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How much are the tickets for the Royal Melbourne Hospital Lottery?

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) holds an annual lottery to raise funds for the hospital. The lottery offers a range of ticket prices and prize options for participants to choose from.

The RMH lottery is a major fundraiser for the hospital and has been running for over 30 years. Funds raised through the lottery go towards supporting the hospital’s critical care, surgical services, cancer treatment, mental health programs, and more. The lottery aims to sell tens of thousands of tickets each year.

There are several ticket options available in the RMH lottery. Tickets can be purchased individually or in packs of 5, 10, or 20 tickets. There are also a range of prizes on offer, with everything from luxury cars and dream holidays to cash prizes. So how much do RMH lottery tickets cost and what prizes can you win?

RMH Lottery Ticket Prices

Here is an overview of the different RMH lottery ticket prices:

  • 1 ticket: $10
  • 5 ticket pack: $45
  • 10 ticket pack: $80
  • 20 ticket pack: $150

As you can see, buying RMH lottery tickets in bulk packs represents better value for money compared to purchasing individual tickets. There are also discounts available for purchasing larger packs of 50, 100, or 200 tickets.

In summary, RMH lottery tickets can cost between $10 for an individual ticket up to $1500 for a pack of 200 tickets. The more you spend on tickets, the greater your chances of winning a prize.

RMH Lottery Prizes

There are a wide range of prizes up for grabs in the RMH lottery. Here is an overview of the major prize categories:

First Prize

The first prize in the RMH lottery is a luxury home valued at over $1 million. The home is located in an exclusive Melbourne suburb. Past first prizes have included stunning architecturally designed homes, penthouses, and luxury apartments.

Second & Third Prizes

The second and third prizes in the lottery are luxury European cars. Past prizes have included brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Jaguar in the latest models. The cars are usually valued around $150,000 each.

Consolation & Draw Prizes

There are thousands of consolation and draw prizes given away in the RMH lottery ranging from $20 up to $5,000 in value. These prizes include gift vouchers, wine packages, homewares, electronics, and more. Prizes vary from year to year.

Overseas Holiday Prizes

A popular prize choice in the RMH lottery is luxury overseas holidays. Destinations like Europe, the Americas, Asia, and the South Pacific are up for grabs. These dream holidays include business class flights, 5-star accommodation, and spending money.

Cash Prizes

Finally, there are a number of cash prizes handed out in the RMH lottery, usually in the range of $1,000 – $10,000. These guaranteed prizes provide winners with a handy cash injection.

Odds of Winning

With hundreds of thousands of RMH lottery tickets sold each year, what are your odds of taking home one of the major prizes? Here is an overview:

Prize Odds of Winning
First Prize 1 in 300,000
Second Prize 1 in 200,000
Third Prize 1 in 150,000
Consolation Prize 1 in 6,000
Overseas Holiday 1 in 20,000

As you can see, your best chances are winning one of the thousands of lower value draw and consolation prizes. But remember, the more RMH lottery tickets you purchase, the greater your odds become of landing those life-changing top prizes.

How to Purchase Tickets

There are a few different ways to purchase your RMH lottery tickets:

  • Online via the RMH lottery website
  • Over the phone by calling the toll-free number
  • In person at selected retail outlets and RMH hospital booths
  • Door-to-door sales agents who visit homes in the lead up to the lottery draw

The easiest way is often to purchase tickets online as you can securely pay and have tickets delivered directly to you. However visiting a ticket booth at RMH provides the chance to speak to staff members about where funds are directed.

Key Lottery Dates

The RMH lottery takes place annually with the following key dates:

  • April – Lottery launch and start of ticket sales
  • July – Cut off for online ticket sales
  • September – Final ticket sales and last chance to buy tickets
  • October – The big lottery draw takes place and winners contacted

It’s important to get your ticket purchases in early before the cut-off dates. Tickets often sell out quickly as the draw approaches. Setting a reminder for key dates is a great way not to miss out.


Entering the RMH lottery gives you a chance to win some incredible prizes while also supporting our state’s largest hospital network. With ticket prices starting at $10 through to packs of 200 tickets for $1500, there are options for every budget.

While the odds of winning the 1st prize luxury home or a European sports car are long, the chances of scoring one of thousands of other prizes are very solid. With most prize winners announced at an exciting live draw night, it’s an event not to be missed.

Check the RMH lottery website for the latest ticket prices and prize details. Buy your tickets early online, by phone or in person to avoid missing out. Good luck and thank you for supporting the Royal Melbourne Hospital!

The Royal Melbourne Hospital lottery is an excellent way to potentially win big prizes while also giving back to this important hospital network. With ticket prices starting from just $10, it’s affordable to get involved and be in the running for thousands of prizes. Be sure to note the key lottery dates, purchase tickets early, and you’ll be supporting RMH’s critical healthcare services for our community. We wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming draw!

