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How does play it again Tennessee lottery work?

The Play It Again Tennessee lottery allows players to enter non-winning instant scratch-off tickets into drawings for a chance to win cash prizes. Players can enter eligible non-winning instant tickets into the Play It Again Tennessee promotion for a chance to win up to $500 per entry. Here is a quick overview of how the Play It Again Tennessee lottery promotion works:

Eligible Games

Only non-winning instant scratch-off tickets from eligible games can be entered into the Play It Again Tennessee drawings. The eligible instant ticket games for each drawing are listed on the Play It Again Tennessee website. Tickets must be from current games that are still on sale by the Tennessee Lottery in order to be eligible. Old, expired scratch-off tickets cannot be entered.

How to Enter

To enter the Play It Again Tennessee lottery, players must first create an account on the Tennessee Lottery’s website or mobile app. There is no cost to create an account. Once an account is created, players can use the Play It Again Tennessee portal to scan and upload eligible non-winning instant tickets. The ticket’s barcode is scanned to submit the entry. Each ticket can only be entered once into the promotion. Entries must be submitted by the deadline specified for each drawing.

Number of Entries

A player can enter up to 20 tickets per day into the Play It Again promotion. There is no limit to the total number of entries a player can submit over the full course of the promotion, as long as no more than 20 tickets are entered per calendar day.


The Play It Again Tennessee lottery offers a chance to win cash prizes between $100 to $500 per ticket entered. Here is a breakdown of the prize structure:

  • 1 prize of $500
  • 4 prizes of $200
  • 10 prizes of $100

In total, 15 prizes are awarded in each Play It Again Tennessee drawing. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries submitted for that drawing period. All entries not selected as winners are eligible to be entered into subsequent Play It Again drawings.


Drawings are held twice a month, on the 1st and 15th day of each month. All eligible entries submitted during the current entry period will be included in that drawing. Within each prize tier (ex: the 4 $200 prizes), winners are selected randomly by a computerized drawing system.

Notification and Payment

Winners will be notified by email after the drawing occurs. Winners have 30 days from the drawing date to claim their prize. Prizes must be claimed at one of the Tennessee Lottery’s claim centers located throughout the state. Winners will need to provide photo ID and their winning ticket to claim their prize. The cash prize will be credited to the winner’s Play It Again account, which can then be cashed out.


All Play It Again Tennessee prizes are subject to federal and state tax withholding requirements. For prizes over $600, the Lottery will withhold federal taxes at a rate of 24% and state taxes at a rate of 5%. These taxes are automatically withheld from the prize amount when cashing out from the player’s account.


In summary, the Play It Again Tennessee lottery provides players with a fun opportunity to enter non-winning scratch-off tickets for a second chance to win cash prizes up to $500. By scanning tickets into the Play It Again portal, players can submit losing instant tickets for entry into twice-monthly drawings. With 15 prizes awarded at each drawing, it provides players with an exciting chance for a big lottery win!

Eligible Games Non-winning scratch-off tickets from current games on sale
How to Enter Scan ticket barcode using Play It Again portal
Number of Entries Up to 20 tickets per calendar day
Prizes 15 prizes per drawing ranging from $100 to $500
Drawings Twice monthly, on the 1st and 15th
Notification Winners notified by email and must claim prize at lottery claim center
Taxes 24% federal and 5% state taxes withheld

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can I enter tickets from?

You can enter non-winning scratch-off tickets from any current Tennessee instant games that are still on sale. Tickets must be scanned before their official game end dates. Expired scratch-off tickets cannot be entered.

How many tickets can I enter a day?

You can enter up to 20 tickets per calendar day. There is no limit to the total number you can enter over the full course of the promotion.

What is the deadline to enter tickets for each drawing?

Entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. CT on the night before the drawing. The entry deadlines are posted on the Play It Again website and emails are also sent out to reminder players.

How are prizes paid out?

Prize amounts are deposited into the winner’s Play It Again account. Winners must cash out the prize money at one of the lottery’s claim centers located throughout Tennessee.

Are prizes subject to tax withholding?

Yes, the Tennessee Lottery is required to withhold 24% federal tax and 5% state tax on any prizes over $600 before paying out the cash to winners.

What happens to non-winning entries?

All entries not selected as winners in a particular drawing roll over and are automatically entered into subsequent Play It Again drawings.

How are winners notified?

Winners will receive an email notification from the Tennessee Lottery. It is important to keep your contact information up to date in your Play It Again account.

Strategies for Play It Again Tennessee

Here are some helpful strategies to increase your chances of winning cash prizes through the Play It Again Tennessee drawings:

Enter your tickets consistently

Make entering your eligible losing scratch-off tickets into the Play It Again portal part of your regular lottery routine. The more entries you have, the better your odds. Be sure to keep scanning in your tickets by the entry deadline each drawing period.

