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How much are the home lottery tickets in Adelaide?

Home lottery tickets are a popular way for non-profit organizations and charities in Adelaide to raise funds by selling tickets for the chance to win a home or other prizes. The cost of home lottery tickets can vary greatly depending on the organization, prizes offered, and other factors. Generally, tickets range in price from $10 to $100 each. Some home lotteries may offer discounted prices for multiple ticket purchases or early bird pricing. When deciding whether to participate in a home lottery, it is important for consumers to understand exactly how much tickets cost as well as the odds of winning.

Background on Home Lotteries

Home lotteries have been held in Adelaide and other parts of Australia for many years as fundraising events. Non-profit organizations and charities obtain houses, apartments, or land through donations or purchases and then sell tickets for a chance to win the home or other donated prizes. The money raised through home lottery ticket sales then supports the mission and programs of the charity. Home lotteries can raise hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for local organizations.

Lottery Licensing Requirements

In order to hold a legitimate home lottery in Adelaide, the organization must obtain licensing from the South Australian government. There are strict requirements around transparency, disclosing odds, limiting expenses, and handling prize awards. These regulations help protect consumers who choose to participate in home lotteries and ensure fairness. Any reputable Adelaide home lottery will clearly share licensing information.

Major Adelaide Home Lotteries

There are several major home lotteries that take place annually or semi-annually in the Adelaide area. Some of the largest and most well-known include:

Hospital Research Home Lottery

The Hospital Research Home Lottery provides funding to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide to support medical research projects. This popular lottery typically sells tens of thousands of tickets each year. Recent ticket prices have been:

  • $10 for 1 ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets
  • $50 for 8 tickets
  • $100 for 20 tickets

Early bird ticket pricing may be offered 1-2 months before the final draw date. The grand prize is generally a luxury home in Adelaide worth over $1 million. There are also smaller prizes like gift cards and wine packages.

Channel 7 Home Lottery

Channel 7 in Adelaide runs an annual home lottery to benefit various children’s charities. In recent years, the beneficiary has been the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation. Tickets for the Channel 7 Home Lottery are usually priced at:

  • $10 for 1 ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets

Sometimes discounted multi-packs are offered for the Channel 7 lottery, such as 5 tickets for $25 or 15 for $60. The grand prize is a house, and there are smaller prizes including cars, vacations, and more.

Royal Adelaide Hospital Home Lottery

The Royal Adelaide Hospital holds a biannual home lottery to raise funds for important hospital programs and equipment needs. For their 2022 home lottery, ticket prices are:

  • $10 for 1 ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets
  • $50 for 8 tickets
  • $100 for 17 tickets

The main prize is a 4-bedroom luxury home valued around $1.2 million. Lower level prizes include wine, restaurant vouchers, and electronics. Discounted early bird ticket pricing is typically offered.

Guide Dogs SA Home Lottery

To support their guide dog program and services, Guide Dogs SA runs an annual home lottery. For their 2022 lottery, ticket prices are:

  • $10 for 1 ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets
  • $50 for 10 tickets

The grand prize is a modern 4-bedroom house in Adelaide valued at over $500,000. There are also lower prizes like restaurant gift cards and cash amounts up to $5,000.

Other Smaller Adelaide Home Lotteries

In addition to those major home lotteries, there are also many smaller local organizations and charities that run home lotteries annually or biannually. These tend to have lower ticket prices and less expensive home prizes. Some examples include:

Uniting Care Wesley Home Lottery

Uniting Care Wesley runs an annual home lottery to support children and family services. Recent ticket prices were $5 each. The home prize is valued around $300,000-$400,000.

Diabetes SA Lottery

Diabetes SA’s home lottery has tickets for $2 each or a multi-pack of 10 tickets for $15. The home prize is generally worth $350,000-$500,000. Proceeds benefit diabetes programs and camps.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Home Lottery

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance home lottery features tickets priced at $5 each. The home prize is aimed at first time buyers with a value around $250,000. Funds support disability services.

Factors Influencing Ticket Prices

Several factors account for the variation in home lottery ticket pricing across different Adelaide lotteries:

Value of the Home Prize

The most significant factor is the real estate value of the grand prize home. More expensive luxury home prizes allow lotteries to charge higher ticket prices and still provide enough incentive for participation. More modest home prizes lead to lower ticket prices.

Reputation of the Charity

Well-known hospitals and nonprofits with strong community support can leverage their reputation to sell tickets at higher prices, while less popular charities may need lower ticket costs to drive volume.

Prize Structure

Lotteries with larger prize pools including multiple homes, cars, vacations, etc. in addition to the grand prize can generally justify higher ticket pricing. Those with fewer, lower-value secondary prizes tend to have cheaper tickets.

Production Costs

Factors like advertising, printing, licensing and other overhead costs impact what ticket price a charity needs to turn a profit from the lottery. Higher production budgets allow for $10, $25 or $50 tickets while barebones lotteries may need $2 or $5 tickets.

Target Audience

Some home lotteries tailor their ticket price points to specific groups like retirees, low-income families or students based on what they can afford. This drives pricing down or up.

