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How do you start a Powerball without a string?

Powerball is a popular lottery game played in multiple states across the United States. The game involves selecting 5 white ball numbers from 1-69 and 1 red Powerball number from 1-26. To play Powerball, lottery players typically fill out playslips with their number selections or have a cashier generate random number “quick picks.” However, there are ways to play Powerball without needing a playslip or string of numbers. In this article, we’ll explore the various methods for starting a Powerball play without a string of numbers.

Buy a Powerball Quick Pick

The easiest way to play Powerball without selecting your own numbers is to ask for a Powerball “quick pick” from a lottery retailer. Quick picks are plays in which the lottery terminal randomly generates a string of 5 white ball numbers and 1 red Powerball number. So you don’t have to fill out a playslip or come up with your own number selections. Simply ask the cashier for a $2 Powerball quick pick (or however many quick pick plays you want to purchase) and the lottery terminal will print a ticket with a random set of numbers. This method allows you to skip the effort of choosing numbers while still getting a chance to win a Powerball jackpot.

Use the Power Play Option

When buying a Powerball ticket, you also have the option to add the Power Play feature for an additional $1 per play. The Power Play multiplies non-jackpot prize winnings by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x, depending on the drawing results. Here’s the key point – when you add Power Play to a quick pick ticket, you don’t need to provide any number selections at all. The quick pick numbers are randomly generated for both the white balls and Powerball. So by asking for a Powerball quick pick with Power Play, you can play Powerball without needing to choose a single number. The lottery terminal does all the number selection work for you.

Buy a Powerball Subscription

Some lottery jurisdictions allow you to purchase Powerball tickets through a subscription plan. Subscriptions allow you to play multiple future Powerball drawings without having to fill out new playslips each time. When setting up a subscription, you can select the “quick pick” option so that all number selections are randomly generated by the lottery computer. The subscription plan automatically prints out and mails new quick pick tickets before each drawing. So this is another method of playing Powerball over a stretch of time without ever needing to pick your own numbers or complete playslips. The lottery subscription does all the number selection work for you game after game.

Use a Powerball Playslip App

A number of mobile apps allow you to complete digital playslips on your smartphone or tablet. Apps such as Jackpocket and let you build playslips with your own number picks or quick picks without having to fill out paper playslips. Once you’ve completed the digital playslip, you can scan the resulting barcode at a lottery retailer to have tickets printed. By using the quick pick option on a mobile playslip app, you can start a Powerball play without manually choosing any numbers. The app does the work of generating random quick pick numbers for you.

Tell the Retailer Your Quick Pick Preferences

Some lottery ticket terminals allow cashiers to specify certain quick pick preferences like the number of plays or whether to include the Power Play multiplier. So you can request something like “10 Powerball quick picks with Power Play” and the retailer can input that order to have the terminal instantly print the random number tickets. This allows you to play Powerball without examining any playslips at all. Simply tell the cashier your quick pick order and they handle inputting it into the lottery system.

Play Online Using Quick Pick

In states that offer online lottery sales, such as Michigan and Virginia, players can purchase Powerball tickets over the internet. Online lottery sites allow you to use the quick pick option to have random number selections automatically generated. So playing Powerball online with quick pick is another method to play without choosing your own number string. The lottery website does the work of randomly picking numbers on your behalf.

Get a Quick Pick Powerball Subscription Online

Some online lottery services extend quick pick convenience even further by offering Powerball subscription plans. With these subscriptions, you can set up recurring Powerball ticket purchases where all number selections are made randomly via quick pick. For example, you may set up a subscription to automatically buy 2 quick pick Powerball tickets for each drawing over the next year. This approach lets you outsource all number choosing tasks to the lottery computer over an extended period of time.

Use a Lottery Courier Service App

Third-party courier apps like Jackpocket allow users to order lottery tickets, including Powerball tickets, through a smartphone app. When using the quick pick option, the courier service generates random number selections on your behalf. A ticket courier will then physically buy the quick pick ticket from a lottery retailer and upload a picture of it to your account in the app. So this method provides a way to have someone else handle the quick number selection process without you needing to provide any number preferences.

Have a Lottery Retailer Choose Quick Pick Numbers

Some lottery players prefer to have a retailer directly assist them with quick pick number generation. You can simply ask the cashier to manually input quick pick selections into the lottery terminal on your behalf. This method allows the retailer to take over the quick pick number selection process rather than you choosing numbers or filling out a playslip. Some players use this approach to take advantage of a retailer’s “lucky numbers” or number selections they favor.

Use Pre-Generated Quick Pick Numbers

There are various ways to get access to pre-generated Powerball number selections without having to choose them yourself. Some lottery apps and websites feature tools that randomly generate quick pick numbers with the touch of a button. Or you may know someone who shares quick picks they’ve already had computer generated. With pre-selected quick picks in hand, you can take the number combinations directly to a retailer to have tickets printed rather than needing to pick numbers from scratch on your own.

