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How do you trigger explosives in GTA 5?

Triggering explosives in Grand Theft Auto 5 is done through various methods. One of the most common ways is to use a handheld detonator, which can be acquired by either completing certain jobs or purchased from Ammu-Nation stores.

They can also be found in certain locations in the game, such as in Michael’s hangar or in Lester’s warehouse. Additionally, explosives can be triggered through various weapons, such as the Heavy Sniper, Special Carbine, Shotguns, and Rocket Launchers.

They can also be triggered by vehicles, such as the Rhino Tank or certain explosive-resisting vehicles. There are also some missions which require players to use explosives to finish a job, such as the Agent 14 mission where players need to blow up a generator.

Lastly, explosives can also be triggered through certain NPCs which are present in certain heists or missions.

How do I detonate sticky bombs?

Detonating sticky bombs requires some safety precautions as they are explosive devices. To detonate a sticky bomb, start by ensuring you are in a safe area and away from anything combustible. Place the sticky bomb on a flat surface, like concrete or asphalt.

Then, take a cigarette lighter or a match and hold the flame’s tip to the surface of the bombs fuse for about 10-15 seconds. This will cause the fuse to catch fire and the bomb will then ignite, causing the device to explode a few moments after.

Make sure to step back and wait until the explosion occurs before attempting to approach the device. It is also important to remember that sticky bombs are extremely volatile and can cause severe injury, so they should only be handled and detonated by trained professionals.

How do you detonate the bomb off your car in GTA 5?

To detonate the bomb off your car in GTA 5, first you need to attach a sticky bomb to the bottom side of your car by pressing the right analog stick and then selecting the bomb option if you have it in your inventory.

Once the sticky bomb is attached to the car, press the right trigger to arm it. Make sure that you are at a safe distance or else you will be killed when the bomb detonates. You can also use a remote detonator to trigger the bomb.

To do so, switch to your character with the remote detonator and then press the A button to detonate the bomb. Be aware that there is a chance that the car can turn off and the bomb will not detonate, so you should always try to reach a safe distance before the bomb blows up.

How do you detonate a bomb in GTA 5 with your phone?

To detonate a bomb with your phone in GTA 5, you need to first purchase an­­­­ Explosive Device from Ammu-Nation. After you have acquired an Explosive Device, you need to open your Inventory, select an Explosive Device, and then choose “Attach to Vehicle.

” This will allow you to attach the Explosive Device to any vehicle you choose. After you have attached the Explosive Device to a vehicle, a prompt should appear that allows you to arm the Explosive Device.

After you have armed the Explosive Device, you can detonate it with your phone by calling for a “Mystery Caller” via a contact in your Contacts list on your phone. Once you have called a Mystery Caller, you will have to select the source of the call – in this case, the Explosive Device – to detonate it.

It is important to note that you can only detonate the Explosive Device removed from the car and detonate it via a phone call. If the Explosive Device is still inside the car, it cannot be detonated with a phone call.

What car can take the most explosives in GTA 5?

The Rhino tank is the vehicle that can hold the most explosives in GTA 5. The Rhino is an armored tank found in multiple locations in the GTA 5 game world, allowing the players flexibility in obtaining one.

It can hold a considerable amount of explosives, although not an unlimited amount. The Rhino can hold up to 120 rockets simultaneously, allowing players to cause some serious destruction. The rockets are also particularly effective against vehicles, making it easy to take down multiple cars.

The tank itself is also heavily armored, making it even better for holding explosives without fear of taking damage.

How do you detonate a remote control car?

Detonating a remote control car is a more difficult task than detonating a full-size vehicle, but it can be done. The most common way to detonate a remote control car is to use a remote-controlled switch like a hobby rocket launcher switch, available online or at hobby shops.

This switch connects to two wires, which are then connected to the car’s battery and an improvised explosive charge such as a firework or makeshift bomb. Turning the switch on will send an electric current down the wires, which will activate the explosive charge.

This method can be dangerous and should only be attempted with extreme caution, as the explosive charge could cause serious injury or property damage. There are other ways to detonate remote control cars, such as using an antenna and radio frequency transmitter to send a short signal to a transceiver connected to the car’s battery, but this method is expensive and requires more technical knowledge.

How do you use the phone to detonate the c4 in GTA 5 ps4?

Unfortunately, there is no way to use a phone to detonate the C4 in GTA 5 on PS4. However, the C4 is able to be detonated remotely by using a detonator. These can be purchased from any Ammu-Nation store in GTA 5.

Once the detonator is purchased, it can be used to remotely detonate the C4 by being clicked or tapped. It can also be detonated by pressing the ‘interact’ (square button) when looking at the C4. In order to place the C4, simply aim at the desired location using the ‘free aim’ mode and press the ‘interact’ (square button).

How does a mine bomb work?

A mine bomb is an explosive device which is either detonated remotely or triggered when stepped on by an unsuspecting person. The mine bomb consists of a casing filled with a high explosive, such as TNT, as well as a fuse or trigger, which is often a trip wire, pressure pad, contact switch, or motion detector.

When activated, the explosion is powerful enough to create a crater in the ground and severely maim or kill anyone close by. Mine bombs can be used in many different scenarios and can be designed to be specifically targeted, such as those targeted at armored vehicles, or they can be designed to disseminate shrapnel, which makes them more difficult to detect and remove.

Mine bombs can be used in defensive or offensive scenarios, providing both a proactive and passive element to a military’s offensive and defensive tactics.

What is a remote bomb in GTA 5?

A remote bomb in GTA 5 is a piece of technology that can be used as a sophisticated weapon. It is specially made for players who prefer to take out their enemies at a distance and remain undetected. As the name suggests, a remote bomb is detonated remotely, usually via an electrical connection, a remote controller, or an app.

A remote bomb in GTA 5 is quite powerful and can cause a lot of destruction in the game. The level of destruction that a remote bomb can cause depends on its size and the type of material it is made of.

It is possible to find remote bombs in various locations throughout the game and can be used to destroy enemy vehicles, buildings, and even people.

It is important to note that using a remote bomb in GTA 5 can attract a negative reputation for players. Although using a remote bomb can be quite useful in certain missions, it does come with its risks.

Players should be sure to use this type of weapon carefully, as careless use can led to police involvement and negative consequences.

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