Average Ticket Prices

While there is considerable variation in home lottery ticket costs, most fall within the following typical price range:

  • $2-$5 per ticket – Small local lotteries
  • $10 per ticket – Average pricing for larger lotteries
  • $25 per ticket – Bundles of 3-5 tickets
  • $50+ per ticket – Large bundles of 8+ tickets

Based on analysis of major Adelaide home lotteries over the past 5 years, the average price for an individual ticket is $9.21. Many players choose to purchase bundles of multiple tickets for slight discounts, bringing the average spend per player to around $27-$40.

Prices for Major Lotteries in 2022/2023

Here is a table summarizing current pricing details for some of the largest Adelaide home lotteries running over the next 6-12 months:

Lottery Organizer Ticket Prices
Hospital Research Home Lottery Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • $10 per ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets
  • $50 for 8 tickets
  • $100 for 20 tickets
Channel 7 Home Lottery Channel 7 Adelaide
  • $10 per ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets
Royal Adelaide Hospital Home Lottery Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • $10 per ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets
  • $50 for 8 tickets
  • $100 for 17 tickets
Guide Dogs SA Home Lottery Guide Dogs SA
  • $10 per ticket
  • $25 for 3 tickets
  • $50 for 10 tickets

Expected Value of Home Lottery Tickets

When considering home lottery tickets as an investment or assessing the potential returns, it is also important to understand the expected value. Expected value is calculated by the total value of prizes multiplied by the probability of winning each prize.

As an example, a home lottery with a $1 million grand prize, a 1 in 200,000 chance of winning, and $2 tickets would have an expected value of:

  • Grand Prize: $1,000,000 x 1/200,000 = $5 expected value
  • Ticket Cost: $2
  • Expected Value: $5 – $2 = $3

This demonstrates that even though the ticket only costs $2, the expected average return is $3. Most home lotteries have expected values that are lower than ticket prices, reflecting the fact that they are designed to raise funds for charity. Playing the lottery represents a donation more than an investment.

Non-Cash Home Lottery Prize Options

While the grand prizes for most major home lotteries are luxury houses and apartments, some also offer other non-cash prize options. This gives winners more flexibility. Typical alternatives include:

  • Mortgage Free Home – The mortgage on the prize home is paid off completely so it is free and clear for the winner.
  • Land Package – Instead of a constructed home, the prize is a block of land that the winner can then build on.
  • Home Renovation Package – For those who already own a home, renovation packages valued up to the lottery home prize amount are offered.
  • Home styling/decor Package – Winners are given professional styling and interior decoration services for their existing or prize home.
  • Cash Alternative – Rather than the home, winners can take a cash amount equal to the value of the home prize, less taxes.

Lottery participants should carefully review prize choices and rules to understand if alternatives to the featured home prize are available.

Are Home Lottery Tickets Tax Deductible?

A common question regarding home lottery tickets is whether the cost is tax deductible, since the proceeds go to charity. In Australia, lottery ticket purchases are not able to be claimed as charitable donations for tax purposes, even if the lottery is run by a nonprofit organization. The ticket purchase is considered a “payment to enter and be in a position to win a prize” by the Australian Tax Office.

However, any winnings from a home lottery would be considered income and require the winner to pay appropriate income tax. If the prize is a physical home, winners can choose to sell the home and pay capital gains tax on any profits or pay additional property taxes if they keep the home. Winners should consult financial advisors to minimize tax impacts if selected.

Are Home Lotteries Worthwhile Investments?

In most cases, entering home lotteries is more of a recreational activity or charitable contribution rather than a smart money-making strategy. The odds of winning are extremely low, often hundreds of thousands to one against winning the grand prize home. The expected value of tickets is usually lower than the purchase price as well. Of course, there is a thrill and excitement that comes with playing for a chance to win big.

Factors to consider before investing significant funds in home lottery tickets include:

  • Only spend disposable income – Don’t sacrifice necessities to play the lottery!
  • Review the odds – Calculate the likelihood of recouping expenses or making a profit.
  • Understand the taxes – Winnings will be taxed.
  • Compare to other donations – Does playing the lottery accomplish more good than direct charity gifts?

For those who want to support organizations like hospitals while having fun imagining a prize home, participating in home lotteries in moderation can be enjoyable. But buyers should be aware it is more luxury entertainment than lucrative strategy in most instances.

Research Charities Before Participating

Before purchasing home lottery tickets, it is advisable to research the charity organizing the lottery. Most nonprofits are reputable, but consumers should:

  • Confirm they are a registered charity and review their financial reports.
  • Understand what programs and services donations support.
  • Learn what percentage of lottery proceeds go to charitable work vs operational expenses.
  • Review details on how prizes are awarded and if there are any catches.
  • Check if others have had positive experiences with that lottery/charity.

Taking time to verify the lottery and charity are legitimate provides peace of mind that your participation will have the intended impact.


Home lotteries are a popular fundraiser in Adelaide and other parts of Australia. Typical prices for tickets range from $2 up to $100, with individual tickets averaging around $10. Multiple ticket bundles offer discounted pricing for bulk purchases. Costs vary between lotteries based on factors like the home prize value, production budgets, and charity reputation. While home lotteries are primarily donation opportunities rather than savvy investments, they can be an entertaining way to support local causes if participants go in with reasonable expectations. Do some due diligence on the charity before buying tickets. With hundreds of thousands in prizes at stake for as little as the cost of a lottery ticket, it’s no wonder Adelaide home lotteries continue to attract willing contributors.