drawn?

For each game draw, 20 numbers are drawn at random from the total 80 numbers. Number draws are usually held every 5 minutes, though this can vary between venues.

The 20 winning numbers are drawn using an approved random number generator. This is most commonly a ball drawing machine containing 80 numbered balls. The numbers are mixed and then 20 are randomly selected.

The draw is supervised by officials to ensure it is fair and not tampered with. Draws may also be recorded and streamed online or on screens within the venue.

Computerized random number generators are sometimes used rather than physical draws. But the technology must be certified to ensure proper random selection of numbers.

How do you win at Super Keno?

To win at Super Keno, you need to match some of the numbers you selected on your ticket with the 20 numbers randomly drawn for that game.

The more numbers that match, the higher your prize. Matching all 15 numbers usually results in a massive “jackpot” prize.

Prizes vary between Super Keno games, but a typical payout structure is:

  • Match 15 numbers – Jackpot prize
  • Match 14 numbers – Set prize, e.g. $20,000
  • Match 13 numbers – Set prize, e.g. $5,000
  • Match 12 numbers – Set prize, e.g. $500
  • Match 11 numbers – Set prize, e.g. $100
  • Match 10 numbers – Set prize, e.g. $50
  • Match 9 numbers – Small prize
  • Match 8 numbers or fewer – Free ticket for a future draw

As you match more numbers, the prizes get higher. Matching all 15 results in a life-changing jackpot, which can sometimes be worth millions!

What are the odds of winning Super Keno?

The odds of winning a prize in Super Keno depend on how many numbers you try to match. The more numbers selected, the higher your chances.

The overall odds are as follows:

Numbers matched Odds (15 numbers selected)
15 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800
14 1 in 38,416,808
13 1 in 435,897
12 1 in 19,066
11 1 in 1,230
10 1 in 135
9 1 in 19
8 1 in 8

As you can see, the odds get longer the more numbers you try to match. The jackpot odds are incredibly long at over 3.5 quintillion to 1!

But with smaller catches like matching 9 or 10 numbers, the odds are more reasonable. Matching 10 out of 15 gives you about a 1 in 135 chance with each ticket.

Can the odds be improved?

There is no way to improve your odds or increase your chances of winning Super Keno. As a game of pure chance, all number selections have exactly the same probability of being drawn.

No strategy or system can improve the mathematical odds. Your chances of winning are based solely on the number of selections you make and the payout structure.

Playing more tickets in a game naturally increases overall chances. But each 15 number selection has the same odds, whether choosing your own numbers or quick pick.

The only way to increase odds significantly is to buy 100 tickets in one game. This guarantees you match a minimum of 8 numbers but is expensive and still offers very long jackpot odds.

What are the best number selection strategies?

No number selections are better or worse than others in Super Keno as all have equal odds. However, players do employ various strategies and systems when choosing numbers.

Common selection strategies include:

  • Quick pick – Have the numbers randomly computer generated
  • Own numbers – Select favorite or special numbers like birthdays
  • Spread numbers – Try to cover the whole 1-80 range
  • Repeat hits – Numbers drawn frequently in past games
  • Systems – Select numbers in certain patterns or shapes

Ultimately, no strategy gives you better odds. The advantage of quick pick is it eliminates any bias and ensures random selections.

Where can you play Super Keno?

Super Keno is available at licensed casinos, gambling venues and lottery outlets in certain countries around the world. It is particularly popular in Australia and New Zealand.

You can often find Super Keno at:

  • Casinos and gambling venues
  • Licensed bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Lottery and keno outlets
  • Racetracks and sporting venues

Many lotteries also allow you to play Super Keno online after registering. This allows you to buy tickets and view draws via your computer or mobile device.

When playing Super Keno in venues, tickets must be purchased and numbers selected before draw cut-off times. Online play generally allows entry right up until the draw starts.

What are the betting options?

When playing Super Keno, you have a choice of different betting and game options:

  • Standard – Pick 1 to 15 numbers and play one game draw
  • Multi-game – Play your numbers over 2, 5 or 10 consecutive draws
  • Combo – Play different number selections over multiple games
  • Package – Pre-bundled multi-game and combo bets
  • Special – Jackpot bets, prize boosts, and other promos

Playing multiple games or combo bets increases your chances of winning. Special bets allow you to win bigger prizes but generally have longer odds.

You can spend as little as $1 on a single game. But note there are generally minimum bet requirements when taking up multi-game and combo betting options.

What is a Super Keno ticket?

A Super Keno ticket is your official bet slip and shows your number selections for a game. It is your proof of entry and must be presented to claim any prizes.

Key features that appear on a Super Keno ticket include:

  • Game details – Date, draw number, game cut-off time
  • Numbers played – Your 1 to 15 selections
  • Bet type – Standard, multi, combo
  • Ticket cost – Amount paid for ticket
  • Barcode – For ticket verification
  • Serial number – Ticket ID number

When buying at a venue, you tell the keno operator your selections and they will print and issue your ticket.

Online tickets are generated electronically and can be viewed in your player account. You should always take care to save or print these for later reference.

Pros of Super Keno

Some key advantages and positive features of playing Super Keno include:

  • Big jackpots – Chance to win life-changing millions
  • Good odds – Better odds than lotto for smaller prizes
  • Easy to play – Quick pick or select your own numbers
  • Fast games – New draws every 5 minutes
  • Low cost – Tickets from just $1

Cons of Super Keno

Some disadvantages and negatives to be aware of include:

  • Long jackpot odds – Over 3.5 quintillion to 1
  • Still gambling – House always has an edge
  • Addictive – Fast pace can lead to problems
  • Big losses – Potential to spend a lot chasing wins

Is Super Keno better than regular Keno?

Super Keno offers better winning odds and bigger prizes than regular Keno. This makes it potentially more exciting and rewarding to play.

Key differences include:

  • More numbers – Pick up to 15 rather than 10
  • Bigger prizes – Jackpots can reach millions
  • Improved odds – Matching 9+ gives decent wins

The extra numbers you can choose gives you significantly better odds. Matching 10 numbers is quite achievable, compared to regular Keno where even matching 5 is unlikely.

Of course, the jackpot odds are still extremely long. But regular Keno jackpots are usually much smaller, making Super Keno potentially more lucrative.

Super Keno tips and strategy

Use these tips to enhance your Super Keno play:

  • Buy multiple tickets to increase your odds
  • Take advantage of multi-game and combo bets
  • Avoid number patterns that repeat on the ticket matrix
  • Don’t select consecutive numbers which rarely come up
  • Stick to your budget and don’t chase losses

Although the game is purely random, covering more of the field with your numbers gives you slightly better chances, as does playing more tickets.

Importantly, remember to always gamble responsibly. Keno is intended as light entertainment, not as a way to make money.

Is Super Keno rigged?

It is highly unlikely that Super Keno draws are rigged. As a legal lottery game, it is strictly regulated for fairness and randomness.

Draws are conducted by approved methods and under supervision to prevent tampering. Lottery agencies and casinos could lose their license if draws were found to be rigged.

Over the long term, wins are expected to average out to the stated odds. While an individual player may win or lose more than probability suggests, the overall game stats will reflect the mathematical odds.

No evidence exists of Super Keno draws being intentionally rigged. Apparent anomalies or patterns in results are simply down to the nature of randomness.


Super Keno is a fun, fast-paced lottery game offering the chance to win big jackpots for a small outlay. Its simple rules and good odds of smaller prizes make it entertaining to play.

Like all gambling, it should be enjoyed responsibly. But playing a few games here and there can provide hours of entertainment – with a side benefit of possibly transforming your life with a huge win!