Play Powerball with a Lottery Office Pool

Joining an office or group Powerball pool is another way to play without needing to pick numbers individually. Many workplaces, friend groups, etc. will do lottery pools where members pitch in money, and the pool manager handles quick picking tickets on behalf of the group. As a pool participant, all you have to do is contribute your share of the funds. The pool organizer handles having quick pick tickets generated on behalf of the group. This approach allows you take part in the lottery action without personally selecting any numbers.

Have Fun Generating Quick Picks with Friends

Some friends and families make a game out of coming up with Powerball quick picks together. Everyone writes down random numbers on pieces of paper, which all get thrown into hats or bowls. Then numbers are drawn out one by one to create shared quick pick combinations. By making quick pick selection a social experience, you can play Powerball without having to pick numbers entirely on your own. Turn it into a group activity and remove the effort.

Quick Picks Give You Good Odds

It’s worth noting that letting a computer randomly quick pick your Powerball numbers doesn’t reduce your odds compared to choosing your own numbers. The odds remain the same whether you carefully select your own combination of 5 white balls numbers (1-69) and 1 Powerball (1-26) or have them randomly generated via quick pick. The odds of matching all 6 numbers to win the jackpot are around 1 in 292 million regardless. So you aren’t sacrificing any statistical advantage by using quick picks.


While picking your own numbers is part of the traditional fun of playing lotteries like Powerball, there are clearly many ways to play without needing to choose a number string yourself. Whether using quick picks from a retailer, lottery subscription services, third-party apps, online lotteries, or group pools, you can eliminate the effort of number selection and still participate. So the next time you want to play Powerball but don’t feel like bothering with number picks, try using one of these quick and convenient quick pick methods. The computer can happily handle picking random Powerball numbers on your behalf!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy a Powerball ticket without picking numbers?

Yes, you can buy a Powerball ticket without personally selecting any numbers by asking for a “quick pick” ticket. Quick pick tickets have numbers randomly generated by the lottery computer system. Simply request quick picks from a lottery retailer or use quick pick options on lottery websites, apps, subscriptions, etc.

What are the benefits of Powerball quick picks?

Powerball quick picks provide the convenience of playing the lottery without needing to choose your own numbers. Quick picks save you the effort of analyzing number patterns, birthday dates, or other statistics. Lottery computers truly pick sets of numbers randomly, which some players prefer over their own biased selections.

How do I get a quick pick Powerball ticket online?

In states where online Powerball sales are available, lottery websites allow you to use the quick pick option to have random number sets generated. Or you can sign up for a Powerball subscription plan and choose quick pick numbers for future drawings. Third-party courier apps also allow ordering quick pick tickets online.

Can I buy quick pick Powerball tickets in advance?

Yes, with lottery subscriptions you can purchase quick pick Powerball tickets for multiple upcoming draws. Retailers may also allow you to pre-pay for several quick pick tickets in advance. Some apps even allow ordering batches of advanced quick pick tickets all at once.

How do I join a Powerball office pool?

Start by finding a group of co-workers, friends, or family members interested in joining a shared lottery pool. Choose someone to serve as the pool manager to collect funds and buy tickets. Many pools use quick pick numbers for convenience. Have a system for distributing any shared winnings.

Do I have better odds with quick picks vs. my own numbers?

Your odds of winning any Powerball prize are the same whether playing quick picks or your own number selections. The computer truly randomizes quick pick numbers. But some people think random quick picks give a better spread of numbers compared to human-selected numbers where biases like birthdays can cluster number ranges.

Can I tell the lottery retailer which quick pick numbers to generate?

Some lottery terminals do allow retailers to input customer preferences for quick picks, such as number of plays or including the Power Play feature. However, retailers likely cannot specify the exact numbers selections for quick picks. The numbers need to remain randomly generated to ensure proper odds and lottery regulations.

How can I get quick pick numbers without going to a store?

You can use lottery apps and websites to generate sets of quick pick numbers you can then bring to a retailer. Some apps offer pre-generated batches of quick picks. Or ask friends and family members if they have any unused quick picks you could have. This lets you skip the effort of number selection entirely.

Should I still choose some numbers and get a quick pick too?

This approach hedges your bets. You take advantage of random quick picks but also incorporate special numbers like anniversaries that hold meaning for you. Quick picks cover the randomness, while your selected numbers focus on key dates and connections you want included.


Quick pick Powerball tickets provide a shortcut for playing the lottery without picking your own numbers. Retailer terminals, lottery subscriptions, mobile apps, online sales, office pools, and social groups can all assist with delivering randomly generated quick picks on your behalf. Quick picks give you full participation in Powerball while eliminating selection effort and letting computers take over number choices. For Powerball play without the work, quick picks are the way to go!