How do you redial last call on iPhone?

How do I redial last incoming call?

Each phone has its own redial function, which is generally either programmed into a long-press of the call button or a dedicated redial button.

How do you call back the last number that called you?

To call back the last number that called you, you can either dial *69 on your phone, or look in your call history.

How do I turn on auto redial on my iPhone?

You can place a call and then tap the hold button. This will place the call on hold and allow you to dial another number.

How can I track call history?

However, there are many third party apps that will allow you to do this.

What does the redial button look like?

The redial button typically looks like a telephone with a red circle around it.

What is * 66 on a phone?

Pressing *66 on a phone will redial the last number that was called.

What does the *# 21 mean?

It could mean different things for different people or could be a code for a specific phone or device.

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