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How does David on My Lottery Dream Home get paid?

David Bromstad, the host of My Lottery Dream Home on HGTV, likely earns a salary from HGTV for hosting the show. As a well-known designer and television personality, he may also receive additional income through various other projects and partnerships.

What is My Lottery Dream Home?

My Lottery Dream Home is a popular HGTV show that premiered in 2015. On the show, host David Bromstad helps recent lottery winners find and renovate their dream homes. David works with lottery winners to find homes that fit their wishlists within their budgets.

Show format

In each episode, David meets with that week’s lottery winners to learn about their backstory and what they hope to find in their new luxury home. He then scouts potential properties in their desired location before presenting them with options to tour. Together, they visit and assess the pros and cons of usually three homes before deciding on one to purchase. David then works with designers and contractors to fully customize and renovate the new home for the lucky winners.

David’s role

As host, David guides lottery winners through the exciting but often overwhelming process of finding and designing their dream home. His responsibilities include:

  • Getting to know the lottery winners and their needs
  • Scouting homes within their budget
  • Presenting potential homes for them to tour
  • Offering insight and advice to help them choose
  • Managing the renovation process
  • Revealing the customized dream home

David’s background as an interior designer and time on other HGTV shows makes him well-suited to help lottery winners find and redesign the perfect home.

How does David Bromstad get paid for My Lottery Dream Home?

There are a few ways David likely earns income for hosting My Lottery Dream Home:

HGTV salary

As the host, David likely receives a salary from HGTV for his role on the show. Industry estimates suggest reality TV hosts typically earn $20,000 to $60,000 per episode or around $500,000 to $1 million for a full season. Top hosts of especially popular shows sometimes earn even more.

With David’s extensive HGTV hosting experience and My Lottery Dream Home being a highly rated show, his salary is likely on the higher end. Even a conservative estimate of $30,000 per episode over 7 seasons would mean David has earned at least $5.25 million from the show.

Other HGTV projects

In addition to My Lottery Dream Home, David has hosted several other shows for HGTV over the years. This includes Beach Flip, Color Splash, White Room Challenge, and Design Star. He likely earned a similar salary from HGTV for these hosting roles.

Sponsorships and partnerships

Like many TV personalities, David can make money through brand sponsorships and partnerships. As a well-known designer with millions of fans from his HGTV shows, he’s an attractive promotional partner.

Some of David’s past and present brand partnerships include:

  • Benjamin Moore paints
  • Toro lawn equipment
  • Kohler plumbing fixtures
  • Treasure & Bond clothing line at Target

These types of brand deals can be very lucrative for reality hosts. While details are usually private, such deals often pay anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000+ depending on the individual’s fame and the brand’s budget.

Appearance fees

Celebrities often receive payment for making appearances at events. As a celebrity designer and TV host, David likely gets paid thousands of dollars for appearing at home shows, brand events, conferences, and the like.

Book deals

Leveraging TV fame to land a book deal is common for reality hosts. David has published several books over the years on interior design, painting techniques, and more. While the exact terms are unknown, he likely earned around $100,000 or more for each book advance.

Social media monetization

With over 330,000 Instagram followers and 190,000 Facebook fans, David has an enviable social media audience. He can generate income through sponsored content and affiliate partnerships on his social accounts.

He also uses his accounts to promote his line of Bromstad Collection art, canvas prints, and annual calendars – another income stream.

David Bromstad’s net worth

Though David’s exact net worth is unknown, reliable estimates place it between $2 million to $5 million or more. This takes into account his:

  • HGTV host salaries
  • Other TV deals and appearances
  • Brand sponsorships
  • Book advance payments
  • Social media monetization
  • Artwork and product sales

With David’s continued hosting duties, sponsorship opportunities, and leverage of his personal brand into new products and ventures – his net worth has plenty of room to grow.

Other My Lottery Dream Home hosts

While David has hosted My Lottery Dream Home since its inception, there are a few other hosts who have been featured in recent seasons:

Tiffany Brooks

Tiffany is a designer who has filled in as host of My Lottery Dream Home on a couple of episodes when David was unavailable.

Host Episodes
Tiffany Brooks 2 episodes

As a guest host, Tiffany likely received a per-episode payment from HGTV. This was likely in the range of $20,000 based on typical industry rates.

Kimmee Harris

Designer and TV personality Kimmee Harris took over hosting duties for Season 9 of My Lottery Dream Home when David stepped away.

Host Episodes
Kimmee Harris Season 9 (8 episodes)

As the new lead host, Kimmee likely negotiated a salary in the range of $100,000 to $500,000 for the season. If the show continues with her as host, she will likely earn even more in future seasons once proven as a strong lead.

Erik Conover

Erik Conover co-hosted Season 9 with Kimmee Harris. He brings renovation and design expertise from other HGTV shows like Three Ways Home.

Host Episodes
Erik Conover Season 9 (8 episodes)

As a supporting host, Erik likely earned around $50,000 to $100,000 for the season.

