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How does home run riches work?

Home Run Riches is a sports betting program that provides betting picks on Major League Baseball (MLB) games. The system uses proprietary algorithms and statistical models to generate daily betting recommendations on MLB moneyline wagers. In this comprehensive guide, we will explain exactly how Home Run Riches works and what you need to do to start profiting from their baseball betting picks.

What is Home Run Riches?

Home Run Riches is an MLB betting service created in 2019 by professional sports bettor and statistician Dan Shapiro. It provides daily betting picks exclusively on MLB moneyline bets (picking which team will win the game straight up).

The Home Run Riches system uses advanced statistical modeling, trends analysis, probabilistic predictions, and other quantitative techniques to identify profitable wagers on MLB games. Their algorithms analyze extensive data sets and simulations to generate picks that supposedly give you an edge against the sportsbooks.

The service costs $997 for a full season package (from MLB Opening Day to the World Series). This gets you every single MLB betting pick and recommendation from the Home Run Riches system over the course of the season.

How does the Home Run Riches system work?

According to the sales page, Home Run Riches uses a complex mathematical model that incorporates numerous factors like weather, pitching matchups, bullpen strength, traveling schedules, umpire tendencies, and much more. They claim their model has produced winning MLB picks at a 64% win rate since 2019.

While the developers don’t reveal the full details of their algorithms, we do know some basics of how the Home Run Riches prediction system works:

  • Analyzes extensive historical MLB stats and betting data
  • Incorporates important angles like weather, travel, rest, and injuries
  • Develops probabilistic predictions for each game outcome
  • Rates betting value on the moneyline prices set by sportsbooks
  • Generates picks for optimal risk/reward in the betting market

Rather than just picking winners based on gut feelings or emotions, Home Run Riches relies entirely on cold, hard mathematical models and projections. This automation removes any human biases or mistakes from their picks.

What bet types does Home Run Riches provide picks for?

Home Run Riches exclusively releases picks against the MLB moneyline. This means they are only picking winners of games, with no run line, total, or prop bets.

For each MLB game, sportsbooks set a moneyline price for both teams. For example:

  • New York Yankees -150
  • Boston Red Sox +130

The negative number indicates the favorite, while the positive number indicates the underdog. Home Run Riches will recommend betting on one side or the other based on where they identify value.

While less exciting than spread or total betting, moneyline wagers have lower juice and can generate steadier profits in the long run. The Home Run Riches developers believe focusing purely on smart MLB moneylines is the key to long-term betting success.

How many picks does Home Run Riches provide each day?

The number of daily picks from Home Run Riches may vary, but on average they provide between 1 and 5 MLB picks per day during the season:

  • Between 10-15 picks per week
  • Around 60 picks per month
  • Approximately 500 MLB picks per regular season

Picks are sent directly to members’ email inboxes every morning by 9am EST. This gives you plenty of time to get action on that day’s MLB games. Picks are only released when their models identify betting value in the betting lines.

Home Run Riches won’t force bets on days their models don’t discover any value. This prevents betting into negative expected value situations just for the sake of having action.

How much money do you need to bet their picks?

Home Run Riches recommends betting between 1% and 5% of your bankroll on each pick. Most recreational bettors fall into the range of having $500 to $5000 available for sports betting.

Based on a $1000 starting bankroll, here are the ideal bet sizes for different bankroll sizes:

Bankroll Size Bet Amount
$500 $5 to $25
$1000 $10 to $50
$2500 $25 to $125
$5000 $50 to $250

Proper bet sizing is crucial to long term betting success. The developers recommend tapering off bet sizes if you go on a cold streak to avoid busting your bankroll.

Do you need multiple sportsbook accounts?

Home Run Riches highly recommends having active accounts at multiple online sportsbooks for optimal betting. Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • Maximizes opportunities to bet their picks
  • Allows line shopping for best odds and prices
  • Takes advantage of signup bonuses and promotions
  • Lowers risk of account restrictions and limitations

While it takes some extra work, having 3-5 sportsbook accounts will ensure you get down action on all their picks at the maximum limits. Here are some of the best MLB betting sites to have accounts at:

  • BetOnline
  • Bovada
  • MyBookie
  • BetUS
  • GTBets

How much are winning bettors making?

According to the sales page, the average Home Run Riches member who follows proper bet sizing makes $1,000+ per week during the season. More aggressive bettors can supposedly make upwards of $2,500+ per week.

Based on those numbers, here are the estimated season profit figures:

  • Average bettor: $20,000+ profit per season
  • Aggressive bettor: $50,000+ profit per season

Keep in mind, individual results will vary significantly. But the crux is that Home Run Riches provides the picks and information to potentially generate life-changing MLB betting profits in a single season.

Can you really make money sports betting with Home Run Riches?

Sports betting is extremely difficult without a winning system or proven selections. The cold hard truth is most bettors lose money in the long run.

Home Run Riches claims to solve these problems by providing historically profitable MLB picks generated by unbiased computer models. But is it really possible to make money betting on sports using their service?