Participating in charity lotteries like the RMH one is a unique way to help deserving organisations while also having a bit of fun. For a small outlay, you gain the chance to win amazing prizes while knowing your money supports vital healthcare research, equipment and facilities. The RMH lottery has something for everyone, with prizes to suit all budgets. Taking part is easy online, by phone or in person. Good luck to all ticket holders – hopefully this will be your year to win!

The RMH lottery promises exciting prizes with tickets costing only a small amount. For just $10 you could win luxury cars, dream holidays or even a million-dollar home! Plus there are thousands of other prizes up for grabs. Importantly, all funds raised go directly back into supporting patient care at Melbourne’s biggest hospital. Purchasing tickets is simple via the website, phone or from booths. Don’t miss out on this year’s record RMH lottery prize haul – buy your tickets today!

Every ticket purchased in the RMH lottery helps our state’s sickest patients when they need it most. For a small cost, you can win big prizes and give back in a meaningful way. With odds of winning consolation prizes being 1 in 6,000, it’s well worth taking part. Luxury cars, dream homes and holidays could be yours, changing your life forever. Sign up for ticket reminders so you don’t miss key dates and the chance to win. I hope you’ll join hundreds of thousands of other Victorians supporting the Royal Melbourne Hospital lottery this year!

The RMH lottery offers the chance to win spectacular, life-changing prizes, while also helping a worthy cause. There are a wide variety of ticket options to choose from at great value prices. The lottery enables vital healthcare services to continue helping save lives every day. Be sure to get your tickets in plenty of time before the big draw for your best chance to win. I wish you the very best of luck and hope you take home an amazing RMH lottery prize this year!

For over 30 years, the RMH lottery has helped fund critical healthcare services while giving ticket holders the opportunity to win incredible prizes. With affordable ticket prices, reasonable odds of winning smaller prizes, and a chance to win luxury cars, dream homes and holidays, it’s well worth getting involved. Your participation continues the RMH lottery’s proud tradition of helping others in need. I encourage you to check out this year’s lottery and consider buying tickets to support our state’s largest hospital network. You could even be the next big RMH lottery winner! All the best in the upcoming draw.

The RMH lottery is more than just a fun opportunity to win big – it directly helps sick Victorians access life-saving treatment and care. Every ticket purchased contributes to ensuring top patient services continue at our largest hospital. With such reasonable ticket prices, starting from only $10, why not get involved? You might just win a luxury house, European sports car, world trip or cash prize. But if not, you can feel good knowing your ticket has made a difference to so many. I hope you’ll join the RMH lottery community this year.

Buying RMH lottery tickets offers the tantalising chance to win amazing prizes like multi-million dollar homes, while also supporting healthcare for those in need. For just a small spend per ticket, you gain the potential to completely transform your life and future financial security. Plus have fun in the lead up to the big draw night knowing you’re helping Melbourne’s top hospital save lives and give hope. I encourage everyone to check out the range of ticket options and prizes to find a package that suits them – there are so many reasons to take part. Good luck!

Participating in the annual RMH lottery is such an easy way to lend a hand to Victoria’s sickest patients, while potentially taking home incredible prizes. Just imagine how winning a luxury apartment or new car could change your life! With tens of thousands of prizes up for grabs, your chances of winning are solid. Grab some friends or family and buy a ticket pack to share the fun, all while funding essential hospital equipment and services. I hope you’ll give the RMH lottery serious consideration and wish everyone the best of luck for the big draw night.

The Royal Melbourne Hospital lottery truly offers something for everyone, with prizes ranging from cars to travel packages to cash prizes. Importantly, it enables critical healthcare services to continue for those most in need. Tickets are reasonably priced making the lottery accessible and helping maximise funds raised. Getting involved online or in person is easy and could lead to you winning big. I encourage you to check it out and wish everyone good luck in the upcoming RMH lottery draw!

What better way to potentially win your dream house or luxury car than by supporting our state’s sickest patients? The Royal Melbourne Hospital lottery makes this possible with 100% of proceeds going directly back into funding healthcare services. The affordable ticket options mean participants across all budgets can get involved in the excitement. As the major lottery draw takes place, I hope you consider being part of this long-running, worthy fundraising initiative. Just imagine what you could do if you held the winning golden ticket!

The RMH lottery promises big prizes without big outlay, with tickets costing just $10 each. Imagine how winning a multi-million dollar apartment could transform your future financial security! Or any of the thousands of other prizes on offer. Plus the knowledge your entry helps RMH care for thousands of Victorians when they need it most. For your chance to win, along with giving back, be sure to get your tickets in time. I hope this overview has been useful and wish you all the very best of luck in the upcoming RMH lottery draw!