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How does TN Lottery play it again work?

The Tennessee Lottery’s play it again feature allows players to replay their quick pick numbers in consecutive lottery drawings. This feature provides players with a convenient way to play the same numbers over multiple draws without having to physically purchase new tickets each time. Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

When you purchase a quick pick ticket in Tennessee, you have the option to check a box to play those same numbers again for the next drawing. This will replay those quick pick numbers for the specified number of consecutive draws, up to 14 for pick 3 and pick 4 games or 10 for Cash 3 and Cash 4.

So if you buy a quick pick Cash 3 ticket on Monday and check the play it again box for 5 draws, those same numbers will automatically be entered into the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday drawings as well.

The play it again option is only available on quick pick ticket purchases. You cannot use play it again on tickets where you pick your own numbers. It’s also only available at physical retailer locations – online or mobile app ticket purchases do not have the play it again feature.

When you opt into play it again, the cost of your ticket is multiplied by the number of draws you select. So playing one set of quick pick numbers over five drawings costs five times as much as playing them for just one drawing.

Prizes won from play it again ticket numbers are paid out after each individual drawing. For example, if your quick pick numbers win on Wednesday, you will receive that prize amount while the same numbers continue playing for the remaining draws.

Benefits of Play it Again

There are a few key benefits to using the Tennessee Lottery’s play it again feature:

  • Convenience – Don’t have to purchase new tickets for every drawing.
  • Consistency – Get to play the same numbers over multiple draws.
  • Affordability – Play up to 14 or 10 consecutive draws for a one-time cost.
  • Prize payouts – Winnings paid after each drawing while numbers continue playing.

The play it again option provides an easy way to play your favorite quick pick numbers over a series of lottery drawings. It removes the hassle of having to buy new tickets each time, while allowing you to stick with the same numbers for better consistency.

Many devoted lottery players enjoy the opportunity to play the same numbers over multiple draws. Play it again caters perfectly to this preference by turning one ticket purchase into entries for up to 14 consecutive drawings.

This feature is also affordable, costing players just a one-time fee to replay their numbers. When you buy a ticket with play it again for $10 and choose 10 drawings, that’s just $1 per drawing compared to $10 if you were to buy 10 separate tickets.

How to Use Play it Again

Using the Tennessee Lottery’s play it again option is simple. Just follow these steps when purchasing a quick pick ticket at a retailer:

  1. Ask for a quick pick ticket with the play it again feature.
  2. Indicate how many consecutive draws you want to play – up to 14 for pick 3/pick 4, or 10 for Cash 3/Cash 4.
  3. Pay the total cost of the ticket multiplied by number of draws.
  4. The printed ticket will show “Multi Draw” and your draw count.

The ticket terminal automatically generates the quick pick numbers and enters them into the specified number of future drawings.

You can also choose play it again after the initial ticket prints by indicating to the retailer that you want to add the feature. They can then scan the printed ticket and update it for the additional consecutive draws you want.

Once you have a play it again ticket, you don’t need to do anything additional. Theselected quick pick numbers will automatically play for the number of draws indicated at the time of purchase.

Play it Again Restrictions

While the play it again option is flexible, there are some restrictions in place:

  • Only available on quick pick tickets, not player picks.
  • Limited to up to 14 draws for Pick 3, Pick 4 games.
  • Limited to up to 10 draws for Cash 3, Cash 4 games.
  • Can only be added at time of ticket purchase, not after.
  • Only available at retailer locations, not online or mobile app.
  • Prizes over $600 cannot be paid automatically.

These rules help regulate the feature and payouts. Key things to note are that you can’t use your own number selections, the number of consecutive draws is capped, and you need to buy at retailers.

Prizes over $600 also require following claiming procedures rather than automatic payouts. This helps ensure proper tax reporting and processing of larger winnings.

Prize Payouts with Play it Again

Prizes won from your play it again quick pick numbers are paid out after each individual drawing during the consecutive draw span.

For smaller prizes under $600, the Tennessee Lottery will automatically credit the funds to the retailer where you bought the ticket. You can then collect your prize from that location.

For larger prizes of $600 or more, you will need to complete a claim form and submit the winning ticket to the Lottery. This is required for tax reporting purposes on larger winnings.

Some key things to note about play it again prize payouts:

  • You must cash prizes within 180 days of the drawing date.
  • Prizes expire if not claimed within 180 days.
  • Each prize is paid separately after its drawing.
  • Larger prizes require submitting a claim form.

Be sure to pay attention to the expiration policy. Even if your play it again ticket has remaining drawings, past prizes expire if not claimed within 180 days of that drawing date.

Is Play it Again a Good Option?

Play it again can be a great option, but it also has some downsides to consider:

Pros Cons
– Convenience of auto plays – Have to buy quick pick, can’t pick own numbers
– Play same numbers for multiple draws – Can’t be purchased online or via mobile app
– Affordable compared to buying separate tickets – Capped at 14 or 10 consecutive draws
– Prizes paid automatically for lower tier wins – Have to track prize expiration dates

The play it again feature provides convenience and consistency by automatically playing your quick pick selections over a series of draws. This can be more affordable than buying separate tickets each time.

However, you do have to purchase at a retailer initially. And prizes, specially larger ones, still require a claim process. You also need to ensure you cash lower tier prizes before they expire after 180 days.

