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How do you use scratch cards in Neopets?

Neopets scratch cards are a fun and exciting way to potentially win Neopoints and prizes in the virtual Neopets world. Scratch cards come in many different themes and can be purchased from a variety of shops and kiosks around Neopia. Here is a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about Neopets scratch cards!

What are Neopets Scratch Cards?

Neopets scratch cards, also known as scratchcards, are virtual scratch-off tickets that can be purchased within the Neopets world. Just like real-life scratch cards, Neopets scratch cards are made of virtual cardboard with a coating that needs to be scratched off to reveal symbols, words, or patterns underneath. Each scratch card has a unique theme and set of prizepools. Prizes on Neopets scratch cards range from Neopoints (the virtual currency of Neopets), to rare items, to nothing at all. The outcome is completely random each time you scratch!

Where Can You Buy Neopets Scratch Cards?

There are several places around Neopia where you can purchase virtual scratch cards:

  • The Scratchcard Kiosk – Found in Neopia Central, this kiosk sells scratch cards from various Neopian shops and companies. It has the largest selection of cards.
  • The NC Mall – The real-money NC Mall sells exclusive scratch cards that can only be purchased with Neocash.
  • The Deserted Fairground – Winning certain games at the fairground will award you scratch cards.
  • The Shop of Offers – This shop stocks scratch cards from various Neopian businesses.
  • Individual Shops – Shops like the Food Shop and Toy Shop will occasionally have their own themed scratch cards for sale.

How Much Do Neopets Scratch Cards Cost?

The cost of Neopets scratch cards depends on where you purchase them:

  • Scratchcards from the kiosk range from 200 NP to 500 NP.
  • NC Mall scratchcards can only be bought with Neocash (real money) and range from 150 NC to 200 NC.
  • Scratchcards won as prizes at the Deserted Fairground are free.

Some tips for saving on scratch card costs:

  • Wait for50% off days at the Scratchcard Kiosk to get cards for 100-250 NP.
  • Buy scratchcards in bulk whenever they are discounted in player-run shops.
  • Win free cards as prizes at the Deserted Fairground by playing games.

How to Scratch Neopets Scratch Cards

To scratch a Neopets scratch card and reveal the prizes underneath:

  1. Go to your Inventory page.
  2. Locate the scratch card and click on it.
  3. A large image of the card will appear.
  4. Hover your mouse over the card image to reveal the “Scratch” button.
  5. Click “Scratch.” A scratching sound will play as you virtually scratch off the card.
  6. When done scratching, any prizes you’ve won will be displayed.
  7. Click “Continue” to collect your prizes!

Neopets Scratch Card Strategies and Tips

It takes some skill and strategy to maximize your prize winnings from Neopets scratch cards. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Buy during promotions – Look for special scratch card promotions during Neopets events where the odds of winning are better.
  • Know the odds – Check the back of each card for the odds breakdown of winning different prizes.
  • Go for cheaper cards first – You can scratch more 200 NP cards than 500 NP cards for the same amount of Neopoints.
  • Have a card budget – Decide the max amount of Neopoints you want to spend on cards per day/week.
  • Use winnings to buy more – When you win Neopoints, reinvest some of the profit into buying more cards.

Scratching Neopets cards takes some patience and persistence. Make sure to pace yourself and only scratch what you can afford to spend for entertainment. With luck and strategy, those big Neopoint jackpots could be yours!

Is There a Trick to Winning on Neopets Scratch Cards?

Unfortunately, there is no proven strategy or trick that guarantees you’ll win prizes on Neopets scratch cards. The outcome of each scratch card is determined randomly. However, there are a few things savvy players do to try to improve their odds:

  • Buy during special promotions when odds are boosted.
  • Stick to cheaper cards to get more scratches for your neopoints.
  • Scratch cards in bulk to take advantage of the law of averages.
  • Know the best cards for your preferred prizes (Site themes, Neopoints, rare items, etc).
  • Have a card budget and manage your expectations.

While nothing can guarantee a win, combining good timing, value, and persistence can sometimes lead to nice payouts. But ultimately, Neopets scratch cards boil down to exciting games of chance!

Can You Win Rare Items on Neopets Scratch Cards?

Yes, it is possible to win rare and exclusive items from Neopets scratch cards! Many of the rarer scratch card prizes include:

  • Paint Brush Color Changes
  • Mostly Retired Petpets
  • Retired or Unbuyable Collectible Cards
  • Exclusive Wearables
  • Hard-to-Find Food Items
  • Old Site Themes
  • Retired Battledome Items

The odds of winning rare items are very low, sometimes less than 1%. But Neopets occasionally introduces new scratch cards with boosted odds for popular rare items. This includes rare item “scratch card frenzies” during thematic events like Neopies and Geek Week. With some luck, a single scratch could unlock an amazing rare prize!

