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How does Wisconsin fast Play work?

Wisconsin Fast Play is an instant scratch-off style lottery game offered by the Wisconsin Lottery. It allows players to immediately find out if they won a prize after purchasing a Fast Play ticket. Fast Play tickets print from lottery terminals on demand and winning numbers are pre-determined by a random number generator. There are several different Fast Play games to choose from, each with their own price points, prizes, and odds of winning.

How to Play Wisconsin Fast Play

Playing Wisconsin Fast Play is easy. Simply visit any Wisconsin Lottery retailer and select the Fast Play game you’d like to play. Some of the game options include:

  • 5 Times Lucky – $1 per play
  • Aces High – $2 per play
  • Double Match – $2 per play
  • 50X The Bucks – $5 per play
  • Jackpot Fortune – $10 per play

Tell the cashier which game and how many plays you want. You can purchase multiple tickets in one transaction. The clerk will print the non-winning tickets first, followed by any winners. This allows the Fast Play games to provide you with instant gratification compared to waiting for a drawing.

Once you receive your ticket(s), scratch off the latex covering on the play area just like you would a scratch ticket. Each Fast Play game has a slightly different play style:

  • Match 3 – Match any 3 identical symbols in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line to win.
  • Bingo – Match all numbers on a bingo card to win.
  • Crossword – Reveal 12 words to win.

If you reveal a winning combination of symbols or match the required pattern, you win the prize shown for that combination. Prizes range from the price of the ticket up to top prizes worth thousands of dollars.

Wisconsin Fast Play Game Options

As mentioned above, the Wisconsin Lottery offers a variety of Fast Play games for different price points and prize levels. Here is an overview of some of the most popular Wisconsin Fast Play games available right now:

5X The Bucks – $5 Per Play

  • Match 3 like symbols in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line to win.
  • Top Prize: $50,000
  • Overall Odds: 1 in 4.00

Double Match – $2 Per Play

  • Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to either WINNING NUMBER to win.
  • Top Prize: $4,400
  • Overall Odds: 1 in 4.45

Loose Change – $1 Per Play

  • Add up the change symbols to equal $1 to win.
  • Top Prize: $500
  • Overall Odds: 1 in 4.66

Diamond Mine 9X – $5 Per Play

  • Get 3 like symbols in any row, column or diagonal line to win.
  • Top Prize: $45,000
  • Overall Odds: 1 in 3.20

These are just a sampling of the many Fast Play options available in Wisconsin. Other games are introduced throughout the year for a limited time. All games can be played by anyone 18 or older. Fast Play offers convenience and immediate gratification compared to traditional lottery drawings.

Buying Fast Play Tickets

Fast Play tickets can be purchased daily during normal business hours wherever Wisconsin Lottery games are sold. This includes over 3,200 retailers across the state. Tickets print on demand from lottery terminals. To buy them:

  1. Decide which Fast Play game you want to play.
  2. Tell the cashier the name and number of tickets you want.
  3. Pay for the ticket(s).
  4. The clerk will print the tickets, starting with non-winners followed by winners.
  5. Scratch off the latex covering on the ticket to reveal if you won a prize.

It’s important to remember that Fast Play tickets cannot be canceled. All sales are final. Players should always carefully check their tickets before leaving the counter to ensure they received the correct game, amount of tickets and ticket value.

The lottery terminal will not dispense a Fast Play ticket if the game is sold out or no longer available. The last ticket sold in a game is the top prize winner. Fast Play games technically do not have a closing date, but end when the top prize is claimed.

Claiming Fast Play Prizes

For Fast Play prizes up to $599, you can cash them in at any Wisconsin Lottery retailer. Retailers are required to pay these smaller prizes. Simply bring your winning ticket to the cashier.

For prizes between $600 and $199,999, you’ll need to claim your ticket at a Lottery office for tax reporting purposes. These offices are located in Madison, Green Bay, Wausau, Wilmot, and Kenosha. You can also mail your signed winning ticket to the Lottery along with a winner claim form.

Prizes of $200,000 and over must be claimed in person at the Madison Lottery office. Be sure to sign the back of your ticket before claiming.

The Wisconsin Lottery recommends claiming Fast Play prizes quickly before game end. Players have 180 days from the official end of the game to claim. For Fast Play, the declaration of the end of a game is when the top prize has been awarded.

Fast Play Odds and Prize Payouts

Each Fast Play game has its own overall odds of winning and prize payout structure printed on the back of the ticket. For example, here are the odds and prizes for 5X The Bucks Fast Play:

Prize Amount Odds of Winning
$5 (Break Even) 1 in 8.57
$10 1 in 20.00
$15 1 in 60.00
$20 1 in 60.00
$50 1 in 240.00
$100 1 in 2,400.00
$5,000 1 in 120,000.00
$50,000 (Top Prize) 1 in 360,000.00

As you can see, the $50,000 top prize only comes around roughly once every 360,000 Fast Play tickets sold. But smaller prizes have much better odds. Understanding the prize payout statistics can help players set expectations.

Unclaimed Fast Play Prizes

For various reasons, some Fast Play prizes go unclaimed before the 180 day deadline. These forfeited prizes get transferred to Wisconsin’s lottery fund. By law, this money must be used to fund property tax credits for eligible state homeowners.

So while an unclaimed Fast Play prize won’t directly benefit other players or future drawings, it does indirectly help Wisconsin homeowners with their property tax bills. In 2020, the Wisconsin Lottery transferred over $17 million in unclaimed prizes to the state tax fund.