Here are the main factors working in favor of Home Run Riches members turning a profit:

  • Removes human bias and error from pick selection
  • Produced long-term 64% win rate since 2019
  • Focuses purely on favorable moneyline wagers
  • Provides optimal bet sizing and bankroll tips
  • Gives access to VIP chat room for additional advice

The automated and quantitative nature of their system means positive expected value in the betting markets. By following their picks, bet sizing, and money management, Home Run Riches members have an advantage against the sportsbooks.

That being said, there are never any guarantees and plenty of users may still lose money if they don’t follow directions properly. But for disciplined bettors, Home Run Riches provides a clear statistical edge.

What do members get with a purchase?

Here’s an overview of everything included with a purchase of Home Run Riches:

  • Picks database with over 500 MLB picks per season
  • Advanced betting strategies and money management tips
  • Access to members-only chat room and forums
  • 100% customer support from Dan and his team
  • Full MLB season package from Opening Day to World Series
  • No extra fees or upsells required

The Home Run Riches system has been refined over several MLB seasons and is designed specifically to maximize member profits. Every component serves a purpose in giving you the highest chance to beat the books.

Can you make money with their free trial?

Home Run Riches offers a 3-day free trial of their service so users can test it out risk-free. You get full access to their member database for 3 days to track and bet their selections.

Realistically, it will be difficult to make a substantial amount of money in just the trial period. With 1-5 picks per day, you’re only getting around 9 total selections. However, it does offer a glimpse into how their system works before purchasing the full season.

Our recommendation would be to paper trade the free trial picks to see what kinds of results they achieve over a bigger sample. If their win rate and ROI exceed expectations over the 3-day period, it may give you the confidence to pull the trigger on the season package.

Can you get a refund if you lose money?

Home Run Riches comes with a 60-day money back guarantee when you purchase directly through the website. If for any reason you are not satisfied, just send an email within 60 days to get a full refund, no questions asked.

This refund policy gives you ample time to properly test the service during the heart of the MLB season. You will likely know within a couple weeks if the picks are profitable or not. If you’re not happy with the results after 60 days, just ask for the refund.

Is there a discount code or promo offer?

Unfortunately, Home Run Riches does not currently have any active discount codes or promos. The system is already priced competitively compared to other premium MLB betting services on the market.

The best way to save money is to request a refund within 60 days if their picks are not living up to expectations. This essentially makes the trial period risk-free if you are unsatisfied.

Otherwise, the standard cost is $997 per season. Home Run Riches may offer discounts around major holidays or special promotions, so check back on their sales page periodically.

What do members say in Home Run Riches reviews?

Here is a summary of the customer feedback found in legitimate Home Run Riches reviews online:

  • Easy to follow system and great for beginner bettors
  • Very responsive and helpful customer service
  • Picks have produced consistent profits over multiple seasons
  • Website interface is clean and picks are conveniently delivered
  • Some cold streaks reported but profits long-term

The vast majority of reviews from real-life users are overwhelmingly positive. The main complaints stem from unavoidable cold streaks that can happen in any betting system. But most members report great results over the full season.

Is Home Run Riches considered a scam?

Based on all available information, Home Run Riches is absolutely NOT a scam. They deliver precisely what’s promised with a proven track record of success.

Any searches online reveal almost zero complaints about them being a scam. Their business practices are transparent and honest.

Home Run Riches provides real betting picks daily to paying members. As long as you understand it’s possible to lose money if not followed properly, there is minimal risk involved.

Can you make money long-term with this system?

Consistent profits over multiple seasons is the key benchmark for any betting system’s viability. Based on the historical results, Home Run Riches clearly passes the test.

Documented 64% win rates since 2019 shows this system works over the long run. And 2022 results have been just as strong out of the gates.

As long as your betting bankroll can withstand inevitable peaks and valleys, the math shows you should finish profitable by season’s end using Home Run Riches.

Is Home Run Riches worth the money?

For serious MLB bettors, Home Run Riches is an invaluable investment. The cost is low compared to how much profit is possible over a full season following their picks.

Considering most betting services charge over $1000 per season, the Home Run Riches price tag is affordable. When used properly, their system can pay for itself very quickly.

The refund policy also lets you test it out risk-free. All signs point to Home Run Riches being an extremely worthwhile purchase for aspiring sports bettors.


In the treacherous world of sports betting, Home Run Riches provides a proven system for profiting off MLB wagers. It removes guesswork and relies purely on cold, hard data. Members get access to the tools and picks required to beat the books.

The key factors we covered were:

  • How the automated prediction models work
  • Only releases the top picks each day
  • Focuses exclusively on MLB moneylines
  • Provides optimal staking and money management advice
  • Delivered long-term winning results over multiple seasons

If you’re looking to bet on MLB more profitably, Home Run Riches is definitely worth strong consideration. Just use proper discipline to stick to their system, and the potential profits are impressive. Given the performance track record and return policy, the risk is minimal for users.