Most Notable Rare Scratch Card Items

Here are some of the rarest and most coveted item prizes from Neopets scratch cards over the years:

Rare Item Card Name
Rainbow Paint Brush Faerie Queen Scratchcard
Plushie Paint Brush Extreme Herder Scratchcard
Darigan Paint Brush Igloo Garage Sale Scratchcard
Mootix Gourmet Club Bowls Scratchcard
Meowclops Nihan Quiz Card

What Happens When You Win Neopoints on Scratch Cards?

When you get lucky and scratch a Neopoint prize, those Neopoints will automatically get added to your on-hand NP total. You can see your updated Neopoints total in the top toolbar next to your Neopet. Some things you can do with Neopoint scratch card winnings:

  • Save up to buy paint brushes, morphing potions, and other big items.
  • Shop for wearable items, weapons, and more for your Neopets.
  • Play more games like restocking, Food Club, and stocks.
  • Enter the Neopian Lottery for a chance at even bigger prizes.
  • Buy more scratch cards and try to win even more Neopoints!

What are Some of the Best Neopets Scratch Cards?

With hundreds of different scratch card designs over the years, it can be tricky knowing where to start. Here are some perennially popular scratch cards with Neopets players:

Scratchcard Kiosk Cards

  • Deckswabber – Decent odds for big NP, r100-r180 prizes.
  • Negg Faerie – Chance at rare neggs worth 500k+ NP.
  • Lost Desert – Possible Desert Paint Brush.
  • Crypt of Chance – Low cost card with Site Theme prizes.

NC Mall Exclusives

  • Premium Y17 Birthday – Bohemian Krawk clothes, rare Petpets.
  • 8th Birthday Rainbow – Colourful prizes like Paint Brushes.
  • Chart Toppers – Retired Battledome weapons.
  • Altador Cup – Win exclusive AC wearable prizes.

Other Good Cards

  • The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity – Only from the Toy Shop, chance at Plushie Paint Brush.
  • Blue Moon Scratchcard – Win popular Blue Moon items.
  • 8-bit Power-Up Scratchcard – Retro-style card with Site Theme prizes.

It’s wise to do some research before buying to find the scratch cards with the best prizes and odds. Checking player testimonials on the Neoboards can provide up-to-date info on winning streaks for certain cards.

Are NC Mall-Only Scratch Cards Worth It?

NC Mall scratch cards require purchasing Neocash to buy. Many players feel the guaranteed ability to win exclusive items makes them worth the real money price tag. Others argue it’s smarter to buy NC cards when they are on sale or win them through events. Here are some pros and cons of NC Mall-only scratch cards:


  • Exclusive retired items not available anywhere else.
  • Guaranteed to win at least one prize.
  • Often have boosted rarity prize odds vs. regular cards.
  • Fun to scratch with brand new designs.


  • No option to buy with Neopoints.
  • Real money cost can add up fast.
  • Prize pools may include a lot of cheap items.
  • Hard to earn value back if reselling prizes.

Ultimately it comes down to your personal goals and budget. NC scratch cards are reasonably priced for those seeking specific retired collectibles. But casual players may prefer sticking to the standard Neopoints cards most of the time.

Is There Any Way to Improve Your Odds on Neopets Scratch Cards?

Since scratch card results are entirely random, there is unfortunately no sure-fire way to boost your odds of winning big prizes on Neopets. However, there are a few general tips to make the most of your scratch card experience:

  • Buy during special events – Neopets may improve prize odds for certain cards during events.
  • Stick to cheaper cards – You can scratch more cards for the same Neopoint spend.
  • Scratch cards in bulk – The law of averages means spreading out scratches across multiple cards.
  • Check fan sites for tips – See what cards others have had luck with recently.
  • Have a NP budget – Decide the max you want to spend on cards in a session.

While not guaranteed wins, these tips can help you enjoy scratch cards more with the NP and time you decide to spend. And a dash of luck is always welcome too!

What Are Some Tips for Reselling Neopets Scratch Card Prizes?

If you are lucky enough to win rare and valuable items from Neopets scratch cards, you may want to consider reselling them through player shops or the Trading Post. Here are some top tips for getting the best value on scratch card prize resales:

  • Price around current trading value – Check sites like JellyNeo to see current price ranges for the item.
  • Don’t underprice – Rare items may be worth millions of Neopoints, even if damaged.
  • Be patient – Rare items may take weeks or months to sell at the right price.
  • Advertise on Neoboards – Create boards to drum up interest in big ticket items.
  • Consider auctioning – Use the Auctions board or Trading Post auction for very rare items.
  • Wait for inflation – Prices for retired items will likely rise over time.

With smart planning and patience, reselling big scratch card wins can earn you huge Neopoint profits. Always double check current values before putting up a for-sale price.


Neopets scratch cards provide an exciting, luck-based experience with the chance to win everything from Neopoints to rare paint brushes. By following savvy shopping tips and prize redeeming strategies, you can get the most enjoyment and value out of virtual scratching. While rewards are random, dedicating some Neopoints to cards can pay off nicely. With the right mix of chance and technique, scratch cards keep Neopets gameplay fun and unpredictable.

So get scratching – a big jackpot could be hiding under the next card!