Take advantage of lower tier prizes

While the top prize of $500 attracts the most attention, your best odds are actually for the lower tier prizes. With 10 prizes of $100 and 4 prizes of $200 in each drawing, you have a good chance at these smaller amounts that can still add up.

Spread out your entries

Rather than entering the maximum 20 tickets on one day, consider spreading your entries across multiple days. This gives you more chances to have entries included in a particular drawing period, rather than limiting yourself to just that one day’s worth of tickets.

Enter from different games

Scan your losing tickets from a variety of eligible scratch-off games, not just one game. This can increase your odds, as the number of entries from each game may impact how the computerized drawing selects winners.

Track your win/loss ratio

Pay attention to your win percentage on scratch-off games. If you notice you have a high number of losing tickets from certain games recently, enter those into Play It Again for a second chance. Games where you’ve had a cold streak may be due for some wins.

Claim prizes promptly

Be sure to claim any prizes you win within the required 30 day deadline. Check your account regularly after drawings, especially to monitor for any emails about winning entries. Unclaimed prizes go back to the lottery.

Play It Again Tennessee – Key Facts

  • Started in 2012
  • Drawings held on 1st and 15th of each month
  • Enter up to 20 losing scratch-off tickets per day
  • 15 prizes awarded at each drawing
  • $500 top prize
  • Prizes range from $100 to $500
  • Over $7 million in prizes awarded to date
  • Must be 18 or older to play

History and Changes

The Tennessee Lottery first launched the Play It Again promotion in April 2012. At the time, the lottery was only holding a single drawing per month. Over 20,000 players entered losing scratch-off tickets within the first week.

Based on the immediate popularity with players, the lottery quickly moved to increase the number of Play It Again drawings. By May 2012, drawings were being held twice per month. This provided players with more frequent opportunities to win cash prizes.

Initially, players could enter up to 5 losing scratch-off tickets per week. In 2015, the lottery increased the number of tickets allowed per day to 20, while removing the weekly limit. This enabled players to enter tickets more flexibly.

Various prize changes have also been made over the years. Both the number of prizes and the prize amounts have been adjusted periodically. The current prize structure offers players a strong mix of top prizes and better odds for lower tier winnings.

By 2021, over 50 million losing scratch-off tickets had been entered into Play It Again Tennessee since it began. As of October 2022, the lottery estimates that the promotion has given out over $7 million in cash prizes to players who entered their losing instant tickets.

Play It Again in Other Lottery States

The Play It Again concept has become very popular with lottery jurisdictions across the United States. Over 30 states now offer second chance promotions for players to enter non-winning scratch-off tickets. Here are some examples from other lotteries:

Play It Again – Florida Lottery

  • Drawings held 4 times per year
  • 10 prizes per drawing, ranging from $1,000 to $1 million
  • Players earn entries based on number of tickets entered

Play It Again – Kentucky Lottery

  • Monthly drawings with 7 cash prizes
  • Top prize of $5,000
  • Also gives away packages to major sporting events

2nd Chance Drawings – California Lottery

  • Weekly drawings with over 100 prizes
  • Prizes include electronics, gift cards, and cash up to $5,000
  • Players earn virtual entries based on number of tickets entered

The Play It Again concept continues to be expanded by lotteries across the country. These second chance promotions are win-win for both players who get more chances to win and for lotteries that see increased engagement and ticket sales.

Final Tips and Reminders

Here are some final tips to keep in mind for the Play It Again Tennessee promotion:

  • Double check game end dates before entering tickets – expired games are not eligible
  • Watch the prize claim deadlines – unclaimed prizes go back to the lottery
  • Note any ticket condition requirements for entry
  • Entries are eligible for multiple drawings if not selected as winners
  • Sign up for winner alerts and check your account regularly
  • Keep your contact info updated in your Play It Again account

With strategic entry selections and timely prize claims, the Play It Again Tennessee lottery provides an exciting chance for players to win big cash prizes from their non-winning scratch-off tickets. Over $7 million has already been given out, proving that entering your losing tickets can really pay off!


The Play It Again Tennessee lottery promotion transforms non-winning scratch-off tickets from disappointment into exciting possibilities. By providing players with a convenient way to submit their losing instant tickets for second chance prize drawings, the Tennessee Lottery created an innovative platform to engage players and give them more opportunities to win.

With intuitive entry through scanning tickets, frequent drawings, and appealing prize tiers, Play It Again Tennessee succeeds in keeping lottery players across the state engaged and eagerly checking if their losing tickets can still deliver big wins. The promotion’s longevity and popularity since launching in 2012 demonstrate that the lottery found a winning formula with this creative extension of its instant ticket offerings.