Are Fast Play Winnings Taxable?

Yes, Fast Play winnings are considered taxable income, just like other lottery prizes. If your total gambling winnings for the year exceed $600, the Wisconsin Lottery is required to report them to the IRS and issue you a W2-G form. You must report gambling winnings when filing your taxes.

Federal tax withholding of 24% applies to Fast Play prizes over $5,000. State tax withholding also applies for certain prize thresholds. Consult a tax professional to ensure you properly claim Fast Play winnings.

Wisconsin Fast Play Game End

Fast Play games technically have an unlimited run time. Games only end when the top prize has been awarded. The lottery can also choose to close games manually once most of the major prizes have been claimed. Minor prizes may still be available after the game has ended.

Once a Fast Play game ends, retailers can no longer sell tickets for it. The Fast Play terminal will indicate when a game has been closed. Players have 180 days from the official end of game to claim prizes. The winning number results remain posted online during this redemption period.

Buying Tickets from a Fast Play Vending Machine

Some Wisconsin Lottery retailers have special Fast Play vending machines. These self-service kiosks allow players to quickly purchase Fast Play tickets and check tickets without the help of a clerk. To use them:

  1. Select the Fast Play game icon you want to play on the touch screen.
  2. Insert cash to add money to your wallet.
  3. Specify the number of tickets to buy.
  4. Insert your money.
  5. The machine will print your ticket(s).
  6. Scan your ticket barcode under the “Check Tickets” section to reveal if you won.

Fast Play vending machines offer convenience and anonymity compared to buying from a clerk. Just be sure to carefully check your tickets before leaving to confirm you received the correct games and number of plays.

Buying Tickets Online

The Wisconsin Lottery does not currently sell Fast Play tickets through its website or mobile app. All Fast Play purchases must be done in-person for now. The lottery did test selling a Fast Play game online in 2019 but has not brought online sales back.

Purchasing Fast Play tickets requires a Wisconsin Lottery terminal to print the scratch tickets because the winning status is predetermined. So for now, players need to visit retailers to buy Fast Play. The Wisconsin Lottery may enable online sales again in the future if the technology improves.

Finding a Fast Play Retailer

Thousands of stores and gas stations across Wisconsin offer Fast Play games. Use the Lottery’s retailer locator on their website to find a convenient place to buy tickets near you. Just enter your address and filter by “Fast Play” on the results map.

Some of the most common types of businesses that sell Fast Play include:

  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Tobacco outlets
  • Bars/restaurants
  • Pharmacies

Look for the Wisconsin Lottery logo when entering a store to make sure they offer Fast Play. The lottery has over 3,200 licensed retailers, so Fast Play is widely accessible across the state. Playing is fun and easy.

Getting Fast Play Results

Since Fast Play is an instant win style game, players find out if they won immediately after scratching their tickets. There are no drawings or results waiting associated with traditional lotteries.

However, players can still look up the status of active Fast Play games online to see:

  • Current number of top prizes remaining
  • Date the game launched
  • Ticket price
  • Odds of winning
  • Prize payout breakdown

The Wisconsin Lottery posts results for all active Fast Play games on their website. Use this to monitor which top prizes remain for any games you are interested in playing.

Fast Play Strategies and Tips

All Fast Play wins are predetermined randomly via computer algorithm. This means every ticket has the same odds of winning. However, players can still employ some strategies to potentially increase their chances:

  • Stick to newer games – They will have more top prizes remaining.
  • Play at different retailers – Each store starts with the same number of wins.
  • Buy multiple tickets – More tickets equals more chances to win.
  • Try higher price point games – Games with $10+ tickets have bigger prizes.
  • Claim prizes ASAP – Reinvest winnings into more tickets.

In the end, Fast Play is purely based on the luck of the draw. But using some strategy in terms of which games you play can help increase your odds and enjoyment.

Fast Play History in Wisconsin

Wisconsin was actually the first U.S. lottery to introduce instant win “Fast Play” style games in 2006. The launch games were Almighty Bucks and Wild Time Progressive. Their quick gain in popularity led other lotteries to soon offer similar instant win games.

Over the years, the Wisconsin Lottery has rolled out over 50 unique Fast Play games. Popular titles have included Super 777, Hot Dice, $2 Crossword, and 5X The Money. Special holiday themed Fast Play games are also introduced around Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and St. Patrick’s Day.

Fast Play ticket sales have grown steadily since their inception, now accounting for around $100 million in annual revenue for Wisconsin. Fun themes, convenience, and immediate prizes keep players coming back. Fast Play looks to have a bright future as one of the lottery’s main offerings.


Fast Play delivers instant gratification that appeals to lottery players in Wisconsin and across the country. With tickets printing on demand offering the chance to immediately win up to $50,000, it’s no wonder Fast Play has become a fixture for the Wisconsin Lottery.

Knowing the basics of how Fast Play works, from buying tickets to claiming prizes, can help you better enjoy the experience. Don’t forget to check the remaining top prizes before playing. And be sure to claim any big wins before the 180 day deadline.

Fast Play offers convenience, excitement, and scratch off entertainment all in one. Instead of waiting for results, players can scratch and find out if they won real quick. With so many prize levels and diverse themes available, Wisconsin Fast Play is an appealing choice for lottery players seeking instant gratification.