Comparison to other HGTV show salaries

It’s challenging to compare David’s compensation for My Lottery Dream Home to other HGTV hosts’ salaries. Salaries vary based on each host’s popularity, experience, and negotiation leverage with the network.

However, we can look at the reported salaries of a few other top HGTV hosts:

HGTV Host Estimated Salary
Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper) $30,000 per episode each
Tarek El Moussa (Flip or Flop) $40,000 per episode
Christina Haack (Flip or Flop) $40,000 per episode
Erin and Ben Napier (Home Town) $50,000 per episode each
Dave and Jenny Marrs (Fixer to Fabulous) $50,000 per episode each

Based on these comparable salaries, it’s reasonable to estimate David also earns $30,000 to $60,000 or more per episode of My Lottery Dream Home given his popularity and long-time HGTV experience.

David Bromstad’s career background

David Bromstad rose to fame on HGTV after winning the debut season of Design Star in 2006. However, he had already established a successful design career.

Early life and education

David was born in 1973 in Cokato, Minnesota. From a young age, he was interested in art, design, and fashion. He attended the Ringling College of Art and Design in Florida and graduated with a BFA in Interior Design.

Interior design career

After graduating in 1997, David returned to the Miami area where he had attended college. His first interior design job was at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort. He then moved to Orlando and worked for Ethan Allen for 4 years.

In 2002, David moved back to Miami and South Beach. He launched his own company, Bromstad Studio, specializing in interior design and project management. He began making a name for himself, completing high-end residential and commercial projects.


David’s first taste of television came in 2005 when he was cast in the WB’s show “Designer Guys.” His big break came next when he won the debut season of HGTV’s Design Star in 2006. This launched his career as an HGTV host and designer.

David relocated to New York City to host his first show, Color Splash, for HGTV. He went on to host several other popular programs for the network over the next decade.

Highlights of David Bromstad’s HGTV career

David has enjoyed an illustrious career on HGTV spanning 15+ years. Some highlights include:

  • Winning season 1 of HGTV Design Star in 2006
  • Hosting his first show, Color Splash, from 2007-2012
  • Hosting Color Splash: Miami in 2010
  • Appearing on HGTV’d Design Star All Stars in 2012
  • Hosting The White Room Challenge in 2012
  • Guest hosting America’s Most Desperately Needing a Makeover in 2012-2013
  • Hosting Beach Flip in 2013
  • Hosting My Lottery Dream Home starting in 2015
  • Named one of HGTV’s “Ultimate House Hunting” hosts in 2016
  • Hosting My Lottery Dream Home: David’s Holiday Extravaganza specials
  • Releasing the Bromstad Collection of art and home products

It’s clear David has established himself as a key talent for HGTV. He continues to entertain and inspire audiences as the enthusiastic host of My Lottery Dream Home.

David Bromstad’s other business ventures

In addition to his HGTV career, David has pursued a few other business ventures over the years:

Bromstad Studio Interior Design Firm

David founded his own interior design firm in 2002, which has completed many high-profile commercial and residential projects.

Product lines

David has leveraged his creativity and celebrity into several product lines:

  • Bromstad Collection art – Prints of David’s original paintings
  • Color Palette bedding and pillows – Sold at JC Penney from 2010-2012
  • Paint line with Valspar – Signature paint colors co-created with David
  • Furniture line with Thomasville – Casual furniture collection designed by David
  • Floors in a Box – Do-it-yourself snap-together flooring


As an interior design expert and TV personality, David has authored several home-focused books over the years. These include:

  • Color Inspirations (2008)
  • Color Your World with David Bromstad (2009)
  • David Bromstad’s Color Scheme (2010)
  • The Color of Style (2018)

David Bromstad’s personal life

David resides in Miami Beach, Florida when he is not traveling for My Lottery Dream Home. He was born in Minnesota and has two sisters.


David is openly gay and was the first openly gay HGTV host. He has used his platform to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and equality.

Personal interests

Outside of interior design and TV, David enjoys:

  • Painting and art – he originally went to school for painting and continues creating original artworks
  • Working out – David has an impressive physique thanks to regular exercise
  • Yoga – he practices yoga to stay physically and mentally fit
  • Fashion – he takes risks with bold suits, shoes, accessories, and more


David Bromstad has carved out an impressive career as one of HGTV’s biggest star hosts. Thanks to his salary and other business ventures, he has amassed an estimated net worth between $2-$5 million.

As host of My Lottery Dream Home since 2015, David likely earns $30,000-$60,000 or more per episode. He may also receive additional income through brand sponsorships, appearances, book deals, and his creative product lines.

While hosting the show, David helps deserving lottery winners find and redesign their perfect dream homes. Fans enjoy going along for the ride and seeing the incredible home transformations. It’s easy to understand why My Lottery Dream Home remains a ratings hit with David at the helm.