Other Tennessee Lottery Drawing Options

In addition to play it again, the Tennessee Lottery offers these other ways to play:

Buy Individual Tickets

You can buy tickets for single drawings without using play it again. Just pay for each ticket individually and choose new numbers or quick picks each time.

Multi-Draw Tickets

At retailers, you can buy tickets for up to 14 or 10 consecutive drawings in advance. You select new numbers for each drawing rather than reusing the same through play it again.

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans allow you to play personalized numbers for 2,3, 4, 5, 10, or 20 weeks at a time. You pay in advance and tickets are generated automatically based on your selected schedule.

Playing it Again for Other Tennessee Lottery Games

While play it again is available for pick 3, pick 4, Cash 3, and Cash 4 games, some other TN lottery products have different replay options:


Powerball tickets cannot be purchased with the play it again feature. However, you can buy tickets for up to 10 consecutive Powerball drawings in advance.

Mega Millions

Like Powerball, Mega Millions does not support play it again. But you can similarly buy tickets for up to 10 consecutive drawings at once.


Scratch-off tickets do not have any replay or multi-draw options. You can only buy scratch tickets individually for a single use.

Check Your Play it Again Tickets

Make sure to check the status of your play it again tickets regularly. Here are some ways to follow along:

  • Reference your ticket to see which future drawings are included.
  • Check online or via mobile app to view remaining draws.
  • Check retailer terminals for prize balances.
  • Hold on to your ticket until all draws have occurred.

It’s easy to forget about a play it again ticket after the first couple drawings. Be sure to monitor remaining plays and prize balances so you don’t miss out on any winnings.

Can You Cancel a Play it Again Ticket?

Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel a play it again ticket once it has been purchased for future drawings. All games will be played out for the number of consecutive drawings specified at the time of purchase.

The automated system processes the ticket information upon activation. There is no mechanism to remove or refund remaining drawings on a play it again ticket.

If you no longer wish to play out the remaining games, your only options are to wait until all drawings have occurred or forfeit the ticket.

Where to Buy Play it Again Tickets

Play it again tickets can only be purchased in person from Tennessee Lottery retailers. This feature is not available online, via mobile app, or at any other lottery sales channels.

You can find retailers that sell lottery tickets across Tennessee in locations like gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, and more. Use the Tennessee Lottery’s website or app to find nearby retailers.

The Retailer Experience

From the retailer side, here are some key facts about processing play it again tickets:

  • Must use lottery terminals connected to the Tennessee Lottery system.
  • Terminals automatically generate and process tickets.
  • Training is provided on terminal use and play it again transactions.
  • Commissions are earned for every ticket sold.
  • Prize balances automatically update.

As long as they have the proper lottery terminals, retailers simply need to follow the ticket purchasing process. The lottery system handles the back-end ticket generation and prize details.

Play it Again and Taxes

Any cash prizes over $600 from a play it again ticket require submitting a claim form and are subject to tax withholding:

  • 24% federal tax withholding applies.
  • 5% state tax withholding applies.

Make sure to account for these taxes when claiming larger prizes. They will be automatically withheld from prizes over $600 before payout.

Play it Again Strategies

While play it again uses randomly generated quick pick numbers, some players do have strategies for maximizing its advantages:

  • Play less frequent. Focus play it again periods on less busy jackpot periods to reduce competition.
  • Buy early. Purchase tickets early in the day or for early drawings to get preferable machine-generated numbers.
  • Use favorite retailers. Buy from “lucky” retailers considered to produce more winners.
  • See publicly posted wins. Check retailers for recently posted big prizes before purchasing.

These approaches try to time purchases for better number selection. But in the end, each set of quick picks has the same overall odds either way.

Official Rules

Here are some key official rules excerpted from the Tennessee Lottery’s play it again page:

“Must choose Quick Pick option; may choose Play It Again option for one Play Type (exact bet) for up to fourteen (14) made in ADVANCE consecutive MIDDAY, EVENING, or NIGHT draws for PICK 3 and PICK 4 games (“Advance Play”). Advance Play is limited to ten (10) made in ADVANCE consecutive drawings for CASH 3 and CASH 4 games. For Powerball®, Power Play®, Mega Millions®, Megaplier® tickets, Advance Play is limited to ten (10) made in ADVANCE consecutive drawings.”

“Play It Again shall apply to the exact bet type, playstyle, number(s) selected, and prize tier from the original bet for the quantity of draws selected.”

“Play It Again shall not apply to any other Draw Game tickets; any add-on promotions; or any Scratch-off ticket.”

“The player may cancel a ticket on the same day it was purchased, up to fifteen (15) minutes before the selected Draw break close time. No cancellations or refunds will be available at any time thereafter.”

“Retailers may redeem prizes up to and including $600 during the defined 180-day redemption period. Subject to the validation requirements contained herein, retailers shall pay holders of both winning and non-winning tickets up to and including ninety (90) days after the Draw date. After ninety (90) days and up to 180 days after the Draw date, retailers may only pay prizes for winning tickets. Tickets are void if not claimed within 180 days after the date of the Draw for which they were purchased.”


The Tennessee Lottery’s play it again feature provides a simple method to replay your favorite quick pick numbers across multiple drawings. While not without some limitations, it offers convenience and consistency for devoted players. Just be aware of the expiration policy for claiming prizes before using play it again.